Who is the “crazed, crying, lowlife dog”? Tuesday, Aug 14 2018 

The President of the United States just called this woman “a crazed, crying, lowlife, dog.”

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Fox News and the rest of Trump’s excuse-making followers say, “Oh, well, that’s just Trump being Trump.”

Whether you like her or not, this is not something that should be fobbed off as “Oh, well.” This is way over the line for any American leader. This is hate-filled insanity.

True Americans are thoroughly disgusted by having this terrible excuse for a human being as President.

Enough, already.




Perhaps it isn’t Trump’s fault, after all. Free Will or Inevitability. Saturday, Aug 11 2018 

Perhaps you believe that Donald J. Trump is a lying, incompetent bigot and an obvious con man.

Or not.

Perhaps you see the evidence everywhere, from his business history to his personal history to his political history. Or not.

Either way, it may not be his fault or yours.

The word “fault” no longer may apply to our lives.

The standard “Big Bang” model, which currently is one of the accepted descriptions of our universe’s beginning, holds that everything started from essentially nothing.

This science posits that about 13.7 billion years ago, give or take a few hundred million, a dimensionless point, according to as yet unknown laws of physics, somehow expanded via something we call “inflation” to almost the size it is today.

And did this less than a second.

We say, “laws of physics,” but laws are invented by humans, and we don’t know what laws apply,  if laws apply, or even if there are laws.

“Inflation” is just a meaningless word for, “We don’t know how the universe came to be so big, so in our ignorance, we gave it a name.” 

Presumably, if scientists didn’t understand biologic reproduction, they would term pregnancy, “inflation.”

One even could say the 13.7-year time scale is meaningless, because time as we believe it to be, is relative to speed and gravity, neither of which we can measure with assurance that far back, and in any event, “years” relate to earth’s turns around the sun, which didn’t exist.

So the whole thing is based on smoke and mirrors, but it’s a tale that helps us to visualize a story, if not to know the truth.

We currently think the early universe was composed of energy, whatever that may have been then, which according to certain laws of physics (those “laws,” again) somehow formed particles.

And we believe these particles somehow assembled into and hydrogen and helium atoms, which further assembled into stars, and the stars exploded creating all the visible matter in the universe — including you and me.

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From a single dimensionless point came billions of these.

According to the known laws of physics, every atom of your body at one time existed in a star.

And in violation of another law (the 2nd law of thermodynamics), those stars assembled into beautiful galaxies, and you assembled into you.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total disorder of an isolated system cannot decrease over time.

For instance, a bottle can break into a thousand pieces, but those pieces cannot spontaneously reassemble. Yet that is exactly what the universe is said to have done.

Fundamental to our beliefs about the physical world is the notion that nothing happens without a cause. An atom does not simply decide to move. Interactions with something — another atom and/or a force — move it.

And for those interactions to happen, there must have been a previous cause, which themselves had a cause, and over again and again, dating back forever, or at least to the so-called “Big Bang,” which too must have had a cause.

It is like the child’s endlessly asking, “Why?” following every explanation. Everything has a “why?”

The atoms of your brain follow cause and effect. Your every thought, emotion, and action results from those atoms being impacted by other atoms and forces, in an endless chain.

Think about it. Can you imagine any mechanism by which your so-called “will” could change the directed actions of the atoms and their forces in your brain and the rest of your body?

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Cause and effect.  Sunburn doesn’t happen without the sun.

Are you angry? Happy? Puzzled? Hungry? Curious? Sad? Do you walk, run, speak, sing, or fire a gun?

Do any of these not involve the actions of particles in your brain and body — atoms that came to you from exploding stars many light years distant?

What control could you have over any of your brain’s particles, without involving particles that are affected by other particles, down through history?

Are you reading this article because you want to, or because you have no control over your life’s events? You may think it’s because you want to.

But why do you want to? Doesn’t this desire involve the atoms of your brain, atoms which may be billions of years old? And haven’t these atoms been affected by other atoms for billions of years?

Every action in the universe involves the cause and effect dances among particles.

Visualize watching a movie. You may like or dislike the characters on the screen. You may wish them well or ill. You may cross your fingers or whisper a prayer. You may close your eyes in fear or open them wide in enjoyment.

But all your efforts will not affect the movie’s action. The movie you see is an illusion. The outcome is predetermined.

Since every action is the result of a previous action, everything you do is predetermined:

Despite what you may choose to believe, you have no free will.

And it all began with something currently named, “the Big Bang, or perhaps even before then.

So when I tell you about Donald Trump’s negative characteristics, I illogically may hope it will affect your beliefs and your future actions, especially your voting actions.

But everything — my choice of words, your belief, your subsequent actions, even my hopes — everything has been determined by what came before — billions of years, before.

I can no more alter my destiny or your opinions than I can change the orbit of the Milky Way constellation.

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”
Omar Khayyám

Inevitability helps explain what otherwise seems unexplainable.

Consider “quantum entanglement.”  Overly simplified, quantum entanglement describes two or more tiny particles related in such a way, that what happens to one, instantly and predictably affects the other, no matter how far apart they may be.Image result for quantum entanglement

One particle can be here on Earth and the other can be sent to Mars, yet if you change particle #1, particle #2 simultaneously will change in a predictable way, even though there is no way that particle #2  could have “learned” what change you made to particle #1.

It would be as though particle #2 were able to “predict” what change you decided to make in particle #1, even before you made it, and thereby change preemptively, before the information arrived. This is one of the great mysteries of quantum mechanics.

One solution to this puzzle of prior knowledge would be for everything to be inevitable and determined by the actions of all that came before.

Just as with the start of a movie, the ending is predetermined. Your action on particle #1 and the change in particle #2 both are predetermined, so “prediction” is not an issue.

Mystery solved.

If everything is predetermined, and we have no free will, why do I bother? Why do you bother? What’s the use of our efforts? Why do we hope and strive? Why do we experience joy and disappointment?

And the answer, of course, is we have no alternative and no control. We are pre-programmed robots, and part of our programming is not only to believe we have free will, but to hope and strive and to experience.

Things are what they are, because of cause and effect, down to the smallest level.

And finally, whether or not you believe this, or doubt it or have learned from it — all that was determined many billions of years ago.

Our movie has been filmed.

I hope you enjoy it, though that already has been determined.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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Another day of your life under Trump — August 10, 2018 edition. Friday, Aug 10 2018 

If lies, incompetence, and outright craziness are your favored form of entertainment, you surely must enjoy watching the Trump administration in action.

Trump lashes out at ‘fake, disgusting news’ as he denies he was late for his meeting with the Queen – and claims it was actually HER who kept him waiting.


Well, you can see where Trump is coming from, it’s not like she was there first stood waiting for him, oh wait… Okay, but it’s not like she was waiting a while, checking her watch or something stupid, erm…

Well, this is awkward. But what kind of sheeple believes parallel coverage from multiple sources, least of all the worst propagator of fake news, your own eyes.

For those of you few who still believe anything Trump says, you might want to ask the queen, Fox and Friends, or Breitbart for their version of reality.

President Trump Says He’s Doubling Steel and Aluminum Tariffs ‘With Respect to Turkey

Tweet: “I have just authorized a doubling of Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum with respect to Turkey as their currency, the Turkish Lira, slides rapidly downward against our very strong Dollar! Aluminum will now be 20% and Steel 50%. Our relations with Turkey are not good at this time!”

Trump’s tweet caused a further drop in the Turkish currency, which is now down 13 percent on the day.

It seems like only yesterday when Turkey was our ally. Actually, it seems like only yesterday when the U.S. had any allies.

We don’t want the Turkish Lira to slide against the Dollar, so we do whatever we can to make it slide further against our Dollar. Trust me. I know what I’m doing.

Los Angeles Times: Court Tells the EPA: Ban This Insecticide

The Obama administration had proposed banning the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos on food crops after studies showed it can harm the brains of children.

Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt didn’t see it that way and reversed that course of action. Now, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the Trump administration to mandate a halt to use of the pesticide within 60 days.

One of the Trump administration’s incompetent crooks (there are so many), decided that children’s brains are not worth protecting.

Pruitt may have assumed brain-damaged children will grow up to be Trump supporters.

Judge halts mother-daughter deportation and threatens to hold Sessions in contempt

A federal judge in Washington halted an apparent deportation-in-progress Thursday and threatened to hold Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions in contempt after learning that the Trump administration tried to remove a woman and her daughter while a court hearing appealing their deportations was underway.Related image

“This is pretty outrageous,” said U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan after being told about the removal. “That someone seeking justice in U.S. court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her?”

Attorneys for the civil rights organization and the U.S. Department of Justice had agreed to delay removal proceedings for Carmen until 11:59 p.m. Thursday so they could argue the matter in court.

But lead ACLU attorney Jennifer Chang Newell, who was participating in the court hearing via phone from her office in California, received an email during the hearing that said the mother and daughter were being deported.

During a brief recess, she told her colleagues the pair had been taken from a family detention center in Dilley, Texas, and were headed to the airport in San Antonio for an 8:15 a.m. flight.

Justice Department attorney Erez Reuveni said he had not been told the deportation was happening that morning, and could not confirm the whereabouts of Carmen and her daughter.

Carmen fled El Salvador with her daughter in June, according to court records, fearing they would be killed by gang members who had demanded she pay them monthly or suffer consequences.

Several coworkers at the factory where Carmen worked had been murdered, and her husband is also abusive, the records state.

It isn’t often that the Attorney General of the United States has to be threatened with contempt by a federal judge, but then it isn’t often that the United States is burdened with such a contemptable Attorney General.

See, it’s like this judge: The Donald wants us to be mean-spirited, lying, sneaky b*st*rds. So we kidnapped those people, hoping you wouldn’t find out. It’s all Hillary’s and the fake media’s fault.

Anyway, how are we expected to know where these people are, when we don’t even know where those immigrant children and parents we previously separated are?

Melania Trump’s parents become citizens through ‘chain migration’ 

Melania Trump’s parents were sworn in as US citizens on Thursday, completing a legal path to citizenship that their son-in-law has suggested eliminating.

Lawyer Michael Wildes confirmed that the first lady sponsored their green cards.

Her husband, Donald Trump, has proposed ending most family-based immigration, which he refers to as “chain migration”.

The president proposed replacing most family-based immigration with a skills-based system.

The plan, which Trump reiterated last week at a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania rally, would limit immigrants like his wife to sponsoring only their spouses and underage children to join them in the US – not their parents, adult children or siblings.

Uh, well it’s like this. Melania’s parents are white, Christian, and they don’t come from Mexico, or other shithole countries, so obviously they are legal.

And they have great skills, or something.

The government is making it easier for “dark money” donors to go unnamed
The IRS will no longer ask the NRA and other nonprofit groups to disclose donors.

The Treasury Department on Monday said it planned to end requirements that certain tax-exempt organizations identify their financial contributors on their tax returns.Image result for dirty money gun

The decision means groups such as the National Rifle Association, Planned Parenthood, and the AARP will no longer have to tell the IRS who’s giving them money.

The decision landed the same day as the Justice Department announced the arrest of Maria Butina, a Russian national with NRA ties who is accused of trying to influence US politics.

Ethics experts say Treasury’s maneuver will make identifying activities like those Butina has been accused of even harder to track.

The Treasury Department’s announcement on Monday regarding donor disclosures will make deciphering the murkiness surrounding the NRA more difficult because it undermines the federal government’s ability to detect illegal activities by nonprofit groups.

“As you know, the Russians and North Koreans are our friends, unlike the Canadians, the British, the French, the Turks, the Mexicans, South America and Africa, all of whom are our enemies.

“Despite what the lying American FBI and the fake American CIA say, Putin told me he did not do anything to influence our elections. I believe him. That’s why I want to help him keep his political contributions secret (Then, he won’t reveal my pee tape, and will lend me money to build Trump Tower, Moscow.)

“Anyway, we love dark money. All us rich people do. How else are we supposed to control the U.S. government?”

Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials says Trump’s family separation policy is ‘crime against humanity’

(Benjamin Berell Ferencz was the Chief Prosecutor for the United States Army at the Nuremberg, Germany. Later, he became an advocate of the establishment of an international rule of law and of an International Criminal Court.)

(Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack or individual attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.) 

The last surviving member of the Nuremberg trials prosecuting team has said Donald Trump committed “a crime against humanity” with the recent family separation policy.

Ben Ferencz, 99, said it was “painful” when he heard about how the Trump administration had separated more than 2,000 children from their families after they had crossed the US-Mexico border.

Mr Ferencz had been just 27 when he served as the chief prosecutor at the Einsatzgruppen trial, during which 22 Nazi officials were found guilty of killing more than a million people.

Mostly fleeing drug-related gang violence and poverty in Central American countries, they crossed the border illegally but often seeking asylum in the US.

The parents have been charged with a crime though US law requires asylum seekers to enter the country before applying for the protected status.

Sure, we are doing what the Nazis did, but instead of killing innocent people ourselves, we are sending them back to be killed by others. It’s cleaner that way.

But these aren’t exactly people; they are brown, criminal and rapist infants.  I learned all of this at Trump University.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty
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The 28 words that define Trump and his administration Saturday, Aug 4 2018 

“The reality is that for every parent

that is not located, there will be a

permanently orphaned child,

and that is 100 percent

the responsibility of the



U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw

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