If you wonder how intelligent people could vote for, and even give their money to, candidates like Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio et al, wonder no more.

You have not yet witnessed the depths of religious right wing ignorance.

Here is word-for-word, with nothing added or omitted, an Email I just received from a group called “From the Right”:

“I can’t believe I never heard about this before.

“Since 1996 there have been hundreds of reports about Hillary’s secret mistress… Her name is Huma Abadin, and she grew up in a strict Muslim household in Saudi Arabia…

“And at the tender age of 24, Hillary Clinton made Huma one of her closest “personal” advisors.

“Think about what this means… If Hillary gains the Whitehouse in 2016….

“You can be CERTAIN that the left’s war against Christianity will only grow more severe. Hillary and her Muslim allies will continue trying to CENSOR the Scripture

Yep, having a friend who is Muslim is proof that Hillary Clinton, a Christian, not only is conducting a war against Christianity, but also will try to CENSOR the bible.”

(Censor the bible?? How will she censor the bible?) Oh, but you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet:

“Just like they did recently when news came out about this newly uncovered bible verse…”

A newly uncovered bible verse??

“. . . where Jesus reveals an incredibly effective way to naturally combat almost any disease.

“In fact: liberal politicians DESPISE Biblical discoveries like the one I just mentioned… Especially since this one specific bible passage has now helped more than 20,000 Christians to heal their diabetes and fight away their cancer.

“For people like Hillary and her Muslim lovers that’s UNACCEPTABLE. They want you to beg big government and big medicine for help when you’re sick…

“Not be able to just read a few Bible Verses and heal yourself in a matter of days (Click here to read the verses on healing disease now). We better seriously pray that a true, God loving conservative gets elected president this November…

“Because if it’s Hillary and her harem of “kept” women… Christianity as we know it will be in danger of going extinct.

“God Bless,

“Ian Walker
“D.C. Christian Coalition

“P.S. I actually found a website that shares the censored Bible Passages I mentioned in this message.

“You can visit that site by clicking here.

“Inside, you’ll see how to naturally combat diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other major diseases… And all it takes is following some basic steps that were outlined by our Lord Jesus inside the Scripture.

“You better hurry though, because I have no doubt that the website will get removed FAST.”

O.K., after 2,000 years of intensive study, they have “newly uncovered” bible passages that had been “censored” by someone, and if you read them your “diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other major diseases” will be cured “in a matter of days.”

(Hmmm . . . Alzheimer’s was discovered a little over 100 years ago. When were these “newly discovered” bible passages written?)

Oh, and Hillary Clinton keeps a harem (hidden in her apartment, perhaps?) And Christianity, all 2.2 billion strong, will disappear if Hillary is elected.


Clearly, the author of this Email believes his audience is stupid. Why?

Anyway, now you know how it came to pass that Trump, Cruz and Rubio are leading the Republican party.

Many years ago, I often voted Republican, but that was before the Tea Party crazies and the uber religious nuts invaded, and ended right-wing reason, science and compassion.

Sorry, I simply could not resist showing this to you.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty


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