The one, very simple reason why Hillary lost.

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Why did Hillary Clinton lose, when she should have won in a landslide?

You will hear and read all sorts of theories — the FBI, Emails, lack of charisma, minorities didn’t vote, secrecy, and on and on — but sometimes the best answer is the most obvious answer.

Do you remember those thousands of people attending Trump rallies? Do you remember how excited they were?

They were the Democratic base, though they didn’t realize it, and Trump was telling them what they wanted to hear.

They were the working class, the less educated, the unemployed, the union members, the production line workers, the honest, compassionate, charitable people who had worked, and worked, and worked, and now no longer can afford to retire, or to send their kids to college, or to pay that outrageous college debt, or to pay their mortgage, or receive what our great economy has to offer.

They were the traditional Democrats — the FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ liberal-leaning Democrats, who simply wanted good healthcare, food, clothing, housing, education and retirement benefits.

It was these liberals who created Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and the other social programs that support the working class. It is these liberals who the conservatives belittle as “socialists,” and “communists,” and “takers.”

These are the people who help a neighbor even though they need help themselves, the people who drop their last coins into the Salvation Army Santa Clause’s cup, and don’t expect applause. These are the real Americans.  These are the vast majority.

They are the Democratic base.

Trump told them two things:

  1. It’s not your fault 
  2. I will fix it.

The new Democrats forgot about their base. The Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Democrats were not Democrats at all. They were Republicans in Democratic clothing.

They were conservatives.

They were the Bill Clinton who ran a federal surplus, thereby guaranteeing a recession that cost his base their jobs, and afterward asked for, and received $200,000 per speech.

They were the Barack Obama who wanted a “Grand Bargain,” which included cuts to Social Security and Medicare and cuts to the overall budget, all of which would impact the working class far more than the idle rich, thereby widening the Gap between the rich and the rest.

They were the Barack Obama who refused to prosecute, and still refuses to prosecute, any of the wealthy banksters who caused the Great Recession that took the homes, jobs, and savings from the Democratic base.

They were the Hillary Clinton who would be an Obama clone, and who held secret meetings with the criminal bankers, guaranteeing they could continue to rob the Democratic traditional base.

They were the Democratic National Committee that made sure Bernie Sanders would not be the candidate, despite his greater appeal to the Democrats’ traditional base.

Don’t search for esoteric and hidden reasons why Hillary lost. The Democratic liberal base, composed of ordinary, working class, compassionate Americans, is far, far larger than is the Republican conservative base of the rich, the bigots, and the religious extremists.

This massive majority would have voted for an “LBJ” Hillary, but instead were offered an “Obama” Hillary

Hillary lost for one reason, and one reason only. She allowed Donald Trump to take the Democratic base.

All the other reasons are just excuses.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

P.S. P.S. Within a year, no one will remember voting for Trump — but we will remind you.


The single most important problems in economics involve the excessive income/wealth/power Gaps between the rich and the rest.

Wide Gaps negatively affect poverty, health and longevity, education, housing, law and crime, war, leadership, ownership, bigotry, supply and demand, taxation, GDP, international relations, scientific advancement, the environment, human motivation and well-being, and virtually every other issue in economics.

Implementation of The Ten Steps To Prosperity can narrow the Gaps:

Ten Steps To Prosperity:
1. ELIMINATE FICA (Ten Reasons to Eliminate FICA )
Although the article lists 10 reasons to eliminate FICA, there are two fundamental reasons:
*FICA is the most regressive tax in American history, widening the Gap by punishing the low and middle-income groups, while leaving the rich untouched, and
*The federal government, being Monetarily Sovereign, neither needs nor uses FICA to support Social Security and Medicare.
This article addresses the questions:
*Does the economy benefit when the rich can afford better health care than can the rest of Americans?
*Aside from improved health care, what are the other economic effects of “Medicare for everyone?”
*How much would it cost taxpayers?
*Who opposes it?”
3. PROVIDE AN ANNUAL ECONOMIC BONUS TO EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD IN AMERICA, AND/OR EVERY STATE, A PER CAPITA ECONOMIC BONUS (The JG (Jobs Guarantee) vs the GI (Guaranteed Income) vs the EB) Or institute a reverse income tax.
This article is the fifth in a series about direct financial assistance to Americans:

Why Modern Monetary Theory’s Employer of Last Resort is a bad idea. Sunday, Jan 1 2012
MMT’s Job Guarantee (JG) — “Another crazy, rightwing, Austrian nutjob?” Thursday, Jan 12 2012
Why Modern Monetary Theory’s Jobs Guarantee is like the EU’s euro: A beloved solution to the wrong problem. Tuesday, May 29 2012
“You can’t fire me. I’m on JG” Saturday, Jun 2 2012

Economic growth should include the “bottom” 99.9%, not just the .1%, the only question being, how best to accomplish that. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) favors giving everyone a job. Monetary Sovereignty (MS) favors giving everyone money. The five articles describe the pros and cons of each approach.
4. FREE EDUCATION (INCLUDING POST-GRAD) FOR EVERYONEFive reasons why we should eliminate school loans
Monetarily non-sovereign State and local governments, despite their limited finances, support grades K-12. That level of education may have been sufficient for a largely agrarian economy, but not for our currently more technical economy that demands greater numbers of highly educated workers.
Because state and local funding is so limited, grades K-12 receive short shrift, especially those schools whose populations come from the lowest economic groups. And college is too costly for most families.
An educated populace benefits a nation, and benefiting the nation is the purpose of the federal government, which has the unlimited ability to pay for K-16 and beyond.
Even were schooling to be completely free, many young people cannot attend, because they and their families cannot afford to support non-workers. In a foundering boat, everyone needs to bail, and no one can take time off for study.
If a young person’s “job” is to learn and be productive, he/she should be paid to do that job, especially since that job is one of America’s most important.
Corporations themselves exist only as legalities. They don’t pay taxes or pay for anything else. They are dollar-transferring machines. They transfer dollars from customers to employees, suppliers, shareholders and the government (the later having no use for those dollars).
Any tax on corporations reduces the amount going to employees, suppliers and shareholders, which diminishes the economy. Ultimately, all corporate taxes come around and reappear as deductions from your personal income.
7. INCREASE THE STANDARD INCOME TAX DEDUCTION, ANNUALLY. (Refer to this.) Federal taxes punish taxpayers and harm the economy. The federal government has no need for those punishing and harmful tax dollars. There are several ways to reduce taxes, and we should evaluate and choose the most progressive approaches.
Cutting FICA and corporate taxes would be a good early step, as both dramatically affect the 99%. Annual increases in the standard income tax deduction, and a reverse income tax also would provide benefits from the bottom up. Both would narrow the Gap.
There was a time when I argued against increasing anyone’s federal taxes. After all, the federal government has no need for tax dollars, and all taxes reduce Gross Domestic Product, thereby negatively affecting the entire economy, including the 99.9%.
But I have come to realize that narrowing the Gap requires trimming the top. It simply would not be possible to provide the 99.9% with enough benefits to narrow the Gap in any meaningful way. Bill Gates reportedly owns $70 billion. To get to that level, he must have been earning $10 billion a year. Pick any acceptable Gap (1000 to 1?), and the lowest paid American would have to receive $10 million a year. Unreasonable.
9. FEDERAL OWNERSHIP OF ALL BANKS (Click The end of private banking and How should America decide “who-gets-money”?)
Banks have created all the dollars that exist. Even dollars created at the direction of the federal government, actually come into being when banks increase the numbers in checking accounts. This gives the banks enormous financial power, and as we all know, power corrupts — especially when multiplied by a profit motive.
Although the federal government also is powerful and corrupted, it does not suffer from a profit motive, the world’s most corrupting influence.
10. INCREASE FEDERAL SPENDING ON THE MYRIAD INITIATIVES THAT BENEFIT AMERICA’S 99.9% (Federal agencies)Browse the agencies. See how many agencies benefit the lower- and middle-income/wealth/ power groups, by adding dollars to the economy and/or by actions more beneficial to the 99.9% than to the .1%.
Save this reference as your primer to current economics. Sadly, much of the material is not being taught in American schools, which is all the more reason for you to use it.

The Ten Steps will grow the economy, and narrow the income/wealth/power Gap between the rich and you.


11 thoughts on “The one, very simple reason why Hillary lost.

  1. You say that Hillary “should have won in a landslide.”

    You also say that the “New Democrats” (like Hillary) “forgot about their base.”

    Therefore, by your logic, Hillary’s loss was only to be expected.

    I agree.

    However in your next post you will reverse yourself and once again blame everything and everyone except Hillary and the New Democrats.

    The fact is, Hillary and her followers have no one to blame but themselves.

    You said it yourself.

    The DNC sealed its fate when it torpedoed Sanders, who would have blown Trump out of the water.

    Hillary herself is a fake leftist, an arrogant warmongering neoliberal elitist. whose only message to a downwardly mobile nation was “Trump is evil!” This may be good enough for fake leftists, but not for real leftists. (Today her message is “Comey did it!”)

    I am delighted by what happened, because I hate fake leftists more than I hate right-wingers. Only fake leftists can get away with supporting “free trade” treaties, endless “humanitarian” wars, and privatizing Medicare and Social Security.


    1. “Reverse yourself”??? Logic involves cause and effect, but you invent a cause, and then you invent an effect. Don’t create a mythical world to criticize. There’s enough real stuff to be angry about.

      You might be less happy when you get past your hatred of Clinton and realize what Trump is. Within a few months, no one will admit to voting for Trump.

      Perhaps everyone will say they voted Stein.


      1. Rodger, Rodger, There you go making “Trumplike” statements.
        …” realize what Trump is. Within a few months, no one will admit to voting for Trump.” FEEDING OFF THE MISDIRECTION !
        Why not guide someone in his future endeavor that says, ”
        “It’s a very exciting time for America.
        Your voices represent a bright new future for our great nation full of more opportunities
        for everyone, not just a select few.
        Together, we have created a movement that continues to gain momentum.
        Together, we are making history. Together, we are bringing back the American Dream.
        The time is now.
        Together, we WILL Make America Great Again!” Donald J Trump.
        “TBTF” or “TBTG”,
        ………………..As TRUMP asked, “was it a bad business decision or a fiduciary violation ?”
        OH, sorry no way because no one could get pass the hours of “REAL MASS MEDIA NEWS”
        ******BUT, YOU STILL NAILED IT !
        “Hillary lost for one reason, and one reason only. She allowed Donald Trump to take the Democratic base.”


  2. Listen if you want to.

    I grew up in a democratic household, vited for Gore, Kerry, Obama the first time. The second time i did not vote for Obama and wrote someone in on his second.

    I was unable to vote this time, but i would have voted trump if i had the chance. It didnt matter anyway, trump took my state.

    The issue that democrats have is that their policies have been proven not to work. Democrats have been in power many years and the best (sarcasm) we have is Obamacare which is a pure disaster. The middle class is sick of it.

    Republicans have a similar issue, they promise m consrvatism and never deliver. They have proven to be democrats in desguise.

    In fact, most republican politician hate trump.

    I believe what happened this time will continue to happen, those who lie will be voted out.

    Based on your comments here, you have not learnt a thing. You still believe in the bullshit leftist policies eapoused by both democrats and republicans, yet, you think we need more.

    It seems clear to me that most people will never learn, and that includes you. I will never, ever, ever vote either democrat or republican. Many folks are making the same transition and losing faith.

    The republican party is pretty much done, next up the democrats. People are sick of both parties and sick of this free crap nonsense that only exists in your sick brain. Stop making others sick.


  3. Now the tables are turned. It is the Republicans who will control the White House, Senate and House — the coveted Washington trifecta. And that raises a crucial question: If Democrats in the even more narrowly divided Senate embrace the filibuster to block what could be a flood of legislation, would Republicans respond by eliminating the 60-vote threshold in order to push their priorities through on simple majority votes?

    After Republicans spent eight years using filibusters and cloture votes to obstruct President Barack Obama’s agenda, prominent Republicans now are advocating for eliminating it.

    Congress will convene at noon on January 3,2017—that is when the House and Senate set the rules for the 115th Congress


  4. Clinton’s whole campaign was based on telling voters:

    “What will the neighbours think of you, if you vote Trump?”

    This is hardly the right tactic when dealing with America, a nation of people who despise being told what to do…


  5. Well done. However, I would like to introduce an additional argument for a progressive tax on the very rich. In the modern economy, the rewards accruing to the capital -bearing class for behavior which is detremental to the common good are enormous. Such a tax would make it easier for people like Martin Shkrelli to favor more economically acceptable behavior as the marginal utility of being viewed by the public and peers as a “respectable” leader of industry would presumably be greater than the say 10% of actual gain which remain post-tax for anti-social economic behavior.


  6. “Trump is a maverick. A Wild Card. Do the voters know what they are getting? 90% don’t have a clue but faith tells them that what the establishment has planned is not in their best interest.

    Like a caged animal being experimented on over and over again, given an opportunity to escape will escape even though it has no idea where it is or what dangers are ahead, its survival is all that matters.

    What I thought about Hillary is when she said “Donald Trump will undo everything we have worked toward”. She was being truthful, but who was she saying that to?

    It wasn’t me. Though I knew the implications, what they have been working towards isn’t in our best interests. So she was speaking to those elite.The 1%

    That is why I could never support her. The people know, intuitively, they are in danger and escaped through Trump, to survive.”


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