John Kass, Chicago Tribune’s gossip columnist says he’s is not a hater; he’s a loather. Huh?

John Kass is the gossip editor for the Chicago Tribune, masquerading as an independent observer of the passing scene.

He is as right-wing as it gets, and should have his column on the Tribune’s editorial page. Instead, the conservative Tribune cleverly slots it on page two, where it receives 1/2 page, above the fold. He preaches against gun control, against pro-choice and against federal debt.

He recently wrote, “A guy that rich can’t be bought.” He meant, rich people are more honest than middle-class people. Really.

Here are a few excerpts from today’s column, in which Kass tells gullible readers why he knows the law better than FBI Director James Comey, a lifelong Republican, whom GOP officials have repeatedly praised for his honesty.

Hillary Clinton Disqualifies Herself

(Hillary Clinton’s) server was likely hacked by foreign intelligence. She failed, miserably, in protecting the secrets of her nation.

“Likely” hacked?  Why likely? No evidence has surfaced, which presumably is why Kass was forced to use the word “likely,” just as gossip columnists do.

The only evidence may be his belief that all government servers get hacked (in which case, it really doesn’t matter which server she used, does it?)

And, she lied to the American people. That much is clear. She lied about what she did and how and why. There are tapes of it floating all about on the internet, lies to reporters, lies in those rare public appearances where she actually takes questions.

We already know how much Republicans hate lying, just ask Donald Trump about “Lyin” Ted Cruz.”  Trump also called Marco Rubio a bigger liar than Cruz; he said Dr. Ben Carson is a pathological liar and Jeb Bush’s lies were as bad as Cruz’s.

Which brings us to the endless lies of  Donald Trump, a man whom Kass apparently believes is qualified to be President, since Kass mentions only Clinton as being “unqualified.”

Comey also confirmed that she allowed her lawyers — who didn’t have security clearance — to view and assess her vast store of incriminating emails.

Here is what FBI Director Comey said about that “vast store of incrimination Emails” and all those lies Kass refers to: We have no basis to believe she lied to the FBI.  Comey said there were only three messages – each of which were not properly marked classified when she received them.

Wow, three messages, and none of them were classified when she received them.  That’s the “vast store of incriminating Emails”??

And remember, this came from Comey, a Republican, respected by the GOP as honest, and who has nothing to fear from Clinton or from a lame-duck President Obama.

Clinton did all this not in the national interest, but in the Hillary interest.

It was all done to keep her presidential candidacy viable. History will tell our children what we already know, that it was always all about Hillary.

And so, it follows, logically, that Mrs. Clinton cannot be president.

Apparently, Kass’s logic is this: If you run for President and have your best interests at heart, you cannot be President.

Hmmm . . . now which Presidential candidate in history has been so pure of soul?  Can you think of any?

But I do feel better about Kass’s total lack of knowledge, based on this:

I’m certain that many will denounce me as a Clinton-Hater. But hate by definition is irrational, and so I reject the hater diagnosis.

Instead, I’m probably something of a Clinton-Loather.

Doesn’t that make you respect his uninformed opinion, more? He doesn’t hate her; he loathes her. Got it.

And I’ve had years of watching the Clintons lie and dissemble and tell partial truths and get away with it, and take advantage of the principles of honorable men such as James Comey.

Notice, how the Hillary Clinton haters (er, uh, “loathers”) always include Bill, so as to “pad the list,” so to speak. Because as everyone knows, a wife always is the same as her husband (which is why the wife always is to blame for wife-beatings and wife-cheatings. Right?)

And exactly how is an honorable man like James Comey “taken advantage of.” What power does Hillary have over him?

And since he admittedly is honorable, why does Kass think Comey is lying to Congress? That would make Comey dishonorable, wouldn’t it?

Actually, I’m a Bernie Sanders man (except for his policy on Israel), but Bernie apparently is out of the running, and I may be foolish, but not so foolish as to believe Trump is qualified to be President.

Read Kass’s foaming-at-the-mouth loathing-based editorial uh, reasoned article, and you will see that “Emailgate” it is yet another in a series of Republican “gates” that included “Obamacaregate,” and Congress’s endless votes to eliminate it without having a replacement idea.

And then there was “Benghazigate,” the Congressional, massive waste of time and money, which uncovered nothing and proved nothing except the abject stupidity of many Congressional investigations.

And now we have “Emailgate,” Congress’s disgraceful attempt to impeach the honest, Republican FBI director.

Most hatreds — black hatred, Jew hatred, Catholic hatred, Mexican hatred, Muslim hatred, Irish hatred,  Italian hatred, French hatred, New York Yankee hatred — result from the human desire to blame someone for our fears and miseries.

Yet, ask any haters why they hate, and they will invent “good” reasons, which upon inspection prove to be excuses for ignorance.

(It gets so nonsensical, that one of my own friends blamed Hillary for staying with Bill after he cheated on her.  My friend felt that disqualified her. Yikes!)

The bottom line is that Hillary is both human and ambitious to be President. As a human, she has foibles, though fewer than many candidates I’ve seen in my 81 years.

She is smart and experienced, but is far more right-wing than I prefer, and tells lies, though fewer than most other candidates do.

In short, she isn’t perfect,  but short of getting Bernie (who also isn’t perfect) I’m left with her.

As for ambitious to be President, that’s what I want. It’s a tough job, and I sure don’t want someone who isn’t motivated to do it.

(Recently, Trump indicated he might not accept the Presidency, even if he won.)

In the several companies I’ve owned, I personally have hired thousands of people, and one of my criteria was: How much does this person want the job?

You can hate Hillary, and I’m sure you have selected “good” reasons for your hatred, but when election time comes, vote for Hillary or find the candidate who doesn’t have her human faults and ambition.

Good luck with that one.

=Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

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Why Modern Monetary Theory’s Employer of Last Resort is a bad idea. Sunday, Jan 1 2012
MMT’s Job Guarantee (JG) — “Another crazy, rightwing, Austrian nutjob?” Thursday, Jan 12 2012
Why Modern Monetary Theory’s Jobs Guarantee is like the EU’s euro: A beloved solution to the wrong problem. Tuesday, May 29 2012
“You can’t fire me. I’m on JG” Saturday, Jun 2 2012

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3 thoughts on “John Kass, Chicago Tribune’s gossip columnist says he’s is not a hater; he’s a loather. Huh?

  1. While he’s a right wing hack, he has a point: Hillary isn’t trustworthy enough to be president. I’d rather vote for Jill of Bernie doesn’t win the nomination or run 3rd party.


  2. Funniest comment of the day — from ABC News:

    “Ginsburg’s comments diminish the neutrality of the court – an important feature of an independent judiciary.”

    Since when has the court been “neutral”? From “Lets-go-hunting” Scalia to “I’m-not-black” Thomas, his has been a Republican vs. Democrat court for many years.

    Bader Ginsburg merely said what every Supreme Court justice thinks and acts upon: “The other side is nuts.”

    That’s how we must suffer with such outrageously political decisions as Bush v. Gore, Citizens United, and Hobby Lobby — decisions that have no basis in Constitutional law, but fit very nicely with conservative beliefs.

    Bader Ginsburg is criticized for being honest, and alien attribute for the Court.


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