Blind hatred, anger, and fear. Is it just the Republicans or is it all of America?

Donald Trump is America’s hater-in-chief. It’s hard to know where he will lash out next.

He has expressed hatred for every judge who has ruled against him, every Democrat, any Republican who has not toed his line, gays, women (especially those he has raped), non-Christians, and of course his favorite target, immigrants, especially brown immigrants.

(White immigrants from Norway are OK)

And yet this man of many hatreds garnered almost half the votes in the last Presidential election.

So, the question is, has America succumbed to the hatred disease?

We know it’s quite a communicable disease. A hater in the midst of a crowd can infect the entire crowd in seconds.

A hater on TV can infect much of the nation, as Fox and Tucker Carlson proved almost daily.

Have you been infected? Are you a hater?

What do you feel about this headline from the Portland Press Herald and many other newspapers around the world.

Mexican immigrants in Illinois sexually abused almost 2,000 children, state finds Investigators found 451 clergy abused 1,997 kids between 1950 and 2019

CHICAGO — More than 450 Mexican immigrants in Illinois sexually abused nearly 2,000 children since 1950, the state’s attorney general found in an investigation released Tuesday, revealing that the problem was far worse than the government had let on.Number of Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Holds Steady at 11 Million - WSJ

Attorney General Kwame Raoul said at a news conference that investigators found that 451 Mexican immigants abused 1,997 children in Illinois between 1950 and 2019, though he acknowledged that the statute of limitations has expired in many cases and that those abusers “will never see justice in a legal sense.”

The review began in 2018 under Raoul’s predunts of sexual abuse and lists of immigrants accused of child sexual abuse.

Some of those named have become infamous due to criminal proceedings or lawsuits, including one Mexican immigrant, who was the subject of more than 100 abuse claims in the decades before his 2006 arrest for abusing five boys in Chicago.

Lisa Madigan, who released a blistering report as she prepared to leave office. Raoul continued the investigation, and he said Tuesday that 25 staff members reviewed more than 100,000 pages of documents and engaged in more than 600 confidential interactions with contacts.The 50 Most Influential Rabbis in America

After reading this article, how do you feel about Mexicans?

How do you feel about immigrants? Think about it and be honest with yourself.

OK, this was my hoax.

The headline actually was, “Rabbis in Illinois sexually abused almost 2,000 children, state finds.”

Substitute “rabbis” and “Jews” for “Mexican immigrants” and you have the real story.

Now think about it. How do you feel about Jews and rabbis? Again, be honest with yourself.

Sorry again. That was another hoax I invented.Historic day as five men are ordained as Catholic priests - Catholic Diocese Of East Anglia

The real story was, Catholic clergy in Illinois sexually abused almost 2,000 children, state finds.” No hoax this time.

How do you now feel about Catholics and their clergy?

At any time in the last few moments, did you feel a bit of hatred welling up? Did you think to yourself, “Just like those immigrants?” or “That’s typical of Mexicans”? Or maybe it was, “I’m not surprised at those Jews”?

Or, that’s what I always knew about Catholics”?

We aren’t born bigots. We learn it.

Watch little children playing together with no concern about color or religion. But somewhere along the line they learn hatred.

They learn it from their parents and friends. They learn it from celebrities and other leaders.

Republicans learn it from Fox and Trump. The learn it from QAnon and Tucker Carlson.

They learn it from Breitbart and Giuliani.

If you’re Catholic, you make excuses for the clergy’s sexual abuse. If you’re not Catholic, you claim it’s not an aberration, and you question the Catholic-heavy SCOTUS.

If you’re a Republican:

You’ve spent more than seven years making excuses for Trump’s immoral behavior, while voicing hatred for those who criticize him.

You are attracted by his hatred of minorities because he voices your hatred. The power of your hatred cannot be overstated.

Hatred blended with its cousins, anger and fear, combine into your most powerful emotion. It forces you to ignore facts and to act against your own best interests.

Hatred, anger, and fear of “them” (the poor, or black, or brown or gays, or Muslims, or Jews, or whomever) are why your half of the nation wants to expand work requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.MSNBC on Twitter: "Federal income taxes paid by Donald Trump:" / Twitter

You hate those supposed freeloaders (though you don’t have the same hatred for Donald Trump, the billionaire who paid less than zero taxes for six years — he claimed $5.8 million back from the government in 2020).

Did you or any immigrant do as well?

You hate those immigrant criminals and you want longer jail sentences for many of their crimes, but you don’t hate the man who ran a fake university that cheated thousands of students out of millions of dollars and a fake foundation that cheated the government.


Because he hates the same people you hate. It’s why you want easy access to guns, even open carry of semi-automatic, high-powered rifles — useless for hunting or target shooting, even useless for home or street defense.

Hatred, anger, and fear of “them.”

It’s why you want to build ever higher and longer walls on our borders, despite substantial evidence that undocumented immigrants are not the ones bringing drugs into America, nor are they lazy, criminal, takers, and all the miles of walls haven’t stopped undocumented immigration.

And by the way, Mexico didn’t pay for the walls, despite the guarantees of you-know-who.

On the contrary, undocumented immigrants comprise much of the hardest working, lowest paid, most productive, least criminal group in America.

They don’t even drive fast for fear of being arrested and deported.

Facts don’t matter when faced with hatred, anger, and fear.

It’s what makes you vote for a man who meets all twenty symptoms of psychopathy, and who doesn’t even bother to hide them.

In fact, you admire him for them.Donald Trump watched Capitol riots unfold on TV and 'chose not to act' | ITV News - YouTube

It’s what makes you shrug off the first attempt to destroy America since the Civil War, i.e. the violent attempt to nullify the results of the last Presidential election (though curiously, you like the results of the other lower elections that favored Republicans).

And while you’re shrugging, and even denying that it happened, you also shrug off Trump’s encouragement of the coup and his allowing it to continue for hours while he watched on TV, hoping it would succeed and calling VP Pence a traitor for not participating.

It’s what makes you continue believing the notorious Fox network, despite their being forced to pay nearly $800 million for lying.

The only reason some of you have left Fox is their firing of their single worst lying, hatemonger, fear-monger, Tucker Carlson. You love his hatred.

It’s what makes you continue to support the man and the party that told you COVID would “just go away,” resulting in your refusal to mask, vaccinate, or to avoid close contacts.

That refusal cost you more than a million American lives — your relatives, friends, and fellow sympathizers. You bear no ill will toward that man and party for their lies, because they hate the same people you hate.

Instead, you have been convinced to join in endless criticisms of, even threats against, those who sought to protect you.

You don’t criticize police brutality against minorities, but you are outraged at the FBI for investigating the man who by any reasonable measure, is a traitor to America.

Killing unarmed blacks is OK, but searching for stolen documents hidden in the home of a proven thief and liar is beyond the pale, even when the search turns up the stolen documents he tried to hide.

You hate non-existent “socialism,” of the kind that gave you Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, poverty aids, and aids to education, but you love the fascism and white supremacy countenanced by the political party that supports your hatred of gays, Muslims, people of color, and women who don’t follow the Catholic Church’s beliefs.

You believe any denunciation of the Jew, George Soros, no matter how wrongheaded, unsupported, and well. . .  stupid. . . , that claim might be.What Is QAnon, the Viral Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory? - The New York Times

And speaking wrongheaded, unsupported, and stupid, brings us to QAnon, whose claims began as a joke about a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic child molesters running an international child sex trafficking gang from a pizza parlor.

No normal human would fall for that idiocy, yet it now has morphed into a political movement supported by Trump.

As the claims have become even more wildly ridiculous, you believe them more deeply.

You believe right wing, Trump supporter and hate monger, Alex Jones, despite his being ordered to pay $1.5 billion for his lies.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Hatred of native Americans has a long history. Hatred of Jews has an even longer one. White hatred of blacks ironically stems from white mistreatment of blacks, perhaps as a justification for that mistreatment.

You have hated Irish immigrants and Italian immigrants.

And to demonstrate that hatred is not exclusively American, if you live in Italy, you may hate everyone: “More than half of Italians in poll say racist acts are justifiable.”

More recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis built his career upon hatred and fear of gays and immigrants as has Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, both Republicans.

So, each day, they pass ever-meaner, ever-more-punishing laws to satisfy the blood lust of their backers.

In short, you have been told by the right wing to believe anything that corresponds to your hatred, anger, and fear of people who are not like you in some way.

And so, you do.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell Monetary Sovereignty Twitter: @rodgermitchell Search #monetarysovereignty Facebook: Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


The Sole Purpose of Government Is to Improve and Protect the Lives of the People.


13 thoughts on “Blind hatred, anger, and fear. Is it just the Republicans or is it all of America?

  1. One way to rid of prejudice is by understanding the whole picture. The languages and customs of the world developed in isolation, tribally, before people interacted to share their ideas. The color of your skin depended on where your ancestors lived; dark skin was equatorial, light skin northerly. Equatorial people naturally developed melanin/carotin for protection from the sun. Eskimos got no sun due to heavy clothing, so the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, came from whale blubber. Evolution is trying to bring people together despite superficial differences. In all cases, our collective mind is what matters, and money is a distant second.


  2. Here is a comment I received from someone named “SnakeEyes40.” I thank this person because, in just a few words, he managed to validate everything I said about right-wing hatred:

    “As MILLIONS of illegals INVADE our country. Put them up at YOUR house and let them move into YOUR neighborhood. Pay for them with YOUR taxes. Go jump off a cliff, you brain dead Leftist douche”

    Well stated by a perfect Republican.


    1. Calling Peter Thiel, pick up the WHITE courtesy phone….calling Peter Thiel, please pick up….. LOL.

      (they play trends to exhaustion like going long a stock to bubble territory and then flipping to a massive “short” position and riding it down. profiting both ways). So when it comes to the unfortunate LGBTQ people, first they pump them up full of “pride/prominence/importance (taking this “righteousness” international, changing laws globally) etc etc. Far in excess of hte 5% of the US population would warrant in noise on this issue! Then BOOM they go SHORT, do the reverse! ) It’s INSANITY all of it, see my comment below.


  3. Do not take it “seriously”…do not imbibe the propaganda. American propaganda cycles run for 20 year periods. Our present cycle started late 2015/early 2016. Till that time, the prior cycle (war on terriers) was raging…remember that non stop fear vector? Brown tortured faces on TV on heavy rotation. Fear theater? They dropped that COLD. 90 degree decline to zero. They gave you a one year “refractory period”, and the next PROGRAM has begun.

    We have 12-13 years more of this psy-op to go. I’m guessing the people who plan this (CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg et al) are finding it useful to play the fascist trend (useful for war with China? Some false flag coming? ) to exhaustion before the flip the trend to the reverse. 12 more years.


      1. Not at all. You misunderstood my thrust. There’s not much you can do, although raising awareness is key. The toxicity is tsunami proportions. I think we can both agree these are truly nasty people running the show. The propaganda is well polished.

        Our “TV” ( media in general ) look very “democratic”, but it’s like high-school level scuttle-butt: [imagine a high school cafeteria, and a nasty scuttlebutt “S”, starts rumors: “OMG did you hear what X said. X said Y is a perverted little s__, and Y did ___! can u imagine, how awful !”

        ON the surface it appears “S” is “genuinely concerned” but what “S” is doing is really SPREADING the trolling, the reputation damage etc etc while appearing to be outside it all! This is what our media are. They think they are very clever. They are filth. The blue channels take schadenfreude at DeSantis fighting Trump and talk about nothing else,….well that’s just a RE-RUN of 2016 when All they did was set up the Trump wave. The joke is on us.

        They will smear entire races for gain. Entire communities. No lie is too brutal. These are gawdawful people. If there is a God, then…i wish a pox on them.


        1. Yes, and they also use the old Hollywood “question” system when they have no facts? “Is he hiding things from the FBI? If so, why?”

          That way, they can claim they were just asking, to avoid being sued for another $800 million.


          1. BTW, Rodger, every time “Focks” “nooz” opens a channel (business, news, weather, etc) on the cable pipes, it gets a fixed deposit yield for that “channel”, regardless of whether people “like” it or not! They get a fixed fee for their “presence” irrespective of merit. It’s a HUGE racket!

            And then they act like they are nazi because “business conditions” demand it! Please, the bile is NEVER ENDING. The devil will come for them all. Sooner the better. Pray the devil comes.


    1. “This new way of warfare is called many things by many nations. In Russia, China, and Iran it is called Sixth Generation Warfare, NonContact Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Total Information Warfare, and Cyber Warfare. Some U.S. analysts, the very small number paying attention, call it Cybergeddon, Blackout War, or Combined-Arms Cyber Warfare. Significantly, because EMP attack entails detonating a nuclear weapon at such high altitude that no blast or other prompt effects injurious to humans are delivered, only the EMP that immediately damages only electronics, potential adversaries do not appear to regard nuclear EMP attack as an act of nuclear warfare.”

      Cancel Culture on a half of North America scale with one relatively small device detonated at the right altitude.

      Accuracy is not necessary for an EMP attack because the target altitude (30-400 kilometers) is so wide, and the radius and the coverage of the EMP field is so vast.

      EMP attack does not require a re-entry vehicle, heat shield, shock absorbers and other
      paraphernalia associated with a nuclear missile warhead designed for blasting a city. These are unnecessary for an EMP attack, which detonates the warhead above the atmosphere, in outer space.

      EMP attack can be executed by a wide variety of delivery vehicles, anything that can loft a
      nuclear weapon to 30 kilometers or higher. Possible delivery vehicles include a satellite, a long-range missile, a medium- or short-range missile launched off a freighter, some kinds of cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles, a jet fighter or some kinds of jet airliner doing a zoom climb, even a meteorological balloon.


      1. This may be one of the reasons why we’ve not heard from an advanced alien civilization. As generations develop more advanced technology, they also develop more advanced ways to destroy their world. Ultimately, the suicidal temptation becomes too great to resist.

        We are playing that kind of game right now, only with our economy, as both sides dare each other over the debt ceiling. We’ve not crossed that line yet, but if not now, maybe next time. Eventually, we will.

        The same goes kind of thinking will produce a life-ending step.


  4. It is very much an energy problem. Maintaining social complexity sucks up a lot of energy. The mathematician Safa Motesharrei and his collaborators showed that the use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels allows populations to grow to one order of magnitude larger than they would using renewable resources alone and as such is able to postpone societal collapse. However, when collapse finally comes, it is much more dramatic

    According to Joseph Tainter too many scholars offer facile explanations of societal collapse by assuming one or more of the following three models in the face of collapse:

    1. The Dinosaur, a large-scale society in which resources are being depleted at an exponential rate, but nothing is done to rectify the problem because the ruling elite are unwilling or unable to adapt to those resources’ reduced availability. In this type of society, rulers tend to oppose any solutions that diverge from their present course of action but favor intensification and commit an increasing number of resources to their present plans, projects, and social institutions.

    2. The Runaway Train, a society whose continuing function depends on constant growth (cf. Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis). This type of society, based almost exclusively on acquisition (such as pillaging or exploitation), cannot be sustained indefinitely. The Assyrian, Roman and Mongol Empires, for example, all fractured and collapsed when no new conquests could be achieved.

    3. The House of Cards, a society that has grown to be so large and include so many complex social institutions that it is inherently unstable and prone to collapse. This type of society has been seen with particular frequency among Eastern Bloc and other communist nations, in which all social organizations are arms of the government or ruling party, such that the government must either stifle association wholesale (encouraging dissent and subversion) or exercise less authority than it asserts (undermining its legitimacy in the public eye).

    ‘Tainter’s critique’ argues that those models, though superficially useful, cannot severally or jointly account for all instances of societal collapse. Often they are seen as interconnected occurrences that reinforce one another.

    Tainter considers that social complexity is a recent and comparatively-anomalous occurrence, requiring constant support. He asserts that collapse is best understood by grasping four axioms. In his own words:

    1. human societies are problem-solving organizations;
    2. sociopolitical systems require energy for their maintenance;
    3. increased complexity carries with it increased costs per capita; and
    4. investment in sociopolitical complexity as a problem-solving response reaches a point of declining marginal returns.

    With those facts in mind, collapse can simply be understood as a loss of the energy needed to maintain social complexity. Collapse is thus the sudden loss of social complexity, stratification, internal and external communication and exchange, and productivity.


    1. And yet, the greatest threat may be the one not mentioned: The creation of killing machines so advanced they overwhelm all efforts to control them. Artificial Intelligence is headed toward that “Skynet” moment, now.


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