–A solution to gun control and the genius of Wayne LaPierre

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First let me admit my own bigotry. I despise the National Rifle Association (NRA). I believe this group has been responsible for more American deaths than has Al-Qaeda.

No need to argue with me. I could quote facts, and gun lovers could quote their facts. But, there are certain things beyond rational argument: religion, abortion and guns, to name three.

In previous posts I suggested what I thought was a possible solution to gun violence:

Is gun control possible? (Friday, May 21 2010) and The constitutional solution to gun violence, that scares the hell out of the NRA (Wednesday, Sep 18 2013)

The solution given in these posts was: “Make each manufacturer, seller or provider of a gun liable for the use of that gun.” Several logical reasons were given for this corollary to the “dram-shop” ordinances used to address alcohol misuse.

But for those who twist the meaning of “well-regulated militia,” or who believe the NRA slogan, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” what chance would logical argument have?

That said, here is another familiar quote from the NRA’s executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Within this quote may lie a solution to a problem.

What LaPierre seems to be telling us is:

1. Bad guys, carrying guns, need to be stopped.
2. The only way to stop them is with a gun held by a good guy.

How does a good guy with a gun stop a bad guy, who also is carrying a gun? By shooting the bad guy, before he can shoot any good guys.

Given that solution, we are left with one simple problem. How do we identify the good guys and the bad guys?

To date, gun control advocates have focused on background checks, which the NRA sees as a secret plot to take guns away, or to give the government a list of gun owners, for some devious purpose.

So how do we “stop” bad guys with guns, if we don’t know who they are?

There really is only one way to identify bad guys and to prevent these bad guys from obtaining guns and from shooting people: Convince the bad guys to self-select. We have to convince them that shooting someone or even carrying a gun, would be a bad idea.

Here, in common English, is the bare bones of a suggested law. (I’m sure the politicians could translate it into appropriate legalese):

Any person who commits a felony while carrying a gun, shall be sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life, in addition to the term for the felony itself.

Example: You rob a store, while you are carrying a gun. The judge sentences you to two years in jail. Ordinarily, you’d be out of jail in about 18 months.

But with the above law in force, you’d serve at least 22 years (“20-years-to-life” means a minimum of 20 years).

Too harsh? Not at all. Wayne LaPierre wants to shoot those bad guys. This law mercifully only jails them.

Good guys should welcome this law. It says nothing about taking away your guns. It allows you to stockpile all the guns you want — pistols, rifles, shotguns, AK47s — whatever feels good to you.

The only ones punished are the bad guys — the felons. And although the law doesn’t require shooting them, it will keep them off the streets and even make them think twice before carrying guns.

In the mean streets of many cities, it’s become a badge of honor, not at all a deterrent, for a gangbanger to spend a couple years in jail, get his tattoos, then come out and start shooting again.

But 20+ years? That’s a whole different ballgame.

LaPierre might object that the proposed law doesn’t ask good guys to shoot bad guys — just jail them. But I think he’ll like the rest of the law

1. It identifies the bad guys, without good guys having to undergo background checks.
2. Good guys can keep their guns.
3. Bad guys are “stopped,” without the need for good guys to start a dangerous shootout, in which innocent good guys could be killed.
4. The long jail sentence could dissuade bad guys from carrying guns.

It’s a solution that accomplishes everything Wayne LaPierre and the NRA wants, and nothing they don’t want. It evolved directly from LaPierre’s own words.

The man is a genius.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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13 thoughts on “–A solution to gun control and the genius of Wayne LaPierre

  1. I assume you’re being serious about this, not sarcastic. This is not a new solution. Some states already have extra penalties for using a gun in a crime, up to automatic capital felony if someone dies during the crime, even if the death was accidental. I’m sure Wayne would support you, and even support more than 20 years. NRA has traditionally been in favor of tougher penalties for crime, including crime using a gun.

    The gun control issue is, of course, about restricting sales to good guys. Bad guys will always be able to get the guns they want, regardless of the law. The NRA has supported insta-checks to prohibit sales by good guys (unknowingly) to bad guys. Nothing will stop the bad guys from selling guns to each other. I suspect NRA would also support screening that gave a good guy a card allowing him to buy guns at gun shows, and not allowing sales to people without the card.

    As for his quote, most of the time the “good guy with a gun” who stops the bad guy is a policeman. Typically, they arrive after the fact, and they usually don’t shoot at all, and not first unless in extremis. If the good guy with a gun is present during the crime, the crime might be stopped without shots being fired. I think that is what he meant, not that citizens should shoot first at armed robbers in order to prevent crime. The NRA’s theory is that robbers would be deterred from starting a gunfight if they thought they might not be the only one who brought a gun.


  2. I think it’s a great idea. But most homicides are spur of the moment, conducted usually with rage. Even the death penalty doesn’t deter this kind of murder, nor will your 20-years idea deter the utter lunatics who commit mass murders.


  3. Roger, you don’t care about violence, there are greater killers out there that you don’t want to talk about. It’s all about gun control and disarming the public and matters not what the gun violence stats are compared to other killers.


    1. There is not one word in this post, about disarming the public. Quite the contrary.

      The post said, “Good guys should welcome this law. It says nothing about taking away your guns. It allows you to stockpile all the guns you want — pistols, rifles, shotguns, AK47s — whatever feels good to you.”

      However, I also said, “But for those who twist the meaning of ‘well-regulated militia,’ or who believe the NRA slogan, ‘Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,’ what chance would logical argument have?”

      Thank you for making my point.


    1. Unfortunately, guns kill people under all sorts of circumstances. It isn’t only bad guys who shoot people. It’s “good” guys who may have a sudden fit of anger.

      Give someone the finger; get shot.
      Be rude; get shot.
      Argue; get shot.
      Smile the wrong way; get shot.
      Talk to the wrong person; get shot.
      Be black, brown, yellow or white; get shot.
      Sit quietly in your home, get shot.

      The human species is emotional. Emotion + ready access to guns = murder.

      Those, who argue that guns don’t kill people, are ignorant because they wish to remain ignorant. They see no facts, hear no facts, speak no facts. That’s why Curt (above) read only 2 paragraphs.

      He feared the truth.

      Truly sad.


        1. This is the key sentence in that article: ” . . . most underage school shooters obtain their weapons from home, a relative, or another home where they knew guns were kept”

          Those guns are kept for protection. That’s the irony.

          Yes, guns do kill people.


  4. I’ve been pushing the same notion of vastly increasing the penalty (aggravating factor). Then I had a truer understanding: Ban all guns. Let collectors collect pictures of guns. These nutbags will never, by definition, entertain a rational discussion on the matter so we must excise the cancer. After all, cancer can only be removed.


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