–The constitutional solution to gun violence, that scares the hell out of the NRA

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Is America Crazy?
September 18th, 2013, Leonard Pitts Jr.

Is America crazy?

Twelve people killed at a secure naval installation virtually on the front porch of the federal government, eight others hurt, the shooter shot to death, and it’s just another manic Monday, another day in the life of a nation under the gun.

Every gun murder, every mass gun murder, every mass gun murder even of children — in fact, every gun murder of every kind, provides the gun lobby and gun loonies, in their twisted logic, with a rationale for more guns and fewer gun restrictions.

It’s as though someone were to claim that the solution to the bankster crimes which destroyed our economy, is to reduce bank regulation so more crooks could run banks. It’s the same level of sanity. (Yikes, that’s exactly what some politicians do argue. Oh, well.)

And we will have the argument we always have about a Constitutional amendment written in an era when muskets were state of the art and citizen militias guarded the frontier.

Yes, there’s that Constitutional amendment, which begins, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state . . . ,” but we ignore that “militia” stuff.

It’s been argued. Sanity and clear English have lost. So what next?

Will providing every man, woman and child in America with semi-automatic, large clip, military style weapons, really reduce gun violence?

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA probably says, “Yes.” Do you agree?

Most sensible restrictions on gun ownership have been declared unconstitutional, so what is the honest solution to America’s high gun violence rate?

The solution is here. It’s 100% constitutional. And if LaPierre has read it, he has wet his pants:

Make each manufacturer, seller or provider of a gun liable for the use of that gun.

That’s it. Simple, legal, effective. But before you jump in with objections, please read the full post.

Then send it to your Congressperson and more importantly, your local politicians (It probably would be a local law).

And do send it to LaPierre along with a diaper. He’ll need it.

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18 thoughts on “–The constitutional solution to gun violence, that scares the hell out of the NRA

  1. Yes let’s make ALL manufacturers of ALL things that kill accountable for their product. Get rid of all cars, guns, planes, swimming pools, everything. Chainsaws, machetes everything that can be used as a weapon…just charge the manufacturer.
    2 kids die every week getting run over in their own driveway, charge the cement maker with murder.


    1. Thanks, Wayne.

      Oops, I thought it was Wayne LaPierre talking. You gun folks all seem to repeat what Wayne tells you.

      Anyway, we already have the laws you laugh at. Some states have “dram shop” laws, making a tavern liable for damages where intoxication was at least one cause of the damages.

      Almost everywhere, manufacturers are liable for products that kill, and even can be criminally liable if they knew the product could kill.

      Consider the manufacturer of a toy containing small parts. A baby chokes and dies on the part, not because of a defect in the toy, but because the child was able to access the danger.

      The manufacturer is notified of the danger. If the manufacturer continues to make the toy with no change, the manufacturer is liable, and its officers could go to jail.

      So your sarcasm is misplaced. Guns makers should, in fact, be liable for damages done by use of their product, just as toy makers are.

      My question is this: Why do you object to making gun makers liable for illegal killings?

      Don’t you want to reduce illegal killings, at least a little bit?

      Why not a “dram shop” type law for guns, just like for liquor?


      1. Why would I or anybody be in favor of punishing an innocent party? Hold auto manufacturers to your same acoountability standard, after all, they are knowingly building something that kills thousands more people than any firearm.
        You would never do that because, well, because you drive and own a car and the automakers would be out of business in no time.
        It’s a hypocritical position to only want punishment for firearms makers and would certainly be a violation of “equal protection”.


  2. One more thing, I am not NRA and have never listened to Pierre speak. I don’t know a single person who died from a gunshot, not one friend or aquaintance. I DO know several who died in car accidents. I am certain your experience is the same so why the hysteria over guns?


  3. When I write about guns, why do the gunners want to change the subject and talk about cars?

    Many things kill people: Yes, guns and cars. Also, knives, tools, floods and fires, bombs and beds, cancer and drugs and abortions. Each requires unique solutions.

    When I write about the gun violence problem, I’d prefer to hear comments about guns, not about cars.

    And then there are those who deny guns kill people (“People kill people”), because they themselves don’t know anyone who has been killed with a gun.

    What can one say to such people?


  4. The answer to such b.s. rhetoric provided by the NRA and Curt in particular is without a doubt, guns are manufactured and sold for one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose is to KILL! If you are a collector and wish to own guns because you find looking at them aesthetically pleasing then they should be sold with the firing mechanism removed.


    1. Of course they kill, that is why hunters buy guns and why they are used for self defense. Yes, you are getting it now. They kill and that is their utility although sporting clays and skeet are non-killing activities.

      There are many many and MANY greater killers that your side just ignores. Why refer to cars? Simple, they kill tens of thousands more people than guns and yet, that’s ok in your world because cars are not made for killing.

      A child has a greater chance of dying visiting a friend’s house with a swimming pool than visiting a friend’s house where a gun is kept. “oh, but swimming pools are not made for killing” you say. Fact is, they kill none the less or you have a different definition of dead.

      There is no greater BS than the hysteria created by those who wish to trample everybody’s constitutional rights for no better reason than “I don’twant it and I’ll work to make certain you can’t get it”

      Reading your comments I get the sense that thye NRA is all powerful. When did the NRA start enacting legislation? Try blaming congress instead making the NRA your scapegoat.

      I have a right to own a gun. There are many laws regulating what I can and cannot do with the gun. Wouldn’t surprise me if the anti-rights crowd were also “closet” gun owners.


  5. Typical. First they change the subject to cars and swimming pools, thereby minimizing the importance of gun killings. Some idiots even deny that guns kill people (“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”).

    Then they talk about some unknown entity taking away their precious guns (even though the post said not one word about taking away guns)

    We have “dram shop” laws that say if you provide someone with liquor, and because of that liquor, they commit a crime, you are liable.

    I want the same laws for guns. If you provide someone with a gun and they use the gun to commit a crime you are liable.

    Hey, if guns are just used for hunting and self defense, what’s your problem?


  6. It’s laughable that those like curt believe that owning small caliber weapons will impede the government’s forces from taking their prized guns. curt obviously has never witnessed the effects of artillery or better yet a cluster bomb. Hunting is not hunting but another form of murder. There’s little or no actual sport involved. Let’s get real, curt, if you’re a big man like you think you are, how about doing it like a man? Broad swords, battle axes, you have to look ’em in the eyes then. Get in nice and close. Self defense, yeah, you’d be on your cell phone before you hit the ground calling for help from forces.


  7. Placing responsibility with the manufacturer for other people’s actions would put them out of business and your wish for removing firearms would come true through attrition. Why else would you punish the manufacturer?

    I think all bloggers should be held responsible for their readers behavior. If I don’t pay my income tax or commit other crime because of what you have written then YOU should be prosecuted too. It’s fair on this slippery slope.

    Isn’t it enough to prosecute and punish the perpetrator of a gun crime or drunk driving? I think it ridiculous that bars and restaurants are liable for their customers actions AFTER they leave the establishment. Laws only a lawyer could create.


  8. Because of dram shop laws, bars are careful of whom, and how much, they serve, lest they lose their licenses. It’s not full solution to drunks, but it helps.

    How about gun shops also being careful of whom, and how many (number and type of weapon) they serve, lest they lose their licenses?

    And anyway, if guns are used for hunting and self-defense, what’s the problem? The gun shops would have nothing to worry about. Right?

    Or are you saying that the gun murder rate is so high, gun shops would be put out of business?


  9. Roger, if a gun shop sells a gun in violation of the law then that shop should be prosecuted but you included the gun manufacturer in the original piece and that is tantamount to prosecuting the wine, beer and liquor manufacturers for the crimes of the end user.
    Chasfa, I have never witnessed a cluster bomb or artillery but I have experienced post-disaster societal breakdown. The police will not be there for you. Attack my manliness if it makes you stronger, but I will protect my family. Given the same circumstances, you will count on somebody else for protection and they won’t be coming. Your choice and I respect your decision to not ensure survival.


  10. Oh, you sly devil. 🙂

    I didn’t say, “If a gun shop sells a gun in violation of the law then that shop should be prosecuted.” Of course they should, but that wasn’t the point.

    I said, if a gun shop sells a gun that is used in violation of the law, they should be prosecuted. That is the essence of dram shop laws.

    And the same should be true of all private sellers.

    If not sure why manufacturers should be exempt. If a child sits on a pool drain, gets stuck and drowns, the manufacturer and the retailer are jointly liable.

    A gun manufacturer builds an obviously dangerous product, like for instance, dynamite. He should take precautions to make sure it is in responsible hands.

    He should oversee his retailers, who market his product, and if they are careless, he should be held just as responsible as they are.

    But again, why does this bother you? If guns are used for hunting and self defense, as I frequently an told by gun lovers, no one should worry about liability.

    And by the way, in all the disasters I’ve witnessed on TV (9/11, hurricanes, floods, forest fires, flash mobs, riots) it has been the trained police and fire departments that have protected citizens — at the risk of their own lives.

    What’s your anti-riot, anti-robber training? What’s your neighbor’s anti-riot training?

    Be careful if there is a riot on your street. Your gun-loving neighbor is likely to shoot you.


    1. There are not enough trained police to protect you during an emergency. They must choose where to deploy and maybe it’s your neighborhood or odds are, it’s not. Good luck to you.
      My gun-loving neighbor will only shoot me if I break into his house…do you have a problem with that?
      What’s your anti-robber, anti-riot, natural disaster plan? If dialing 911 is your only plan then best wishes to you.


  11. Rodger, who’s the ‘gun-nut’ here? You and your abettor chasfa(?) ‘grasp at straws’! Make any unwitting ad-homonym argument to bully your points! You unwittingly undermine your credibility on what most of us tune in for here — the intricacies of MS. Best take your ‘Gun Mania’ to a shrink!


    1. If you’re going to complain, please get it right. It’s “ad hominem,” not ad homonym. (The two words are homophones or heterographs.)

      And really, it’s more a gun phobia, than a gun mania. The NRA is a better example of gun mania, and thankfully, I’m not one of them.

      See how educational this site can be?


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