COVID-19: What won’t work and what does.

Have you seen this headline?

Tulsa Officials Plead for Trump to Cancel Rally as Virus Spikes in Oklahoma

President Trump will hold his first campaign rally in months on Saturday in Oklahoma, where infections are rising, and officials there are pleading with him to cancel or hold it outdoors.
By Noah Weiland, Updated June 17, 2020,

WASHINGTON — Officials in Tulsa, Okla., are warning that President Trump’s planned campaign rally on Saturday — his first in over three months — is likely to worsen an already troubling spike in coronavirus infections and could become a disastrous “super spreader.”

They are pleading with the Trump campaign to cancel the event, slated for a 20,000-person indoor arena — or at least move it outdoors.

“It’s the perfect storm of potential over-the-top disease transmission,” said Bruce Dart, the executive director of the Tulsa health department. “It’s a perfect storm that we can’t afford to have.”

Will President Trump listen to these concerns? Perhaps. As of this writing, he has not. There is a way he can have his rally and not kill people.

But first:

This is what will not work: 

COVID sign in Tulsa
A sign lists precautions against Covid-19 near Tuba City, Arizona. Arizona is one of several states relaxing restrictions even as cases of the disease rise.
 Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

It won’t work because of human psychology and because of the way COVID-19 is spread.

1. Washing hands helps. But the vast majority of COVID-19 cases are not touch-related. COVID-19 is primarily spread via inhaled droplets.

Also, washing hands thoroughly after each potential exposure is quite inconvenient and unrealistic. You go into a public place — say a grocery store —  and touch a package.

Will you now wash your hands — where? Then you touch another package and another.

How often each day will you do this as you travel about? Will you remember to clean your car steering wheel, door handles, and seats after each potential exposure? Your house doorknob?

2. Coughing into your elbow helps, but not nearly enough. COVID-19 not only is spread by coughing and sneezing. It is spread by talking, laughing, and just plain breathing.

Will you really walk around with your face buried in your elbow?

3. Not touching your face helps. But researchers have shown that humans are compulsive face touchers. We do it many times a day without even realizing it. Breaking that habit would be harder than quitting smoking.

4. Social distancing helps, though 3-6 feet is far too little (is it 3 feet or is it 6 feet?) but microscopic droplets can travel much farther.

And it simply is not possible to avoid coming close to people who are breathing out these droplets. And if you work in a large elevator-building, you’re doomed. There is no way realistically to social distance.

5. Staying home helps, but over the long haul, it makes people insane. We’ve tried social distancing for only 3 months, and already people are refusing to abide.

Further, businesses cannot survive that way. Social distancing is crashing the economy.

All of the above do help, but not nearly enough.

So what will work?


Mask sign

When you wear a mask, even a simple cloth mask, your emission of COVID-19 droplets is drastically reduced. You can cough, sneeze, talk, and breathe, and your germs mostly will be caught by your mask.

And if the other person is wearing a mask, whatever droplets evade your mask will be caught by his mask. In short, you both will have double protection from each other.


The only realistic method for stopping the virus, until (if ever) a cure or a vaccine is developed, is universal masking.

See:  The surprisingly simple way to open America in 14 days and avoid a depression.

The states are anxious to “open up,” and Trump is an is anxious to have his rallies, both of which could be done if universal mask usage is mandated.

Universal masking is like herd immunity in that prevents so many people from transmitting the virus that the virus is stopped in its tracks.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this:

Hundreds of doctors call for statewide mask requirement in Arizona
Max Gorden

“I know some people view this as an issue of personal freedom, or political freedom. It shouldn’t be viewed in that regard,” said Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton.

“We are fighting the worst pandemic in over 100 years, and wearing of the mask, the mandating of the mask, is a common sense thing to do to fight this terrible virus.”

Contact your mayor, your governor, and your Congressperson. Demand that universal masking be mandated.

Save your life. Save my life. Save the economy. Save America.

Trump no mask
Or be like him.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

Monetary Sovereignty Twitter: @rodgermitchell Search #monetarysovereignty Facebook: Rodger Malcolm Mitchell …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


The most important problems in economics involve:

  1. Monetary Sovereignty describes money creation and destruction.
  2. Gap Psychology describes the common desire to distance oneself from those “below” in any socio-economic ranking, and to come nearer those “above.” The socio-economic distance is referred to as “The Gap.”

Wide Gaps negatively affect poverty, health and longevity, education, housing, law and crime, war, leadership, ownership, bigotry, supply and demand, taxation, GDP, international relations, scientific advancement, the environment, human motivation and well-being, and virtually every other issue in economics. Implementation of Monetary Sovereignty and The Ten Steps To Prosperity can grow the economy and narrow the Gaps:

Ten Steps To Prosperity:

1. Eliminate FICA

2. Federally funded Medicare — parts A, B & D, plus long-term care — for everyone

3. Social Security for all or a reverse income tax

4. Free education (including post-grad) for everyone

5. Salary for attending school

6. Eliminate federal taxes on business

7. Increase the standard income tax deduction, annually. 

8. Tax the very rich (the “.1%”) more, with higher progressive tax rates on all forms of income.

9. Federal ownership of all banks

10.Increase federal spending on the myriad initiatives that benefit America’s 99.9% 

The Ten Steps will grow the economy and narrow the income/wealth/power Gap between the rich and the rest.


6 thoughts on “COVID-19: What won’t work and what does.

    1. Thank you, Filipe.
      Masks don’t need to be 100% effective, in the same way herd immunity is not 100% effective.

      They are much more effective than social distancing (How far is far enough?) and hand-washing (how much, when?), and importantly visibly help protect the wearer and everyone else. (You can’t easily look at a room and tell if everyone is hand washing or if the distancing is continuously enough. Moral persuasion is easier with masks.)

      Now all we need is for the President to set an example.

      The term “airborne” refers to the transmission of a pathogen via aerosols—tiny respiratory droplets that can remain suspended in the air (known as droplet nuclei)—as opposed to larger droplets that fall to the ground within a few feet. In reality, though, the distinction between droplets and aerosols is not a clear one.
      By Tanya Lewis, Scientific American


      1. Indeed, Rodger. If we make the perfect the enemy of the good, we ultimately end up with neither.

        And two distinct though related concepts seem to be conflated in the colloquial use of the term “airborne”. It seems that large ballistic droplets rather than small aerosol droplets are the dominant means of transmission for this particular virus, making masks highly (albeit imperfectly) effective in that regard.

        For small aerosol droplets (i.e. truly airborne), that may be true to an extent for this virus as well, but unlikely to be dominant. Social distancing is unrealistic for the latter case, and masks are less effective (though still not entirely useless) than for larger droplets, while improving ventilation and prioritizing outdoor settings would make more sense.


  1. America already is well past the limits of stupidity, and now is seeing the light. The real Trump stands there, naked and afraid, left trying to criminalize the publishing of yet another tell-all book.

    He is shown to be a psychopathic con artist, of no use for anyone except for America’s bigot minority. His hate-mongering, angry child act has grown tiresome.

    Read some examples:

    This time, America will not be fooled.
    David Faris, THEWEEK

    President Trump plainly lacks a way out of the twin crises he is mismanaging. Congressional Republicans rescued him for the first time in December 2017, when they finally passed the first significant piece of legislation of his term, the tax cuts. While it never polled particularly well with the broader public, there’s no question that actually achieving something tangible solidified Trump’s standing with his base.

    Then his hand-picked Attorney General, William Barr, succeeded in burying the Mueller Report, permanently warping public perception of its findings and reorienting the Department of Justice to investigating the investigators. Republicans in Congress fished him out of the water one last time during the impeachment proceedings, first by coalescing around an absurd counter-narrative about the scandal which was parroted relentlessly in the conservative media universe, and then by acquitting him in the Senate after a perfunctory “trial.”

    His allies cannot save the president this time. They can’t go back in time and make him take the looming coronavirus disaster seriously in February and March.

    They can’t force him to wear a mask, or to stop floating inane theories about miracle drugs and house-made remedies, or to stop celebrating ephemeral stock market increases and slightly-less-apocalyptic-than-expected jobs reports like he found the cure for cancer.

    They can’t compel him to take command of a national test-and-trace system that experts still believe is the only viable way to get the pandemic under control in this country. They can’t make him express empathy for the 117,000-plus dead Americans that he plainly does not feel.

    They can’t talk him out of defending the honor of the Confederacy, or convince him to stop tweeting LAW AND ORDER every 12 hours. They can’t prevail on him to avoid musing about using the military to pacify American cities that don’t want or need an invasion.

    They can’t prevent him from spitballing about whether elderly protestors thrown to the ground and critically injured by out-of-control cops are actually deep-cover Antifa agents. They can’t get him to hire a press secretary who isn’t dumber than Joey from Friends or to break the cycle of driving out top advisor after top advisor from the administration only to see them turn around and confirm what anyone with two eyes can see: that Trump is unteachable, unreachable, dangerous, and manifestly unfit for the office he holds.

    They can’t prevent him from holding indoor rallies in COVID hotspots filled with thousands of unmasked followers — a spectacle guaranteed to horrify and alienate anyone who isn’t a dead-ender.

    Most importantly, President Trump’s enablers can’t wish the coronavirus nightmare away, or make it disappear in a cloud of conspiratorial OANN vapors. The virus is going to do what it is going to do, and it seems likely that by election day at least 200,000 Americans will be dead from a virus that many peer countries were able to contain or at least prevent from spiraling out of control like this.

    Unlike Russiagate or the firing of former FBI Director Jim Comey or Trump’s execrable comments about how the Charlottesville Nazis included some “very fine people” or his reckless decision to shut down the government for weeks in a fit of petulant rage over losing the House to the Democrats or the in-plain-sight extortion and election-rigging scheme that led to his long-overdue impeachment, the coronavirus crisis and President Trump’s inept, selfish, and often malevolent handling of it have upended the lives of every single American, ushering in a sudden and horrifying new reality that literally every single person in this country resents.

    The economy may have reached its nadir, but without a vaccine or a treatment, there is likely to be a hard ceiling on any recovery that will make it impossible for Trump to sell a resurrection narrative in October.

    But with Trump it’s never enough. He and his team of former high school outcasts and rich, clueless, grandstanding weirdos were uniquely ill-prepared to deal with another spasm of racial unrest.

    The whitest administration in decades, staffed by people errantly convinced of their own strategic genius, was of course completely, diametrically wrong about how the public would react to the nationwide wave of protests that followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

    They can’t deal with the simple fact that Black Lives Matter is far more popular than Trump, that the rapidly diversifying electorate is a terrible match for Trumpism’s white grievance politics, and that the only way to mollify the maddened crowds would be to break decisively with the authoritarian impulses of police departments across the country.

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