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Obama Admin to Propose Cutting Power Plant Emissions by 30%

The Obama administration on Monday will unveil a plan to cut earth-warming pollution from power plants by 30 percent by 2030, setting in motion one of the most significant actions to address global warming in U.S. history.

Global warming? What global warming?

The Washington Post recently ran the following article:

Experts tell House panel climate change science isn’t settled

Liberals have been piling on Rep. Lamar Smith and his fellow House Republicans for failing to hold more committee hearings on climate change, but Thursday’s often-heated testimony probably wasn’t what the movement had in mind.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee heard from scientists who poked holes in the prevailing catastrophic theory of man-made climate change and said researchers are under pressure to support more alarming scenarios.

So “holes” were poked in the theory of man-made climate change? And liberals are pressuring researchers to support more alarming scenarios?

Let’s see what those “holes” were:

“The science is not settled, no,” said Roger Pielke Sr., professor emeritus in meteorology at Colorado State University. University of Sussex economist Richard Tol told the lawmakers, “Science is, of course, never settled.”

Get it? The science that says global warming is being at least partly caused by man and could create “alarming scenarios,” really isn’t settled, because . . . well . . . “science is, of course, never settled.”

In other words, no matter how much proof is offered, you don’t have to believe it, because in science, there always could be some doubt, no matter how remote.

Did dinosaurs live millions of years ago ? Most scientists say so, but science is, of course, never settled. So you don’t have to believe it.

Is the universe billions of years old? Most scientists say so, but of course . . . science never is settled.

So you are free to believe whatever you please, no matter what science says. Great, huh?

“Some things are more or less settled, some things are not,” said Princeton University geoscientist Michael Oppenheimer. “The question of whether carbon dioxide is 30 to 40 percent above pre-industrial times, that’s settled. The question of exactly how warm the Earth will become as a result, that’s not.”

Note that weasel word, “exactly”? Yes, we know that carbon dioxide is 30 to 40 percent above pre-industrial times. And yes, we also know that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, that holds in heat. And yes, we also know the earth is getting warmer as a result of increased carbon dioxide.

But aha, we don’t know EXACTLY how warm the earth will get as a result. So why worry?

Rep. Paul C. Broun, Georgia Republican, said he objected to the Democrats’ use of the term “settled science” to describe the climate change debate.

“Climate changes all the time, of course,” he said. “It’s called ‘weather.’”

Er, ah, excuse me Scientific Expert Brown. Climate change is not called “weather.” Weather is what happens today, this month or even this year. Climate is what happens over decades.

At this point, you have read all the Washington Post’s so-called “holes that were poked in the prevailing catastrophic theory of man-made climate change.”

Now, let’s get to the real motive here. It’s not about legitimate doubt. It’s not about the science, the data and the interpretation, thereof.

It’s about MONEY.

Wealthy industrialists do not want to spend money reducing carbon emissions. Period.

The conservatives, to a greater extent than the liberals, are bribed by wealthy industrialists, to spread climate change doubt among the populace. And spreading doubt is a fairly simple process.

The quasi-logic goes like this:

1. Scientists often disagree. (You can see this in any trial in which the prosecutors and the defense team, each bring in an “expert” to rebut the other side’s “expert.”)

2. Scientists often are wrong. (At one time, most scientists wrongly thought stomach ulcers were caused by stress. Now we know they mostly are caused by a bacterium called helicobacter pylori.)

3. Obama is a liar and a liberal. (This is central to every right-wing argument.)

4. Therefore, global warming is not man-made, despite what the vast majority of scientists says.

[Additionally, the earth is only 5,000 years old, guns don’t kill and being gay is a choice. But those are arguments for another day.]

Bottom line, the addition of CO2 is warming the world, and this additional CO2 is man-made, despite all the misleading, purchased propaganda of the right wing.

That said, I will allow for one important caveat. Long term, we can’t be absolutely certain whether this will be more harmful than beneficial.

Some areas, plants, animals and peoples will be harmed by global warming; some will benefit. Canada and Russia might benefit; polar bears might disappear; islands may sink. Some areas might desertify; some deserts might become lush.

Global warming might prevent another catastrophic ice age, but new warm-temperature pathogens could emerge to decimate the human population.

We just don’t know.

And, when you don’t know for sure, whether change will help or hurt, and you already see many signs change will hurt, and not many it will help, what is the wisest course of action?

Don’t burn your house unless you have someplace to move. And maybe not even then.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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