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A Reuters article in today’s Florida Sun Sentinal, was headlined:

Arizona goverernor kills bill on service to gays.

I wish I could tell you Governor Jan Brewer had a moral epiphany, and realized the proposed law was rank bigotry, and not the phony “freedom of religion” BS the Republicans claimed.

But, morality had nothing to do with it:

Arizon Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a controversial bill Wednesday that critics see as a license to discriminate against gay in the name of religion, saying the measure could result in “unintended and negative consequences.”

Those “unintended and negative consequences” all were based on money.

A number of major business organizations and some Republicans had urged Brewer to veto the bill.

Question: Do you think even one of those major business organizations and Republicans mentioned anything about morality, bigotry or doing the right thing? Isn’t it more likely all the conversations began like this: “Governor, we’re going to lose a ton of money and you’re going to lose a ton of campaign bucks, if you sign this.

Critics . . . threatened boycotts and other public-relations retaliation against Arizona unless Brewer vetoed the bill.

SEN. JOHN McCAIN, R-AZ (2/25/2014): This can affect tourism, it can affect our state’s economy and job creation.
JAN CRAWFORD, CBS (2/26/2014): The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee says it could jeopardize plans for the state to host next year’s game.

Yes, many organizations threatened not to do bu$ine$$ in Arizona. Do you think that may have been “morally” persuasive?

Of course, there is the usual professorial (bought-and-paid-for) defense we have seen so often:

In a four-page letter sent this week to Brewer, 11 constitutional scholars (who?) said the Arizona law had been “egregiously misrepresented by many of its critics.” (How?)

“Some of us are Republicans; some of us are Democrats. Some of us are religious; some of us are not. Some of us oppose same-sex marriage; some of us support it,” the letter said. (How many of each?)

Nine of the signers (which nine?) of the letter said they supported the legislation; two were not sure (“Not sure,” but they signed the letter??). “But all of us believe that many criticisms (Which criticisms?) of the Arizona law are deeply misleading,” (Misleading in what way?) the letter said.

The federal government and 18 states have Religious Freedom Restoration Acts on their books. More than 12 other states have interpreted their state constitutions to provide similar protections to religious individuals.

Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the government is barred from imposing a substantial burden on a person’s exercise of religion unless the government can offer a compelling justification for the burden and then minimize the burden as much as possible.

So you see, helping to put out the fire burning down a home owned by gays, would put a substantial “burden” on a firefighter’s exercise of religion, as would serving a gay person in a restaurant owned by a fundamentalist Christian. Oh, the burdens they are asked to endure.

It goes like this. “According to my interpretation of my religion, blacks marrying whites is a sin, as are the mixed race children of such a marriage. So President Obama, stay out of my restaurant, and if your house is on fire, I’m not going to help put it out, and if you’re being robbed, I won’t stop the robber. You, as a mixed race sinner, will not receive service from me.

And as for you women who don’t cover your heads or your faces — if you are being attacked or even raped, don’t expect any help from us Muslim police officers.

“Oh, and you pork eaters, sellers or cooks won’t get any service from us Jews and Muslims. And you Christians who pray to Mary, well we Jews consider that blasphemic idolitry, so don’t expect service from us.”

The Arizona-style bill, based on the kind of “freedom of religion,” which if carried to the fundamentalist logic it advocated, was sure to rip this nation apart.

We are a large nation — a “melting pot.” We all believe different things. We advocate different things; we object to different things. What is the “right” way? Is it the Catholic way? Is it the Protestant way? The Jewish way? (Reformed, conservative or orthodox?) The Muslim way? (Sunni or Shiite?)

If you are Catholic, and do not adhere to the strictures of Sunni Islam, does a Muslim have the legal right to discriminate against you?

Bottom line, we either can be accepting and tolerant of our neighbor’s views, or we can be cruel and divisive if our neighbor doesn’t do everything we believe is correct.

Arizona found the answer. When money talks, money always is correct. Money is the great uniter.

Bucks beat bigots.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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