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The NRA is the National Rifle Association, the group paid millions by the gun industry, to brainwash dimwitted Americans into believing everyone should carry guns to protect themselves against everyone else carrying guns.

The purpose: For the gun industry to get rich on blood money, selling guns for people to kill people.

PGNs are Paranoid Gun Nuts, those dimwitted Americans, who have been brainwashed into believing that guns really don’t kill, except when they are in other Americans’ hands, so Americans will buy lots of guns, enabling them to kill other Americans at a moment’s notice.

PGNs have been brainwashed into fearing that everywhere they turn(and I’m quoting Wayne LaPierre of the NRA) they are threatened by: “Terrorists, home invaders, drug cartels, car jackers, knock-out gamers, rapers, haters, campus killers, airport killers, shopping mall killers, Solyndra, Benghazi, ‘Fast ‘n Furious’ and killers who scheme to destroy our country.” (He really said it.)

Yep, your gun will protect you from all those things.

Then we have the oh-so-religious Rick Santorum, who claims we should carry guns to defend ourselves against “Obamacare and redefining marriage.” (He really said it.)

And now comes Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, who once said, “We have to stop being the stupid party.” Now he says we need guns to prevent the government from taking away, “your soft drinks, your snack food, your vices, your home security system, your health insurance, your electricity source and your children’s school.” (He really said it.)

And folks, that is true paranoia.

The Story: Even the NRA is afraid of PGNs
There is no way I could invent the following. The National Rifle Association published an article titled, Good Citizens and Good Neighbors: The Gun Owners’ Role

Here are some exerpts from that amazing article:

The Lone Star State is second to none for its robust gun culture. We applaud Texans for that, but a small number have recently crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness.

Now we love AR-15s and AKs as much as anybody, and we know that these sorts of semiautomatic carbines are among the most popular, fastest selling firearms in America today.

Texas, independent-minded and liberty-loving place that it is, doesn’t ban the carrying of loaded long guns in public, nor does it require a permit for this activity. Yet some so-called firearm advocates seem determined to change this.

Recently, demonstrators have been showing up in various public places, including coffee shops and fast food restaurants, openly toting a variety of tactical long guns.

Unlicensed open-carry of handguns is legal in about half the U.S. states, and it is relatively common and uncontroversial in some places.

Yet while unlicensed open-carry of long guns is also typically legal in most places, it is a rare sight to see someone sidle up next to you in line for lunch with a 7.62 rifle slung across his chest, much less a whole gaggle of folks descending on the same public venue with similar arms.

It’s a rare sight now, but soon will become common as the NRA’s “guns for everyone, everywhere” laws expand across America.

Let’s not mince words, not only is it rare, it’s downright weird and certainly not a practical way to go normally about your business while being prepared to defend yourself.

Now, wait a second. You, the NRA, say you “love AR-15s and AKs.” Because of you, they are legal to carry in public, i.e on the street, in stores, in playgrounds, in bathrooms and bars – everywhere.

But, now you object to innocent people carrying them “in line for lunch”??? What is it about lunch that bothers you?

You say that’s “weird,” but walking into parks and public buildings, armed like a storm trouper — that isn’t “weird”?

And what’s this about “a whole gaggle of folks descending on the same public venue with similar arms”? Why do you refer to a group of honest, law-abiding citizens, exercising their Constitutional rights, as a “gaggle”? Aren’t you the same NRA that wants everyone to carry guns, even in schools??

To those who are not acquainted with the dubious practice of using public displays of firearms as a means to draw attention to oneself or one’s cause, it can be downright scary.

Now just a durn minute. Isn’t that what open-carry is all about? “. . . using public displays of firearms as a means to draw attention to oneself or one’s cause.” What the heck is the purpose of open-carry if not to draw attention to the fact that you are armed and ready to rumble?

It makes folks who might normally be perfectly open-minded about firearms feel uncomfortable and question the motives of pro-gun advocates.

Well, yah . . . It makes people uncomfortable to see PGNs carrying guns. But this is “freedom,” right? This is the Constitution. Who cares what bad guys think? These AK-toting gunslingers are all good guys. Right?

And who cares how dangerous this is? What’s important is selling guns on behalf of the gun industry.

As a result of these hijinx, two popular fast food outlets have recently requested patrons to keep guns off the premises. In other words, the freedom and goodwill these businesses had previously extended to gun owners has been curtailed because of the actions of an attention-hungry few who thought only of themselves and not of those who might be affected by their behavior.

To state the obvious, that’s counterproductive for the gun owning community.

Let’s get this straight. Legally carrying guns is “hijinx”? You’re telling people not to open-carry guns into fast food outlets, because that caused fast food outlets to tell people not to open-carry guns??!

Does that make sense even to the NRA and PGNs?

You love open-carry, but because it’s “weird” and “scary,” you don’t want open-carry – at least not in fast food restaurants. Hey, how about slow food restaurants? Is open-carry “weird” and “scary” there?

What about stores? What about on busses? What about in movie theaters? What about in schools? Public buildings? On crowded streets? Empty streets?

What about a whole “gaggle of folks descending on the same public” park “with similar arms”? Is that weird and scary? Does it make people uncomfortable?

More to the point, it’s just not neighborly, which is out of character for the big-hearted residents of Texas. Using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense, it shows a lack of consideration and manners. That’s not the Texas way. And that’s certainly not the NRA way.

Here’s what I’d like to see. Visualize a whole “gaggle” of black men (wearing hoodies, of course), exercising their Constitutional rights by carrying AR-15s and AKs, walking into a downtown Dallas restaurant.

That would be a treat.

Yes, Texas and the NRA are known for their consideration and manners. And they certainly don’t want people drawing attention to themselves by openly carrying guns, in spite of the laws NRA pushed through that allows open-carry of long guns, everywhere.

That’s just not the Texas way or the NRA way.

In summary, NRA certainly does not support bans on personalized guns or on carrying firearms in public, including in restaurants.

We think people are intelligent enough to resolve these issues in a reasonable way for themselves. But when people act without thinking, or without consideration for others – especially when it comes to firearms – they set the stage for further restrictions on our rights.

Yes, you say people are “intelligent enough to resolve these issues in a reasonable way,” but at the same time, you say those very same intelligent, reasonable people “act without thinking, or without consideration for others.”

Might these same people “act without thinking” by shooting someone because he pisses them off? Or because he looks wrong, acts wrong or is colored wrong? Or does carrying a gun make an “act without thinking” person, magically become rational and under control?

As I asked in a previous post Why no guns in Congress?; “When will this all become stupid enough for even the stupidest to recognize the stupidity?”

Apparently, the abject stupidity of “guns for everyone” laws has begun to occur even to the NRA — even while these laws are making them rich.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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