Because the Republican Party seems to have . . .

Because the Republican Party, the self-proclaimed party of Patriotism, Family Values, and Law & Order, seems to have made its selection for the next President of the United States, we offer this portrait to be hung in RNC offices and/or used on yard signs.

It should serve as a reminder to all Americans, especially Republican voters and their families, what the Republican Party really stands for.


7 thoughts on “Because the Republican Party seems to have . . .

  1. The problem is, as I see it, he was not convicted criminally, but only civilly, For his followers, that takes the sting out of the conviction. And it sets Trump up to be worshiped instead of vilified. The following will not be my words, but the feeling I get from reading a few right-wing blogs: “Trump puts women in their place, as sexual slaves to men!”
    And that is where Republican men want them to be!”

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    1. That’s how low the bar is for the GOP: The former President, and soon-to-be candidate again, is “only” a sexual predator civilly, not criminally.

      So hurray, he’s vindicated! All of us religious, family-values moralists can vote for him. And it was a witch hunt.


  2. I certainly hope not! But in a way, the Democratic Party is accomplushing nothing for women. Two years since Roe vs Wade was dismantled, states are encting anti-abortion laws, and the Dems who were elected mainly by the strength of women, have done little to protect them. Actions speak louder than words, but so do non-actions. They won’t vote for Republicans, but if they don’t vote Democrat (and I could not blame them for that) the USA could lose the right to vote.
    The Dems must do something REAL to give people a reason to vote for them!

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