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Meryl Streep is a liar. I’ll vote for her.

One of my dear friends told me why he would not vote for Hillary Clinton: “I don’t trust her,” he said. “She keeps lying about those Emails.”

My friend demonstrated he did not understand how politics works. Politicians are salespeople and salespeople are actors, and actors are liars.

Meryl Streep has been nominated for 19 Academy Awards — more than any other actor in history — and 29 Golden Globe nominations. She has pretended to be Julia Child, Margaret Thatcher, Karen Silkwood and many others. She has faked being Jewish and gentile, American and foreign, younger and older. She has imitated accents.

Ms. Streep is a salesperson, who has the remarkable ability to sell you on the idea that she is not an actress, but rather the person she plays.

In short, Meryl Streep is one of the most accomplished liars in history. She makes you believe on the surface, what down deep, you know is not true, but want to believe.

Even an “honest” salesperson engages in what the courts have termed “puffery.”

“Puffery is an exaggeration or overstatement expressed in broad, vague, and commendatory language. Such sales talk, or puffing, as it is commonly called, is considered to be offered and understood as an expression of the seller’s opinion only, which is to be discounted as such by the buyer. The puffing rule amounts to a seller’s privilege to lie his head off, so long as he says nothing specific.

“Puffery is distinguishable from misdescriptions or false representations of specific characteristics of a product.

“A performance claim which can be comparatively rated is not puffery. Claims concerning specific product attributes are not puffery. Claims subject to measurement are not puffery.”

When any car manufacturer claims its cars are “the finest” or the “most comfortable” that is puffery. Everyone knows it’s puffery and not to be taken seriously. But car manufacturers puff because puffing implants ideas that sway belief that affect action.

Though a private business can be prosecuted for lying, a politician legally is allowed to lie at will, thus demonstrating that the U.S. government is less important to our lives than is Volkswagon.

When Donald Trump, says he will deport 11 million people, and build a 2,000-mile long wall, along the border between the U.S. and Mexico, that is puffery. No intelligent person believes he would even try to accomplish his preposterous braggadocio, much actually do them.

When Hillary Clinton says her Email server is not important, and she followed all the rules, that is borderline puffery. It may or may not be important in the pantheon of world problems, but she says it’s not important, because that statement gives her followers a pseaudo-logical hook upon which to hang their belief in her.

When Carly Fiorina claims to have seen a non-existent video, and then has her team create a fake the non-existent video, to support her claim, that is lying. But to those who hate abortion, the fact that she lies makes no difference. She tells a story that substantiates their beliefs.

All puffery, borderline puffery and lying are part of selling, which is partly acting, and that is what politicians do. They act. And the fact that we all know it is what makes this joke funny.

So, when my friend tells me why he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton, he really is providing a rationale for not liking what Hillary stands for.

Politicians know we don’t believe them, but they lie because they know we want to hear those lies. Donald Trump’s campaign targets haters-of-immigrants. They want to believe Trump “tells it like it is,” though in fact, he tells it like it isn’t.

When he makes his outrageous claims, even his followers know he’s lying, but they tell themselves, “He may not build the wall, but he will be tough on immigrants. That’s good enough.”

And when Carly Fiorina claims to have seen a non-existent video of a baby being torn apart, most people know she’s lying, but her lies express the feelings of anti-abortionists — her target audience. So she sticks to her story. Her followers love her for her lie.

And when Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee tell their audience it’s O.K. for a government worker to disobey the courts, because of her personal interpretations of her personal religion, a thinking person knows: No, it’s not O.K. If she won’t do her job, she should resign, and not subject everyone else to her personal biases.

But Cruz’s and Huckabee’s followers hate gays, and gladly will accept any lies, distortions or misstatements that negatively affect gays.

Lying does not make one unfit to be President. All politicians lie, because they are salespeople, and all salespeople lie because they are actors.

The key question is not whether a politician is lying (He is), but whether you agree with the underlying message in the politician’s lies.

Do you hate immigrants? Vote for Trump. He won’t build the wall, but he will hate immigrants with you.

Hate gays? Vote for Huckabee or Cruz. Are you a liberal-leaning Democrat. Vote for Bernie Sanders. A conservative Democrat? Vote Hillary.

Do you hate hate abortions, abhor poverty, despise blacks, favor women, fear deficits? Vote for the politician who agrees with you on those issues. And just ignore their specific lies.

A politician’s lies merely are his method for telling where he stands — not to be believed literally. They are descriptive, not factual.

Think of a politician’s lies as being akin to a woman’s makeup. You know in your head, that her lips really aren’t that red, her cheeks that rosy, her face that wrinkle-free, her hair that blond or her nails that pink.

But you love the way she looks, and you ignore the fact that her makeup lies to you about her looks.

We probably should stop debating about whether or not a politician is lying, and just assume he is — and then ignore it. Vote where he stands on the issues dear to you, and pay no attention to his lying justifications.

I don’t believe Meryl Streep. I don’t trust her. I know she is lying to me. But when she played Karen Silkwood, she had my vote.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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