A bit of dark humor to lighten your day: Phony GOP patriots ignore the Constitution

If you enjoy watching weird hypocrisy in action, you’ll love this.

Watch Trump Fondle an American Flag at CPAC
Draft-dodger “patriot” hugs and kisses flag and calls American war dead, “suckers” and “losers.”

States Move To Force Sports Teams To Play the National Anthem
Three states have advanced constitutionally questionable laws.
JASON RUSSELL | 6.16.2021 5:20 PM

For the first time, some states are moving to turn the decades-old cultural norm of playing the national anthem before a sporting event into a legal requirement.

Remember that these are the same Trumper conservatives who claim that the government intrudes too much on our freedoms. (Or does that apply only to guns?)

Trump Supporters Storm Capitol: 'As Close to a Coup Attempt as This Country Has Ever Seen' - Michael Foust
Right-wing “patriots” bearing flags while attempting a coup against the American government.

On Wednesday, Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law Senate Bill (S.B.) 4, which will require professional sports teams to play the national anthem at the start of each preseason, regular season, and postseason game hosted in Texas.

Hey, what about amateur sports teams? Why are they not required to be “patriotic.”

Why doesn’t this apply to checkers and chess? Kids playing tag in the schoolyard?

And why only at the start of games? What about during and after games?

And why only sports? What about all TV and radio shows? Plays and concerts? Every workday?

Trump claims he tried to salvage trip to French cemetery for U.S. troops -  POLITICO
Chief of staff John Kelly and Gen. Joe Dunford were there. Not “patriot” Trump. Too rainy.

We mandatory patriots need to know.

And by the way, does singing the National Anthem make one a patriot? Hmmm . . . If only Benedict Arnold had sung, “Oh, say can you see . . . “

The law requires all financial agreements between pro sports teams and state and local governments to include written verification that the team will play the anthem.

What instruments must be used? Will a harmonica do? Drumming on a garbage pail? Are undocumented immigrants excused from playing?

And how much of the National Anthem will be required by law. Just a couple of notes? Or all four verses?

Anyway, must it be sung, or just played without the words? Are we required to look at a photo of Donald Trump holding a Bible, while we sing?

A photo op as protests swirled: how Trump came to walk to the church | Donald Trump | The Guardian
This very religious man, who never attends church, and breaks with the Ten Commandments at every opportunity, is showing you the Bible

A similar bill was signed into law in Louisiana on Monday that would require the playing of the national anthem before all sporting events at venues that were subsidized by state or local governments.

Does receiving unemployment or working for the DMV count as “subsidized” by state or local governments? Public school teachers running a spelling bee contest?

Hey, how about requiring everyone to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before and after every game? Now that would be patriotic.

The right-wing Wisconsin Assembly passed legislation nearly identical to the Louisiana law, but it has since sat dormant in the Wisconsin Senate for more than a month.

So does the Wisconsin GOP seem to be kicking the can down the road? Does can-kicking count as a sporting event?

The Supreme Court has, time and time again, set precedents that the government can’t compel speech, even as a condition of doing business with the government.

Now that we have a super-majority conservative SCOTUS, will it ignore precedent as it is predicted to do with Rowe v. Wade?

Three QAnonesque Questions:

  1. What is the secret reason why the freedom-loving politicians of Texas, Wisconsin, and Louisiana voted to require teams to play the National Anthem before games?
  2. Why is Trump hugging the flag and showing you the Bible?
  3. In one word, what do all these patriots have in common?


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3 thoughts on “A bit of dark humor to lighten your day: Phony GOP patriots ignore the Constitution

    1. In America, people have the Constitutional right to be stupid and to act stupidly. The Qanons make use of that right.

      Thank heaven for the stupid. If there were no stupid people, just think how much more difficult the competition there would be.


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