The left’s suicidal insistence on political purity

The needs of the right are simple.

So long as you are pro-rich, anti-poor, hate those who are not white or not Christian, love guns, and hate abortions for poor women (rich women always can get abortions), you will get the vote of the right-wing.

You can be a lying, crooked, con artist, a draft-dodging, irreligious hypocrite. You can “shoot someone on 5th Ave.” You can be a psychopath or have every bad characteristic known to humanity.

It won’t matter to the religious right. You will get their vote, and not just their vote, but their passionate, unrelenting, angry support.

Yes, the needs of the right are simple.

Into a bizarre future: why the liberal promise of true liberty is ...
What the left wants

No so, the left.

The left is far more complex, so complex, in fact, that is is impossible for one human to meet all their criteria.

You could be pro-poor, anti-rich, pro-black, pro-brown, pro-gay, pro-trans, pro-Jew, pro-Muslim, pro- or anti-abortion, pro-Christian, pro-atheism, pro-women, pro-government, pre-reusable energy, pro- or anti mixed marriage, anti-government, pro- or anti-socialist, pro-immigration, anti-nazi, pro- or anti-guns, pro-or anti-death penalty, pro-or anti-deficit spending, pro-equality, pro-or anti-states’ rights, pro-or anti-democracy, pro- or anti incarceration, pro- or anti-union, a social liberal, a progressive, pro- or anti-military, pro-or anti-police, or any combination of the preceding.

You could be a Keynesian, a communist, pro-or anti-globalist, a Marxist, or a revolutionist, tough on crime or easy on crime.

No matter which of the above you favor, you would find yourself opposed by the majority of the left.

You would not be considered “pure” enough or “too extreme.”

And that is why an incompetent, unintelligent, immoral, swindler like Donald Trump, who clearly hates the duties of the President, but loves the power — that is why he polls well above what one might expect, no matter what he does or fails to do.

If a left-leaning politician is discovered cheating on his wife, he is done or at least, impeached. When Trump cheats on three wives — and brags about it — that is a feature, not a bug.

If any family member of a left-leaning politician takes money for doing nothing, that is a scandal. For Trump, nepotism is a way of life.

When Obama wrongly promised, “You will be able to keep your current health care plans and doctors,” it became an endless, political scandal, on both the left and the right. When Trump wrongly promised, “Mexico will pay for the wall,” the right-wing shrugged.

Consider a left-leaning politician caught cheating on his taxes. Compare that with Trump Foundation.

Trump has hired, then fired, more administration people than any President in history, demonstrating an astounding level of executive incompetence. Who cares? The right-wing worships him. For the left, it would be a terrible black mark.

All of the above is why Joe Biden will have November competition from the left. I don’t know who they will be, but whoever he/she or they are, they will take votes from Biden and in so doing, help Trump stay in office.

No one can be “pure enough” without being “too extreme” to satisfy enough of the left.

As the campaigning goes into the final months and weeks, almost as much criticism of Biden will come from the left as from the right, while very little criticism of Trump will come from the right.

Watch for it.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

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The most important problems in economics involve:

  1. Monetary Sovereignty describes money creation and destruction.
  2. Gap Psychology describes the common desire to distance oneself from those “below” in any socio-economic ranking, and to come nearer those “above.” The socio-economic distance is referred to as “The Gap.”

Wide Gaps negatively affect poverty, health and longevity, education, housing, law and crime, war, leadership, ownership, bigotry, supply and demand, taxation, GDP, international relations, scientific advancement, the environment, human motivation and well-being, and virtually every other issue in economics. Implementation of Monetary Sovereignty and The Ten Steps To Prosperity can grow the economy and narrow the Gaps:

Ten Steps To Prosperity:

1. Eliminate FICA

2. Federally funded Medicare — parts A, B & D, plus long-term care — for everyone

3. Social Security for all or a reverse income tax

4. Free education (including post-grad) for everyone

5. Salary for attending school

6. Eliminate federal taxes on business

7. Increase the standard income tax deduction, annually. 

8. Tax the very rich (the “.1%”) more, with higher progressive tax rates on all forms of income.

9. Federal ownership of all banks

10.Increase federal spending on the myriad initiatives that benefit America’s 99.9% 

The Ten Steps will grow the economy and narrow the income/wealth/power Gap between the rich and the rest.


43 thoughts on “The left’s suicidal insistence on political purity

  1. So then it would be false to say that Joe Biden is incompetent, unintelligent, immoral, and a swindler?
    The Dems didn’t impeach Bill Clinton. They all defended him. They didn’t care about all of his multiple affairs and an accusation of rape by a very credible black woman who worked for him in Arkansas. They elected him twice.
    The Dems didn’t care that Barack Obama bailed out Wall Street and kicked millions of families out of their homes or that he sold Romney Care. They elected him twice.
    The Dems didn’t care that he built cages for the illegal immigrants and deported more of them than all of the presidents before him. They elected him twice.
    The Dems didn’t care that the Clinton Foundation was riddled with spectacular corruption. Or that Hillary was the lynch pin for Uranium 1 which is the real Russian scandal. They nominated her no matter.
    That’s funny, in the last omnibus bill the dems voted for giving Trump the money to build his wall and even more $$ money for the Dept. of Defense than he asked for.
    Nafta? Dems didn’t care about that. Lybia? Dems didn’t care about that.
    Hillary conspiring with the DNC to rig the primary? Dems didn’t care about that. Flint Michigan? Dems didn’t care about that? Occupy Wall Street carnage? Dems didn’t care about that. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Stop voting Blue or Red America. It’s garbage all the same!!!


      1. Either write in Sanders or vote Green. No matter what we do the DNC corporation will be successful installing Biden as President.

        Biden is corporate through and through. He is against Medicare for All and for the health insurance cartel as they have paid him millions over the years. He will grow the income/wealth gap to please Wall Street and in return Wall Street will pay him well for that too.

        So we are left with very few choices. One choice is to not give them our vote which seems to be at this time the only power we possess. That and to exercise of right of free speech by protesting and refusing to work for our corporate masters.

        Personally, I’m for burning it all down. Sometimes you have to destroy everything before you can rebuild. We don’t have another decade to wait for things to change. People are dying and the planet is burning.

        Fuck pragmatism.


        1. 1. “Not give them our vote” is a vote for Trump. You can be sure his followers will vote. Is Trump who you want?
          2. “Refusing to work for our corporate masters.” How do you plan to eat? Leach off mommy and daddy forever? Live in a commune in the woods? Start your own business and become a corporate master?
          3. “Burning it all down.” You mean that literally? Riot in the streets and destroy everyone else’s lives?
          4. “Fuck pragmatism.” And replace it with what, emotionalism?

          By the way, Sanders has now endorsed Biden, so I guess he has lost his purity, too.


          1. A vote for Sanders or the Green Party is a vote for Sanders or the Green party.

            I am 66 years old and both my parents are long dead. I run my own business. I buy from Mom and Pop stores, though.

            Burn the system down. The income/wealth gap has never been wider. Sometimes you have to completely destroy something in order to rebuild. You apparently don’t have any regard for the millions of lives that have been destroyed by this system. Why should we care about yours?

            Replace pragmatism with action. Make changes that make a difference in people’s lives. How long have we heard Pelosi say everyone deserves “affordable” healthcare? Is it affordable yet? I’ve been hearing that for decades. The problem with “affordable” healthcare is it never stays affordable.


  2. The suicidal tenancy of not insisting that Congress pass Medicare For All Act 2019, the Green New Deal and a federal job guarantee. In this past decade over 680,000 people have died due to lack of health care alone. Millions more have lost everything they own due to medical debt. One by one, especially as my friends age, they are losing their homes because they have not been able to pay their medical bills. I know several people who are diabetic and cannot afford their insulin. My cousin, who at the age of 34 was diagnosed with both type one and type 2 diabetes. Her insulin is $800/mo.

    Shall we talk about how the government keeps millions unemployed so they can keep wages suppressed? Have you not seen the tent cities springing up in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and else where? How about the criminalization of the homeless? Police raid the camps on a regular basis. Sometimes I think it would be more merciful to just shoot them, at least it their death would be quicker than starving to death or dying of diabetes or other disease they contract from living off the streets.

    I find this article to be very offensive. Your hatred of Trump seems to have blinded you to all of the suffering that has been occurring for decades before Trump even ran for office. You have let it blind you to the atrocities that have been committed by the Democrats as well. Do I need to remind you that Obama’s ACA was mostly a give-a-way of billions of dollars to the health insurance cartel? You must have seen how the health insurance stock spiked after it was passed. They pull in a trillion dollars in profit every year and Obama gave them $12 billion more. There was a Kaiser report of how there hospitals and clinics were filled with newly insured patients who could not afford to pay their deductible. People will not even go to a doctor until they get too sick because they can’t afford the co-pay. Yet you call us purist for insisting on a candidate who will support Medicare For All, a Green New Deal and a federal job guarantee that promises to eliminate involuntary unemployment.

    You call us purists because we refuse to support the democratic nominee who has proven to be a pathological liar just like Trump. Who is a racist just like Trump. Who abuses women just like Trump. Look up Biden’s record. He not only supported Republican’s policies, he helped get Republicans elected. He was very good friends with the segregationists. He fought to keep black children out of his children’s school. I have only one thing left to say – fuck you.


    1. Thank you, Ms. Acosta,

      You just supported the point of the article. By pointing out the failures of government, you tar both parties with the same brush. For you, unless a politician or a party is pure and perfect, they are awful. No in-between. No “better.” To the left, it’s all black or white.

      Your “just like” comments in your final paragraph are the kind of false comparisons that illustrate the left’s demand for absolute purity.

      No, Biden is not “just like,” Trump. Trump is far, far worse. But because Biden is not 100% pure, you lump him in with a man who is 100% evil.

      Thank you for illustrating the point of the post. I could not have done it better, myself.


      1. Yes, and you just proved your blindness towards the terrible suffering going on in this country for decades. That says a lot about you. You’re welcome.


        1. Sorry for being pragmatic, but have you read the Ten Steps to Prosperity? They would reduce the terrible suffering going on in this country. Much better than “burning it all down.”

          What year in college are you?


          1. What year in college are you? She writes and thinks like someone who has a doctorate. Maybe a couple.


      2. Seems pretty black and white for you sir.
        Republicans bad, democrats good.
        It really borders on comedy to say that Trump is far, far worse than Joe Biden. Like trying to reason who was worse, Hitler or Stalin. You fail to give Biden the psychological test. He checks all of the boxes also. Diagnosis: Psycopath/Sociopath. And probably a sex offender.
        But you refuse to see it because it shatters the myth of the democrats you have supported as being the party of the people.


        1. Interesting that the post was a criticism of the left-wing, and you (intentionally?) misinterpret it as: “Republicans bad, Democrats good.”

          You too are to be congratulated for making my point about the left. If Biden is not perfect, he is Hitler (or is it Stalin). Which President in American history meets your purity standard, and therefore is not Hitler (or Stalin)?

          You make a claim about Biden and the Hare test. So do the work. Don’t just make a general claim. Provide actual examples of how he scores on each of the 20 points.


          1. Mr. Mitchell, I think it would be silly to see who scores higher, Trump or Biden. I’m a psychotherapist, and in the case of these two men no test is necessary. They both qualify with flying colors!!
            During my lifetime, I think JFK and Jimmy Carter were decent men who did have the integrity to do the right thing and not be bought and sold. Definitely Jimmy Carter, but he was an outsider and just like Trump, but for different reasons, they tried to sabotage his presidency from day one. I don’t see that any of the republican presidents had much morality or genuine concern for the average citizen.
            But the main problem is that from the start of the Clinton administration, the democrat party stopped being the party for the people and since has done an incredible amount of damage to middle class America and especially to the poor. Too make matters worse, they became a war party. Pelosi is the greatest cancer because she takes in and controls all of the campaign money. No one takes in more money from the oligarchs than Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. She is the most powerful democrat in the country!
            The book “Listen Liberal,” explains it very well. The author is Michael Frank.
            BTW was Clinton the worst president when it came to understanding Monetary Sovereignty?
            Are you familiar with Christopher Hedges? You can find him on You Tube and he makes a compelling case for the evils of the democrat party. The evils of the Republicans goes without saying.


          2. Hmmm . . . Notorious womanizer Kennedy was a “decent man”? But fundamentally, I agree. He might have become a great President, had he lived. Carter was an anti-Semite, and a bit too weak for my tastes.

            Both were light-years above Trump, but then, who isn’t?

            I agree that after Johnson, the Democrats have drifted away from the common man, but again, they are demonstrably better than the GOP.

            Roosevelt clearly understood MS, but pretended it didn’t exist. That’s why there is an unnecessary, regressive FICA tax. I believe all presidents understood it, but deny it for reasons I’ve given many times. Nixon certainly understood it when he divorced us from the ridiculous gold standard.

            Both parties have been responsible for wars. Remember the WMT scandal?

            Anyway, see:


      3. What a completely ignorant take on what she said. You are an arrogant ass.Why don’t you tell us all how democratic and fair Israel is.


  3. Thank you Ms. Acosta for your brilliant reply. I could not have said it better. Unfortunately, we get the typical response from a delusional ideology that treats these political parties as if they were sports teams.

    Once a Yankee fan always a Yankee fan. They enjoy the twisted back and forth argument of “my team is better than your team” no matter how bad that team sucks. Politics is not sports. People suffer and die because of sick politicians like Joe Biden or Mitch McConnell.

    If one cannot see the same psychosis in Joe Biden as they see with Donald Trump, I’m afraid there is no where to go because either the denial is too great, or the truth is too frightening. Hard to admit that you have been supporting mass murderers for all of these years.


    1. Again, thank you Mr. Riggio and Ms. Acosta for making my point, that in the left-wing view, if someone doesn’t display perfection, they are equal to the worst human on earth. In the left’s world, there are no greys. There is only pure white or pitch black.

      To the left, no one is better than the other. There can be no incremental improvement. If Ms. Acosta cannot find perfection, she wishes to “burn it all down.”

      To you, Donald Trump is no worse than any other politician. They all are classified as “mass murderers.” I’d imagine that includes every President since Washington, because none of them was perfect, right?

      And that is exactly the point of the post. Again, I thank you for making my case.


      1. And again thank you for being an ignorant and arrogant ass, unable to understand their easily understood points. Oh to be an ignorant and arrogant white man. You keep trying to suggest a black and white purity test when one is not being applied. Putz


        1. Thank goodness you’re not arrogant — or bigoted. By the way, exactly what purity test am I suggesting — especially since the entire thrust of the article is opposition to purity tests? Perhaps you should read the article — beginning with the title.


          1. Your ignorance knows no end….. These are your words, you POS Jew racist c*nt………. “Again, thank you Mr. Riggio and Ms. Acosta for making my point, that in the left-wing view, if someone doesn’t display perfection, they are equal to the worst human on earth. In the left’s world, there are no greys. There is only pure white or pitch black.”

            Don’t you just love the apostrophe to avoid typing a swear word? How very sensitive.


  4. Speaking of “proving my point,” it doesn’t get better (worse) than this:

    CNN Contributor: Statues of Washington, Jefferson Should Be Taken Down

    CNN contributor Angela Rye on Thursday said statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should be taken down.

    “American history is not all glorious… George Washington was a slave owner,” Rye said during a discussion on Race in America Thursday on CNN.

    “We need to call slave owners out for what they are. Whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not, he wasn’t protecting my freedoms. To me, I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or Thomas Jefferson, they all need to come down,” she concluded.

    Even Washington and Jefferson are not pure enough for this liberal. Forget that they helped create the America we love. Forget the times, when the morals (which do change with the times) were different, then. If you don’t meet the left’s strict standards, you will be condemned.

    That is exactly what the post was about.

    In days past, it was perfectly moral to own slaves, to prevent women from voting or holding office, to take land from native Americans, to force children to work 12-hour days under harsh conditions, to take an eye for an eye, to send someone to debtors’ prison, to destroy two entire cities (as God did) because some of the inhabitants did not meet His standards, or to drown the entire planet for the same reasons.

    Judging a many-years past by current Western morals, and to disparage Washington and Jefferson by today’s morals, is dishonest.

    The left’s greatest dishonesty is not any specific departures from leftish scripture. The dishonesty is the demand for perfect leftist purity.


  5. I’m Not for revisionism.
    No not purity. No such thing.
    Even in past days, many people did not consider slavery, sexism, taking land from natives etc. to be “normal.” There were plenty of academics and journalists who opposed all of those things and it’s well documented. There were many religious citizens who did not think it to be right or normal.
    The same problems that exist today existed when Jesus was here. Jesus said, “I have come to bring good news to the poor!” Central to his message was inequality, namely the “wealth gap.” If you were to write this column 100 years from now, you would be saying the same thing. And you would be wrong because most of the people in America who have a clue know that Government normally operates immorally or unethically, but does not consider it to be normal behavior. That is why we have the DSM-V. You don’t like the impurities of the republicans and Trump, but you can accept it from the democrats and Biden. On the 1 to 10 purity scale, with 1 being the lowest, I would have to give the dems and Biden a score of 1. That is intolerable.
    By the way, Jimmy Carter is opposed to apartheid in the Zionist state of Israel. I hardly think that would qualify him as anti-Semitic. May I recommend “The General’s Son,” by Miko Peled? Or any writings by Norman Finkelstein? Both are Jewish and Peled was raised in Israel.
    You can also conveniently find them on YouTube.


    1. The Civil War was fought many years after the birth of this nation, and even after all those years, half the nation still felt that slavery was acceptable, and was willing to fight to the death to save it.

      You simply are insulting the entire South and many in the North to imply that Americans considered slavery and taking land from the natives immoral. You are looking at yesterday through today’s glasses.

      Perhaps you think your qualifications “many people” and “plenty of” leave you wiggle room for historically wrong statements. They don’t. You more accurately should have said, “a comparative handful of people.”

      By drawing a false equivalence between Trump and Biden, you make my case. You demand much more purity from Biden than from Trump, who by any honest reasoning, is the most crooked, least-competent President since the Great Depression (when I was born). To give Biden a “1” on your phony scale requires that Trump receive a “-10” at best.

      As for Israel’s “apartheid,” that tiny nation was formed by Jews as a sanctuary from 2,000 years of worldwide anti-Semitism. It was supposed to be a Jewish nation. But despite being surrounded, attacked, and outnumbered by millions of Jew-hating enemies, it has accepted many non-Jewish refugees as citizens.

      These non-Jews live far better lives in Israel than they would in their countries of origin, which is why they came and don’t want to leave. No one demands they stay.

      Even now, sick Arabs come across the border, to Isreal, to be treated by the best hospitals in the Mideast, where most of them are treated without cost. What nation does that with its current enemies?

      As for cowardly Carter, he was too timid to challenge Iran about America prisoners, or all the Arab nations for attacking Israel on the day Israel formed, and even after, but he felt safe in insulting a tiny nation beleaguered by much larger enemies.

      Your so-called apartheid again reveals your tendency for false comparisons: Trump/Biden, South Africa/Isreal.

      And what Jimmy Carter actually said was that Israeli policy in the West Bank represented instances of apartheid WORSE even that those that once held sway in South Africa. “Worse than South Africa”? And this is a man you defend? That tells me much.

      The minority Arabs face far less prejudice in Israel than minorities do in western nations, including the U.S., but I don’t hear the term “apartheid” used so flippantly about all of them.

      Finally, if you think that finding Jewish writers opposed to Israel gives you some sort of proof, you don’t understand Jews. It is part of Jewish culture to search out and pursue opposing opinions. That is why they have made so many great scientists.

      Keep them Nobel Prizes coming from little Israel, while Carter’s freedom-loving Arab nations have, uh, any?


      1. Wow, very interesting. So much wrong with just about everything you’ve said, but I’ll let you have the last word. We seem to be on two different planets.


  6. For those who draw a false equivalence between Trump and . . . well, anyone, I remind you of this:

    ✓ Admires dictators
    ✓ Admitted “pussy grabber”
    ✓ Adulterer
    ✓ Anti-civil rights
    ✓ Anti-black
    ✓ Anti-brown
    ✓ Anti-environment
    ✓ Anti-Muslim
    ✓ Anti-gay
    ✓ Anti-truth
    ✓ Anti-science
    ✓ Argumentative
    ✓ Arrogant
    ✓ Aspires to be a dictator
    ✓ Autocrat
    ✓ Bigot
    ✓ Boor
    ✓ Braggart
    ✓ Breaks promises
    ✓ Buck passer
    ✓ Bully
    ✓ Cheater
    ✓ Childish name-caller and insulter
    ✓ Climate-change denier
    ✓ Collaborates with the enemy
    ✓ Con artist
    ✓ Conflicts of interest
    ✓ Conspiracy theorist
    ✓ Conspires with the enemy
    ✓ Corrupt
    ✓ Coward
    ✓ Crazed
    ✓ Criminal
    ✓ Crooked
    ✓ Crude
    ✓ Cruel
    ✓ Crybaby
    ✓ Delusional
    ✓ Demagogue
    ✓ Denies obvious facts
    ✓ Deranged
    ✓ Despot
    ✓ Dirty
    ✓ Dishonest
    ✓ Disgusting
    ✓ Disingenuous
    ✓ Disloyal
    ✓ Disorganized
    ✓ Dotard
    ✓ Draft dodger
    ✓ Extortionist
    ✓ Failing
    ✓ Fake religionist
    ✓ Greedy
    ✓ Hatemonger
    ✓ Hypocrite
    ✓ Immature
    ✓ Immoral
    ✓ Inept
    ✓ Incompetent
    ✓ Indecisive
    ✓ Inexperienced
    ✓ Lazy
    ✓ Leaker
    ✓ Learning disability
    ✓ Liar
    ✓ Loathsome
    ✓ Maligner
    ✓ Mean-spirited
    ✓ Misogynist
    ✓ Narcissistic
    ✓ Nativist
    ✓ Nepotist
    ✓ Obese
    ✓ Obstructs justice
    ✓ Petty
    ✓ Phony
    ✓ Psychopath
    ✓ Racist
    ✓ Scammer
    ✓ Self-absorbed
    ✓ Self-centered
    ✓ Self-congratulatory
    ✓ Sleazy
    ✓ Stupid
    ✓ Swindler
    ✓ Takes from the poor; gives to the rich
    ✓ Tax cheat
    ✓ Traitor
    ✓ Uncharitable
    ✓ Unfaithful
    ✓ Unqualified
    ✓ Unreliable
    ✓ Unstable
    ✓ Weakling
    ✓ Whoremonger
    ✓ Whores’ john

    Now really, Trump defenders, can anyone match this list? Be honest.


  7. Time to remember the best voting advice I ever heard – voting isn’t marriage – it’s public transport. You are not waiting for “the one” who is absolutely perfect. You’re getting the bus. And if there isn’t one going exactly to your destination, you did not stay home and sulk – you take the one closest going where you want to be.


    1. It is also a time to remember all the people who are suffering due to poor policy making. Over 68,000 people die a year due to not being able to afford to see a doctor. Millions have lost everything, their life savings and homes, due to medical debt. Thousands sleep in their cars at fair grounds so they may have a chance to see a doctor. Before the COVID-19 crisis there were approximately 30 million without healthcare, now there’s 40 million more due to unemployment.

      Millions are in crisis due to trying to better their lives by going to college. Both doctors and nurses are at risk of losing their licenses to practice because of defaulting on their loans.

      Have you seen the tent cities springing up around the country? I do not see that as trivial, which you seem to do by your cutesy remark, “Time to remember the best voting advice I ever heard – voting isn’t marriage…” No, voting in the right person can literally save lives. If we vote in a person who does not want Medicare For All because they are funded by the health insurance cartel, we the people will not be served well. We will continue to suffer. As Biden has already stated, not once but several times he would veto Medical For All. He has also stated that if we want him to stop fracking, an oil extracting method that has left towns without drinking water, to vote for someone else. He’s also said if you believe Tara Reade then vote for someone else. I’m voting for someone else. These issues are not trivial to me. As Mr. Mitchell has points points out, we live in the wealthiest nation in the world. Our government is monetarily sovereign but our politicians insist that the vast majority of us live far below our means, refusing to adopt policies that would end involuntary unemployment and provide a basic livable income to those who can’t or don’t want to work;; provide an education, creating an informed populous that can be innovative and creative to face and conquer the challenges that we face in the future. Instead they maintain unemployment levels that serve their corporate masters to keep wages down and their citizens desperate. All in the name of what is good for the corporations is good for America.

      It is attitudes like yours,sir – let’s vote in the lesser of two evils – that has keep American declining into a third-world standing. For you cannot or refuse to see how both the Democratic and Republican share the same goals – protecting the wealth of the 1%, which means keeping the income/wealth gap wide, unemployment high and shortening the lives of the 99%. Fuck that. If we are to ever move forward as a nation the 99% has to stand up for their rights and accept nothing less than a decent life for themselves and a decent future for their children. We should not, will not compromise on our rights. We deserve to have Medicare For All, access to affordable education and a future without hunger.


      1. The key words in your comment, were, “If we vote in . . . ” There is a huge difference between “vote in,” and “vote for.”

        You seem to prefer voting FOR some ideal (in your eyes) candidate who cannot win, vs. voting IN the best candidate who can achieve at least part of your goals. In short, by refusing to compromise, you receive and settle for nothing.

        There are 330 million people in America, each slightly different. But you seem to feel that only YOUR way is the right way, and all others are wrong. But, there are just two people who have any chance of being voted IN next November; Trump or Biden. You have one vote. What will it be?

        Between elections, you can campaign FOR whomever you choose, but once the campaigning is over, you must decide for whom to give your precious vote.

        Make it count.


        1. I get nothing by voting “for” either Joe Biden or Trump. Their polices follow the same path with the exception of the ACA. Biden is unabashedly for the health insurance cartel and against Medicare For All. The health insurance cartel is perhaps one of Biden’s biggest donor to his Presidential campaign.

          Biden has said that if we want him to end fracking then to vote for someone else. So we can forget a Green New Deal. Or ridding our water system of the toxic chemicals that is a byproduct of the chemicals used to extract the oil. He offers as much relief to cities like Flint as Obama did, which is nothing. After all these years, Flint’s water supply is still undrinkable. It’s not just Flint that is suffering having no drinkable water. This is a problem across the entire United States.

          Biden’s fought on the side of segregationists, calling them his friends his whole career. No one on the democratic side has been helped as much in their career by the Dixiecrats than Joe Biden. Let’s not forget how Biden also fought to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid his entire career while while in the Senate. The friends of my enemy is my enemy.

          Like Trump, Biden also has a history of treating women poorly, from groping women’s breast’s (he’s on video pinching an 8-year old girl’s nipple) and buttocks and literally grabbing Tara Reade in her vagina. Biden is as crude as Trump. Yet you criticize us who are appalled by such actions as being purists. I’m assuming you are familiar with the program C-Span. C-Span films both the House of Representatives and the Senate in real time, as they are in session. C-Span also covers other notable events such as swearing-in ceremonies. I have included a video of the swearing-in ceremony where Biden boldly pinches the nipple of Montana Senator’s eight year old niece. You can see it at the 1:21 mark. This is the man you think I should be voting for.

          Please enlighten me as to what Biden has to offer besides somewhat better manners. What policies does he offer that will narrow the income/wealth gap? Lower unemployment? Curb police brutality? Give me a choice of a candidate that is not a 3rd Way democrat or a Republican and who at least favors Medicare For All and I’ll vote for them. Or give me a reason to vote for Biden besides he’s not Trump, because in too many ways he is Trump.


          1. If you thought he was no better than Trump, you wouldn’t have typed, “because in too many ways he is Trump.” The “too many ways” comment gives you away as really believing Trump is inferior. And I agree. Bottom line, Biden is a Democrat, which makes him more people-centric than a Republican.

            And once again, you prove my point. Because Biden is imperfect you equate him in with the worst America ever has had to offer.

            And it’s not Biden alone. Biden + a Democratic Senate will eliminate the veto of Medicare for All and other social programs. And importantly, let’s see who his VP will be. That might turn your opinion.


    2. The problem is both buses go to pretty much the same direction (corporate socialism heaven and oppression of the masses)…
      The transportation analogy is still useful but it sounds like this: Both GOP and Dems buses take the corporate oligarchs to their destination while convincing the masses to hop on the bus because it goes where they want it to go which is the opposite direction.


      1. In my opinion, the “pox on both your houses” complaint is simply a lazy way of viewing our government. “They all are bad,” frees one from having to think, but it guarantees a lack of change, evolving to a dictatorship.

        Yet, each President has made a different mark. Some have been more compassionate; some have been more honest. And please don’t tell me there is no difference between a bigoted ignoramus like Donald Trump vs. people like Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman.

        Lyndon Johnson, for instance, had vastly different effects than Nixon.


  8. WTF! That video? How is he allowed to get away with that? So sick!!! Oh, never mind, that’s just a man being impure. No big deal, we’re all impure. How do I find out who is the superior groper between Trump and Biden so I can make my voting decision? Do we know who has more sexual assaults between them? Are there any statistics on this? I need to know which man is superior to the other, so I can make my vote in good conscious.


    1. Read.

      Oops, sorry. Every publication that prints anything negative about Trump is “Fake News.” So that eliminates virtually every newspaper in America.

      Better stick with Breitbart + Fox. Uh, oh. Trump now has disavowed Fox.

      Better stay with the right-wing conspiracy sites.

      It’s so very hard to find the facts when you desperately want to claim false equivalencies.

      Hey, you promised to let me have the last word. Apparently, your promises are worth the same as Trump’s.


  9. Promised? None of what you said above has any relation to the on going conversation. None of the rebuttals, not once, supported trump, favored Trump, or in any way endorsed him for anything. Yes, lots of fake news out there. You saw the Biden video with the little girl and clearly that was not fake. Yet, you have absolutely nothing to say about it. Instead, you gas lighted it by rattling off a litany of the ills committed by right wing media. As if CNN, MSNBC, NYT, or WP can be trusted. It is what it is, and there is no getting around it. We are controlled by the two-party partnership who are controlled by the donor class. Any vote for a democrat or republican is a wasted vote! Happy warring!


  10. You lost me on this one Rodger… Biden serves the same masters as Trump, he will do exactly nothing to improve the life of the working people. I see no difference between the two. Hell, the leaders of the Democratic party do not REALLY care if it was Trump or Biden, because they know that nothing will fundamentally change either way. These two parties are really just one big Corporate America Party putting on a Superbowl of Politics show for the masses every 4 years… and good luck convincing them to execute your 10 point plan BTW (Biden is openly against every single one of them).
    You tell us in the comments that a 3rd party vote is a non-vote. I disagree. I say a vote for DEMS or GOP is a non-vote because nothing is going to change for us working people with either of them.
    A 3rd party vote does two things (which staying home or writing in some bogus name or Sanders does not do):
    1) it sends the message to the ruling party (GOPDEMS) that we are not happy with them so they might just change their ways if they see the threat
    2) at 5% (~5m votes) it gives federal funding to the real opposition, at 15% it gives a spot in the debates next time around.
    We can’t throw these crooks off in one election but if we keep voting against them (3rd party) we can achieve change in the long run. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    At least with a 2nd term of Trump we will be done with him in 4 years two of them we will spend in quarantine anyways… voting for Biden achieves nothing.
    While I firmly believe the only right way to vote is 3rd party I’m open to hear your reasoning against it.


    1. The two parties are not the same. Not even close.

      If you think the nation is better off having Social Security, Unemployment compensation Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, the Voting Rights Act, DACA, and the many civil rights laws, you have the Democrats to thank.

      If however, you believe these programs should be eliminated, with nothing to take their place, you are a Republican. Also, if you hate Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Muslims, gays, all foreigners (except Norwegians), blacks, Chinese, and people from “shithole countries,” you are a Republican. Finally, if you believe America really is a white, Christian nation, you really are a Republican.

      As for a 3rd party, it sounds like you don’t know which 3rd party or what it stands for, so long as it’s a vote against the current two parties. What makes you think a 3rd party will be more honest or more in keeping with your views?


  11. Now (2022) that Trump has attempted a coup, which is really unique for a President, and has denied the seriousness of COVID, thus costing hundreds of thousands of American lives, is he really better than the guy who didn’t attempt a coup or deny COVID?

    (And now comes the bad stuff Biden is alleged to have done.) But really, is there anything worse than a President attempting to overthrown the government?


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