–The one monument we no longer need: Two views on the child immigrant crisis

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America is loaded with monuments. They are everywhere. Monuments to forgotten heroes of forgotten wars; monuments to Presidents, mayors, baseball players, battles (victorious and losing), generals, even animals.

Perhaps we have so many monuments they have lost their meaning. Perhaps that is our problem with the child immigration crisis.

The child immigration crisis?? Monuments??

Charles M. Blow wrote:
The Crisis of Children at the Border

Many Guatemalan children come from rural areas, indicating they are probably seeking economic opportunities in the U.S.

monetary sovereignty Salvadoran and Honduran children, on the other hand, come from extremely violent regions where they probably perceive the risk of traveling alone to the U.S. preferable to remaining at home.”

And the top municipalities by far are in Honduras, the murder capital of the world.

Many of these children are not safe at home or on the run. There are no easy answers for them and their families, no safe happy places where childhood innocence is protected.

That is the bleeding heart lib approach. Here is the conservative approach:

Sen. Mark Kirk, Illinois Republican, said all the children should be put through criminal background checks with their home country embassies in order to make sure they don’t pose a threat.

Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, two Arizona Republicans who helped write the Senate’s immigration legalization bill last year, said they’ll introduce legislation they say will get tough on the latest surge.

Their proposal would allow for quick deportation of all illegal immigrants caught at the border, under a program known as “expedited removal.”

“Expedited removal” doesn’t sound so bad. It’s not as though we would be kicking helpless children out into a dangerous wasteland, where they could be raped, starved, beaten and murdered, is it?

And, sending the children to the infamous Honduran government for criminal background checks seems like a clever idea. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Getting tough on children by sending them back to the nightmare they are fleeing seems equally clever — and compassionate.

Meanwhile, the bleeding heart lib says:

To be sure, sending an unaccompanied child, alone, with a “coyote,” for a treacherous trip hundreds of miles long, is not safe. The children are vulnerable to all manner of mistreatment, and may in fact not even make it.

But that is precisely why we must treat the children who do arrive with compassion. Children aren’t caught up in the politics of this. They are just doing as they’re told, many no doubt shadowed by fear, moving surreptitiously through unknown lands toward the dream of a brighter tomorrow. They dream as any child dreams — of happiness and horrors.

And their parents are no doubt like any parents, forced to make the most wrenching of decisions, sometimes about whether to leave a child in a never-ending hell or have them risk a hellish journey to a better place.

No parent makes such a choice lightly.

But are these parents real parents, like white American parents? And are these children real human children? Let’s ask the conservatives:

Sens. McCain and Flake also would require mandatory detention or alternatives such as ankle monitoring bracelets for those awaiting deportation hearings to make sure they show up.

The point, the lawmakers said, was to send a signal that those trying to cross will not be able to gain a foothold along with the other 11 million illegal immigrants already here.

“This crisis will continue until the parents who paid thousands of dollars to smuggle their children north to the United States see planeloads of them landing back at home — their money wasted,” Mr. McCain said.

Right. Criminal ankle monitors on children. Perfect. The best solution for lawbreaking foreign children is to punish them severely –making sure the desperate, impoverished parents, who spent all their money to save their children, see that money wasted. That is the way to teach these scum.

The key, administration officials said, is to speed up deportations so the smugglers can’t sell that claim anymore.

“What we want to do is make the coyotes’ promise that [the families] are living off of not correct,” said HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell.
But some immigrant-rights groups and a handful of Democrats in Congress have objected, saying that’s a terrible way to treat children who may be fleeing unimaginable dangers back home.

The final solution to the problem is to wash our hands of it — to turn away so we don’t need to see it or think about it. Really, this isn’t our problem, so why should we deal with it? Let the children fend for themselves.

But here is another bleeding heart, socialist, lib commie:

“You know what my ears are hearing? Round ‘em up and ship ‘em back,” said a disgusted Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat. “It sounds like we’re dealing with cattle or some kind of livestock.”

Well, they are only foreign children, aren’t they?

Let’s get to the bottom line: America is a small, poor — even impoverished — country, pretty much a 3rd-world nation.

We simply don’t have the space or the money to support an addition of one tenth of one percent to our population. As John Boehner famously said, “Let’s face it, we’re broke.”

(Pay no attention to those people who tell you the United States, being Monetarily Sovereign, never can be broke, never can run short of its own sovereign currency, never can be unable to pay all its bills, even without collecting taxes.

Hey, if that were true, we wouldn’t need conservatives, would we?)

We need to protect our own, rather than worrying about someone else’s children. So just ship these kids back to whatever may happen to them.

Now back to the monument we no longer need. It’s the Statue of Liberty. There it stands, welcoming foreigners, when we have no room for foreigners, and no money to help them.

The whole thing is obsolete and an embarrassment, that “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore” crap.

No one believes it any more. So why should we continue to display such a slogan on one of the most prominent places in America?

Here’s what I suggest. Take down the Statue of Liberty, sell it for scrap and turn the entire island into a border checkpoint — to help keep foreigners (especially children) out. Financially, it will provide us with the money we need, and relieve us of the problem of caring for someone’s kids.

As long as the Statue stands there, it sends the wrong message: That we actually welcome immigrants. Take it down and show the world what America really is all about.

What say you, “religious” right? Isn’t this what Christ would have wanted?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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5 thoughts on “–The one monument we no longer need: Two views on the child immigrant crisis

  1. Don’t ask Sens. McCain & Flake this question:

    Don’t let nativism cloud the immigration debate

    Suppose that one of these “illegal” minors was your neighbor, living with his aunt and uncle, going to school during the day, kicking ball with friends in the evening, trying hard to put the traumatic journey from his native, violence-ridden country to America behind him.

    Would you, with a clear conscience, pick up the phone and turn him in?


  2. [1] Rather than dismantle the Statue of Liberty, we could rename it the “Statue of Screw-You-I’ve-got-mine.” Americans would love it, and tourist revenue could help lower the federal deficit. At least the world would praise us for our honesty.

    I did two images to show what the new statue would look like. I have forgotten how to imbed them, so you can see the images here…

    [2] Charles M. Blow (above) writes, “Many Guatemalan children come from rural areas, indicating they are probably seeking economic opportunities in the USA.”

    Blow seems to think the kids are not fleeing violence in Guatemala In reality, the US-backed government of Guatemala has made war on various leftist groups for decades. One dictator, Efraín Ríos Montt, ordered the extermination of 1,400 indigenous Ixil Mayans, including children. Government attacks are endless and genocidal, and all of them have the blessing of Washington. I’m talking rivers of death. I could explain all this at length, but no one would read it, so I’ll just say that Mr. Blow needs to get out more often.

    By the way, there are Guatemalans living on my street. They refuse to talk about the violence in Guatemala. They change the subject, or they make up some excuse to leave. I have often seen this phenomenon in people from various countries. When they refuse to talk about any their experiences, it is proof that they have been traumatized.


    [3] The entire migrant “crisis” is a manifestation of hate. Americans love to hate. It’s comforting. It’s like a good ol’ drinking buddy.

    The DHS budget is about $60 billion per year. For a tiny fraction of that (created out of thin air), we could improve Central America so that people there wouldn’t seek to escape from poverty, violence, and tyrannical dictatorships backed by Washington.

    But then we’d have fewer migrants to hate. Where’s the fun in that?

    See images:


  3. == Off topic ==


    The UK mail system was five centuries old, dating back the days of King Henry VIII. Rich investors had wanted to own it for decades, but even Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister who started the privatization process in 1979, thought it was a step too far.

    Finally in October 2013 the mail system was privatized as part of David Cameron’s program of austerity (i.e. widening the gap between the rich and the rest).

    Naturally the sales price was much less than the mail system was worth. In fact, £1.4 billion ($2.23 billion USD) less. Goldman Sachs helped engineer the scam, and pocketed £21.7 million in fees. The British public was overwhelmingly opposed to the scam.

    John Cable (who is Cameron’s Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills) defended the giveaway, claiming that it raised £2 billion for taxpayers, and that the British Treasury was short of cash.

    Of course, that £2 billion was immediately destroyed, since the Monetarily Sovereign British government has no financial need or use for revenue.

    The scam was horrendous but routine, since public assets are always sold to rich people for a small fraction of their actual market worth. It’s part of the ever-growing gap between the rich and the rest.

    Privatization means higher prices and reduced services. Indeed, the new owner of the Royal Mail (Lansdowne Partners, one of the world’s biggest hedge funds) increased stamp prices by 30%, and has announced that many post offices across the UK will be sold, with the profits from property sales going to the new private owners. Many of the post offices are on prime land, which means the sales will bring fabulous profits. And of course many postal workers will be fired.

    Also, the new owner is not liable for Royal Mail pension fund liabilities of around £ 37.5 billion (a clear case of privatizing the gains and nationalizing the losses). Further, since postal services are vital, the new private owner will receive regular subsidies from the central government to continue delivering the mail to remote rural areas. (Britain’s privatized rail companies have received four times the government subsidies than the publicly-owned British Rail did.)

    The co-head of Lansdowne, Peter Davies, is a long-standing friend of UK Chancellor George Osborne and was the best man at Osborne’s wedding.

    What’s irksome is a comment by Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Royal Mail and the Communication Workers’ Union.

    Hayes said that John Cable’s privatization scam showed “incompetence.”

    This is like the fools who say there is “no proof” that pundits, professors, and politicians are paid to sustain the Big Lie.



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