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●Everything in economics devolves to motive,
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O.K., we already knew the ironically termed “religious” right hates gays, browns, blacks, yellows, reds, Jews, Muslims, pregnant women, aliens, the unemployed, the poor and any form of gun control.

But, do they now hate Catholics, too?

The Koch Brothers Launch A Surrogate War Against Pope Francis
By: Rmusemore from Rmuse, Friday, January, 2nd, 2015

One of the greatest things to happen over the past year is the remarkable revelation that there is finally, at long last, a major Christian leader, and member of the clergy, who espouses, embraces, and promotes the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Even for an avowed secular humanist, this is a stunning, and welcomed, development if for no other reason than one of the world’s leading religions appears to be adopting Christ’s regard for the world’s poor and downtrodden.

Of course, the Catholic Pope has garnered nothing but serious opposition and pushback from America’s evangelical and Catholic Republican movement, and now the Koch brothers and their dirty energy cabal have joined what is developing into a dirty oil-evangelical war against Pope Francis.

The Pope already drew the wrath of both evangelical and Catholic Republicans in Congress for criticizing the greed and income inequality championed by the GOP, but now he has the undivided attention of the Koch brothers, Exxon, and their dirty energy cohorts.

The cause célèbre for the Koch-funded evangelical movement is the Pope’s recent announcement that it is beyond high time for the world, and “all Catholics” to join the fight to reduce the existential threat to human beings from anthropogenic climate change.

A Koch-funded evangelical Christian group made up of pastors and Christian leaders, the Cornwall Alliance, that considers the devastating effects and great cataclysms we witness from the effects of anthropogenic (manmade) climate change the will of almighty god and biblical.

(They say) if man destroys the environment and threatens human existence, it is god’s will and they will fight to see climate change’s full effects to fruition; for god, the bible, and the mountains of cash from the Koch brothers dirty energy cabal.

Cornwall Alliance spokesman, Calvin Beisner, warned the Pope that he had better “back off” talking about combatting climate change, and “to believe in climate change is really an insult to god and will lead to tyranny.”

Leave it to American-style bastardized Christianity to know what their god considers and insult; unless their “god” is the Koch brothers’ dirty energy industry money.

It is highly likely (the Pope’s) war on global climate change will garner widespread support from the estimated 1.2 billion Catholic devotees around the world. Still, with only millions of American “onward Christian soldiers” in the evangelical movement opposing the Pope, and unlimited Koch and oil industry money, one can only assume that the Koch war on the Pope will not end quickly; at least not in America.

Life is filled with ironies. Christianity, a religion based on Christ’s love for humankind, is most ardently espouced by people whose primary emotion is hatred of humankind — specifically “all them who ain’t us.”

And this hatred leads them to deny that a threat to long-term human survival even exists. Never mind the overwhelming scientific evidence that human-created atmospheric CO2 is warming the earth, and doing so will destroy life as we know it. The “religious” right knows God’s and the Koch’s intent.

The article’s author claims that for the “Kochers,” the destruction of humankind is not a threat, but a goal.

Evangelicals could not care one iota less if Earth becomes uninhabitable because something about an absurd idea of being “raptured” away for a ring-side seat as those sinners “left behind” receive god’s almighty wrath in the war of Armageddon.

And these haters comprise the base of the Republican party that won the most recent American state and local elections.

How shall we interpret that?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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Monetary Sovereignty

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