The “Tucker Carlson” That Proves The Jan. 6 Insurrection Never Happened.


Sometimes, tucker carlsons are presented as “whataboutisms,” as in a statement like, “Donald Trump developed the COVID vaccine while Anthony Fauci lied.”

The statement is made to turn blame (for the million deaths) away from Trump’s denials and belated action, and present at worst an “Everyone made some mistakes” narrative.

Beware of tucker carlsons. They are meant solely to deceive, not as honest arguments.

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6 thoughts on “The “Tucker Carlson” That Proves The Jan. 6 Insurrection Never Happened.

  1. The Fox News’s Tucker Carlson: Consider the death of police officer Brian Sicknick. Now, we still don’t know exactly how Officer Sicknick died. We’re not certain that anyone does know. No one has explained it, but after reviewing the previously withheld video evidence, we can tell you with certainty that Officer Sicknick was not beaten to death by Trump voters at the Capitol.

    THE FACTS: Brian Sicknick, a United States Capitol Police (USCP) officer, died on January 7, 2021, after having two strokes one day after he responded to an attack on the U.S. Capitol. The District of Columbia chief medical examiner found that Sicknick had died from stroke, classifying his death as natural and additionally commented that “all that transpired played a role in his condition.

    The Fox News Tucker Carlson: “Five officers died on that day.” Now, that’s just not some guy on Twitter. That’s the attorney general of the United States. That’s a man whose honesty is central to his job. If you had a choice between IQ and integrity in an attorney general, of course you go with integrity because it’s essential, but Joe Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, is a liar. He just lied about something that is provably false. Who are these five officers who were “killed that day“?

    The facts about Tucker Carlson’s clever use of that day, here’s what actually was said: “Over 100 officers were assaulted on that day. Five officers died.”

    Get it? Garland never said they died that day. He said they were assaulted that day. That is the tucker carlson that Tucker Carlson himself uses to defend his claim that nothing bad happened.

    More Fox News’s tucker carlsons: “But is January 6 the worst assault on the U.S. government since the Civil War? That’s insane. It’s not even close. How about March of 1954, when Puerto Rican separatists shot five congressmen in the Capitol building – five members of Congress shot in the building. It’s all bad, but the worst since the Civil War? You’re just a flat-out liar if you’re saying that.”

    Fox News quibbles about whether the attack on the U.S. government was the worst or the 2nd worst, as though that is the point. The point is that it was an attack on the government, which Fox News’s mouthpiece has been denying, not whether it was #1 or #2 in severity. The purpose of the tucker carlson is to confuse you with a fake argument.

    Then as usual, the tucker carlson descends into “whataboutism”:

    “More cops were injured by Kamala Harris’s favorite mob, BLM, at the White House than were injured by Trump voters at the Capitol on January 6, a lot more. So, again, to be clear, both events are bad, but here’s the key. We only remember one of them. Why? Because the people in charge of history are liars – liars, And lying is bad and on a national scale, it’s deadly. It’s corrosive of everything that is good in the country, including trust and your grasp on reality itself and that’s what they try to make.”

    So more whataboutism: Jan 6 was no big deal because it is only #2 in the attacks on government, and the non-existent “Antifa” (meaning an imagined organization opposed to fascists, i.e. anti-white supremacy) had a riot across the street from the White House (which in not an attack on the U.S. government.)

    Then, the live Tucker Carlson tries to confuse you further by switching to yet another grievance and a bit of word salad: “Climate change is an existential threat, or whatever the lie is they’re making you tell, they don’t believe it. They know you don’t believe it, but by forcing you to repeatedly degrade and control you, they make you less of a person.”

    It has nothing to do with the attempted coup, but as is usual with tucker carlsons, they’re thrown into the argument to confuse the issue.

    And the tucker carlsons continue: “We told you Monday about Navy veteran Jacob Chansley. He was tried by the media, convicted of being a domestic terrorist and sentenced to four years in prison. What exactly was Jacob Chansley’s crime? Well, no one’s ever very precise about that. Here’s video of Chansley in the Senate chamber. Capitol police officers take him to multiple entrances and even try to open locked doors for him. We counted at least nine officers who were within touching distance of unarmed Jacob Chansley. Not one of them even tried to slow him down.”

    Here are the facts: A statement prepared by the Department of Justice, which was signed by Chansley and his attorney, provides a timeline of the rioter’s movement in the Capitol.

    Chansley entered the Capitol through a broken door as part of a crowd that “was not lawfully authorized to enter or remain in the building” and that he was one of the first 30 rioters inside. It goes on to note that although officers asked Chansley and others multiple times to leave the Capitol,he did not comply and actively riled up his fellow rioters. The statement describes Chansley’s interactions with officers, but also points out that he “entered the Gallery of the Senate alone.”

    Chansley pleaded guilty in September 2021 to a felony charge of obstructing an official proceeding. He was sentenced in November 2021 to 41 months in prison for his guilty plea, as well as 36 months of supervised release and a fine of $2,000 in restitution.

    The facts reveal the tucker carlson for what it is, a bold-faced lie.

    Then Tucker Carlson continues his tucker carlsoning: “It was awful. We would not defend that. We hate vandalism. We hate assault. Was it a violent insurrection? It was not. Was it a killing of five officers in the Capitol? It was not. Those are lies, and they buried tape that contradicted and revealed those lies.”

    See, it was awful, vandalism, and assault (though the tucker carlson never explains why “that normal tourist visit” was awful) but it was not violent insurrection. What was it?

    Apparently, an “awful” mob of “vandals, assaulting” the police in an attempt to overturn the election of the President of the United States, does not meet the tucker carlson MAGA description of an insurrection.

    By the way, Tucker, how does your commentary reconcile with the description of a traitor.


  2. I wonder if Tucker would blatantly lie if paid factory wages. The price for his reputation and soul must be in the millions of dollars.


    1. As one of the heirs to the Swanson TV-Dinner fortune I’m not so sure he does it solely for the money. Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson – In my experience people with three surnames tend to be quite well off.

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  3. New footage shows insurrectionists on January 6 destroying the office of Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID). However, the conservative Republican has nothing to say about it when pressed by reporters, as NBC News revealed on Thursday. (See:

    “Video shows a rioter — who has pleaded guilty to driving a stun gun into a police officer’s neck, nearly killing him — smashing out Risch’s window overlooking the Washington Monument and the national mall in an attempt to let more rioters into the building,” reported Ryan J. Reilly and Sahil Kapur. “Additional video released this week shows Risch’s trashed desk, including what looks like a framed campaign image bearing his last name.” That rioter, Daniel Rodriguez, boasted openly to his friends that he “Tazzzzed the f**k out of the blue” and now faces a likely sentence of 7-10 years in prison.

    Hey, it was just a normal tourist visit. Just ask Tucker Carlson.


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