–The Republican Party Moves to the Right? Impossible!

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We thought that by loving guns, but hating abortion, by loving Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Allen West, while hating blacks, browns, immigrants, gays and the poor, the Republicans could not possibly move further to the right. It would be like learning the Titanic is sinking deeper.

But, here we are:

Tea party Republican breaks through to House GOP leadership
The tea party has claimed its first spot in House leadership with the election of Rep. Steve Scalise to the No. 3 post – majority whip. Will he ease GOP tensions or make them worse?

Now tea party-backers finally have a strong conservative in the Republican leadership of the GOP-controlled House: Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who was elected by party members on Thursday to the No. 3 job in the leadership.

He fills the slot left vacant by Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, who was elected – and elevated – to the No. 2 job of majority leader.

The changes were triggered by majority leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat to a tea party favorite in his June 10 primary in Virginia.

The addition of Congressman Scalise is expected to push House Republicans further to the right. But the pressing question is whether Scalise will bridge – or aggravate – deep divisions within the party.

Somehow, we suspect that deep divisions within the party are the least the Republicans have to worry about.

Given President Obama’s poor and declining approval ratings (Republicans hate him because he’s President and black; Democrats hate him because he’s right wing) — given that opportunity, one would think the Republicans would try to fill the void Obama is leaving them.

But no. Instead, they have decided to move even further into Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ayn Rand crazyland — further from the center of America.

It’s one of the mysteries of American politics. Every time Obama does something dumb (raise FICA and other austerity measures during a recovery), the Republicans raise him a dumb (shut down the government to cut federal spending).

Today, Americans are stuck with two political choices: Soft right-wing Democrat conservatives and extreme right-wing Republican fascists, there being no liberal party any more.

Three Extreme Right-Wing Ideologies Have Taken Over the Republican Party — and Could Destroy It Forever

As the capitalist worldview evolved, the business class made a fetish out of the “free market” and viewed government as, at best, a necessary evil.

Any sort of regulation was seen as the equivalent of slavery, and the proper role of officialdom was reduced to maintaining internal order (police), defending the realm (military) and enforcing contracts (the courts).

In the United States, however, where little happens that one side or the other does not ascribe to an overseeing God, secular rationalizations were soon complemented with the notion of divine will.

God wanted unregulated economic freedom and minimalist government to prevail. Any government involvement in social welfare was disapproved of because it allegedly promoted laziness among the poor, but this was just a convenient myth.

The real reason for keeping government activity to an absolute minimum was the rising business class’ fear and loathing of taxes.

This religious view continues to exist. Today’s struggle to return us to minimalist government and maximum economic “freedom” is led by a collection of fundamentalist Christian right-wingers and Tea Party mad-hatters.

This is just the first step toward the real goal of men like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, which is to make the U.S. a Christian fundamentalist nation.

Many radical conservatives have come to see their moderate (Republican) compatriots as worse than any liberal Democrat. They see them as traitors to principle – as politicians who ran scared in the face of Obama’s “socialist” agenda.

Under these circumstances, most of the party’s energies might well be taken up with self-destructive infighting.

America should be so fortunate as to see the extremists self-destruct, for a fundamentalist Christian government is not one ounce better than the fundamentalist Muslim government they despise.

A government run by fundamentalists’ interpretation of the bible is as heartless, dangerous and sick as a government run by strict Sharia law. They are in fact, identical twins dressed in different clothing.

Ideology is a form of debilitating shortsightedness. It replaces reality with an idealized version that usually has too little to do with the real world to be workable. The economic aspect of radical conservative ideology is fatally anachronistic.

As well as anarchistic.

Today, we are bereft of politicians with the morality an courage to duplicate the Democrats of the 1960’s — the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Head Start, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the Higher Education Act of 1965, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Higher Education Act, the Public Broadcasting Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Gun Control Act of 1968.

Those were heroic times, when our leaders understood that the elderly, the poor and the powerless need, and as citizens of a great nation, deserve assistance from the government, not because they are lazy, but because of the circumstances of their lives.

This, not cruelty, is what makes a nation great.

And yes, back then, the people and the Supreme Court understood that guns do kill, and that millions of cowards parading around with guns slung across their shoulders, is an invitation to murder and to extreme social ugliness.

Now, the Republicans have been taken over by the Christian, religious Tea Party extremists, in a mirror reflection of how Islam has been taken over by the Taliban extremists — and of course, as extremists, approved by God.

What is America’s future? How will this generation be remembered?

Will we return to our former greatness built of compassionate strength based on true morality, or will we continue our course toward becoming a nation of bigotry, cruelty and hatred, populated with pretend religionists?

The next two elections may write that book.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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4. Broaden the income tax base so more lower income people will pay.
5. Cut financial assistance to the states.
6. Spread the myth federal taxes pay for federal spending.
7. Allow banks to trade for their own accounts; save them when their investments go sour.
8. Never prosecute any banker for criminal activity.
9. Nominate arch conservatives to the Supreme Court.
10. Reduce the federal deficit and debt

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21 thoughts on “–The Republican Party Moves to the Right? Impossible!

  1. [1] Rodger says that given Obama’s poor and declining approval ratings, one would think the Republicans would try to fill the void Obama is leaving them, and move toward the center.

    I ask why should Republicans do that? They are having a ball with their adolescent game of one-upmanship. “I’m more right wing than you are.” Who cares what the public thinks, as long as the gap keeps widening?

    [2] That Alternet article (“Three Extreme Right-Wing Ideologies Have Taken Over the Republican Party”) is wrong.


    a) “The business class made a fetish out of the ‘free market’ and viewed government as, at best, a necessary evil.”

    Wrong. The business class hates a genuinely “free market,” since it would hamper their crimes. For them, the only “free market” is a captive market which they can control and exploit at the expense of others. Also, the rich love government, as long as government helps them to widen the gap. The “necessary evil” is social programs that keep the slaves from revolting.

    b) “Any sort of regulation was seen as the equivalent of slavery.”

    Wrong. Rich elitists only hate regulation of their criminal activities. They love regulation of the slaves.

    c) “The real reason for keeping government activity to an absolute minimum was the rising business class’ fear and loathing of taxes.”

    Wrong. Rich elitists love taxes (and spending) as long as taxes are used to widen the gap, and not narrow it.

    [3] Rodger writes that “A fundamentalist Christian government is not one ounce better than the fundamentalist Muslim government they despise.”

    Agreed, but does that apply to intolerant fundamentalism in ALL religions?

    “A government run by fundamentalists’ interpretation of the bible is as heartless, dangerous and sick as a government run by strict Sharia law. They are identical twins dressed in different clothing.”

    Agreed, but does that apply to intolerant fundamentalism in all religions? Hindus preach non-violence and so forth, but fundamentalist Hindus are always on the warpath against Muslims in India. The BJP party is pathologically right wing. (India has more Muslims than any Middle Eastern country.) Buddhists preach non-violence, but they perpetrated genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Catholics preach peace, but have a long history of racist genocides. And what about militant Zionist Jews? Are they exceptions? For me they are all mirror images of one another.


    Off topic…

    The “This Week in Crazy” web site has a blurb about migrants from Central America.

    The top four Republicans in Texas (all of them greedy white supremacists) will not let the latest “assault” by Central American mothers and children go un-avenged.

    Governor RICK PERRY, Lieutenant Governor DAVID DEWHURST, House Speaker JOSEPH STRAUSS, and Attorney General GREGORY ABBOTT will direct hundreds of millions of local taxpayer dollars to the state police, so the police can be taken away from their regular duties to patrol the state’s 1,954-mile border with Mexico.

    For reasonable people, the desperate mothers and kids are innocent (or, in my eyes, angelic — but I’m not reasonable). For Rick Perry and his kind, they are vermin to be exterminated. So far this year, 48,000 children have fled from poverty and violence. Rick Perry says they are mostly violent gang members, accompanied by drug lords, human traffickers, and “potential terrorists.” (One blogger notes that there’s never been a publicly documented case of a known terrorist entering the country through our southern border. Serious terrorists have better options – such as visas.)

    By the way, when the mothers and kids reach the US side of the river, they don’t run from the Border Patrol, but TO them, coming up to the Border Patrol vehicles and taping in the windows, saying, “Please help us.” It’s a pure case of throwing themselves on our mercy. They’re behaving like asylum-seekers, not invaders. We should be honored that they think we are human enough to perhaps give them a chance to live.

    But Rick Perry and his kind have no honor. For them, the kids are attacking. It is all-out immi-geddon. Therefore Perry and his cronies will take $1.3 million Texas-tax-dollars a week from schools, hospitals, and so on, and use it to vacuum up the brown rats as they scurry across in hoards. Perry calls it “surge” to “combat” the “invasion.” (His words.)

    Of course, it’s all a publicity stunt, since Perry has no authority over the kids. Migrants are strictly a federal matter. Also, people from Central America can’t be “deported” to Mexico. But Rick Perry can terrorize those fools into thinking twice before they infest this fine land. He wants to run for president again in 2016, and what better way to demonstrate his love of country than to terrorize those helpless little bastards?

    Dan Patrick, another fat white supremacist (why do they always look like the Pillsbury doughboy?) is the Republican nominee for the next lieutenant governor in Texas. His platform? “I’ll be tougher on immigrants than anyone else.” And now he has his chance, by railing against those “Mexicans” (who are not Mexicans, and are treated more harshly by Mexicans than they are by American racists).

    All these Republican slime-balls seek to exploit the situation for their own gain. Their goal is simply to keep the issues burning. Just as we do with abortion. Not to solve anything. But to rile. To mobilize. To DISTRACT from the ever-widening gap.


  2. Why do you believe Americans are stuck with only two choices? The statement is not correct. Have you been captured by the TINA gangs. We constitutionally have as many choices as we have citizens. Should we possess the will to take back our government, we are stuck with limitless choices. If you believe we are “stuck” then you must believe Americans to be ill informed, not very intelligent and apathetic when it comes to making an effort to be a participent in the govrrning process. And they may well be so?


  3. Hahaha… this is awesome.

    The GOP is full of left wingers while portraying themselves as conservatives. People are tire of voting for mainstream republicans only to see them align themselves with the left.

    I am 100% sure that the shift that has hhappened in the last 40 years has been to the extreme left and it’s coming to an end. Whe carp hits the fan people have no choice but to face reality. The tea party is nothing different than the GOP, it’s a front for the GOP. The libertarians will likely become a third party with time.

    If you think that people like Palin are conservatives, I got news for you, the lady is another Boehner, just a front at this point. Time will tell.


  4. The Democrats just keep moving to the right with the Republicans.

    Obama’s presidency, economically, has been to the right of Reagan’s.

    You’re right, there just isn’t any Left at all in this country; just varying degrees of neo-liberal. Maybe Bernie Sanders.

    When Obama was elected in 2008, I thought the pendulum might start swinging back a little to the left, I was wrong.


    1. It’s amazing anyone could say Obama and Democrats are on the right. If you look at regulations propose by democrats, the GOP normally backs them.

      You could probably count the number of real conservatives with one finger.

      The country has voted for democrats in all branches, you have people like Pelosi and you think the country is moving right?


        1. Rodger,

          There is no need to answer that. The US is 17 trillion in the hole, cities and states are pretty much bankrupt. Bond issuance continues unabated, dilution of our currency continues, growth of social programs has never been as large. Yet we are poorer today, the goin ratio says so. And this is in the face of huge technological advances. Imagine how we would be if those advances never happened?

          Every movie I watch comes with a communist message built in.

          You lived through the 60s, compare the times – that should make it clear.

          The GOP is not a conservative party, and conservatives know it. Conservatives have not been supporting the GOP. Another issue is, liberals are zombies and they won’t wake up until a crisis occurs.


          1. Shish, you’ve outdone yourself, this time.

            You wrote, “The US is 17 trillion in the hole, cities and states are pretty much bankrupt.”
            Despite being an excessive “contributor” to this blog, you still seem clueless about the difference between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty.

            Thank you for your comment about the “goin” ratio, whatever that might be.

            Your paranoia about “communist messages” in “every movie (you) watch, is truly frightening. But it is good to know the GOP is not a conservative party.

            Ease back, boy. I think we’ll give you a little vacation so you can come to your senses.


    2. If Ronald Reagan were president today, and he had the same policies as those of 1980-88, he would be called a “big spending liberal.”

      Maybe we need a Republican president. According to Republican Dick Cheney, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”

      In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton campaigned on the promise to “end welfare as we know it.” In 1996 he passed Republican-crafted laws to do just that.

      In 2010, Democrat Obama introduced austerity mania to the USA.


  5. Its a mad house,i heard Howard Stern interview his buddy Donald Trump, who we all know is a staunch conservative republican, and an idiot if i can add my two cents.

    First off, aren’t conservatives people that dont want change, they tend to like the same old same, time honored non fixes to the age old problems of class, education,and control of the lazy ,self destructive, and behind the curve , masses. This is accomplished through manipulation of the currencies, they only respect and understand through structured finance, and access to government, that they expect to control . Basically they need government to enforce contracts, and provide defense, ( to insure their assets), and thats all! They want this funded through the private dollars they create through leverage from loans, backed by the stock of laboring citizens.

    They see taxes as a sure fire way to squeeze over-worked and religiously indoctrinated laborers , thus assuring a perpetually unlimited stock of serfs, funding the only socialism they agree with, government bail outs and contracts going to the wealthy sectors, where they, and that’s the caveat,-THEY-,create the money out of thin air, and loan it to the government, backed by the taxes on labor-, not capital or real estate, or insurance, which are their forays.

    This version of the story assures the protestant work ethic, so necessary for our glorious society, otherwise sloth ensues. Good luck changing this brain washing.

    Back to Trump, who sees this country going to hell in a hand basket. Of course he’s doing well, because he is a natural born leader, implementer,and the people love him, precisely because he does what he says, gets things done, tells it like it is, has influential friends and associates the world over, which reinforce these same attributes he’s so proud of, and plus they all respect and like him.

    This is really what he said, he believes this vague, banal, self congratulatory shit. He knows how intuitive and intelligent he is, and if he was president, well, being he’s an experienced leader and negotiator, America would be back on top. Its as easy as creating confidence, that, which our wonderfully resourced business leaders require before investing in an assortment of salivated over privatizations and land grabs, or what he likes to euphemistically refer to as job creating projects.

    He acknowledges the need for infrastructure attention and education, but sees no other way of addressing these issues, without more insidious profits promised and guaranteed the wealthy, makers, of our great country. He compares the beautiful airports in Qua-tar,Dubai, and other international destinations, with our dilapidated versions.

    He’s right, theirs are much nicer. Won’t mention that Dubai publicly created the money out of nothing, which i guess they can do, since its a privately owned and run city state. I am sure he would love to model the US after them, as long as he can be a sheikh.

    He wants to open up more land to coal production, which he says China buys anyway, so why not sell more to them, instead of worrying and placing obstacles on something we’re not going to fix anyhow. Clean energy? Bull, they’re laughing at us all the way to the bank.

    We cant realistically look at our monetary operations and create the transferable credits needed to offset the lack of private investment, because, well, he probably doesn’t understand the systems operational realities anyway, and he doesn’t need to,the fantasy works just fine for him.

    Lucky for him, Daddy was quite resourceful. Luck has nothing to do with it though, hard work baby, that’s what this country needs more of, well, i guess , people like him??? He does tell it like it is!


    1. >>“Aren’t conservatives people that don’t want change?”

      It depends on the subject. Conservatives want to turn back the clock regarding creationism, slavery, abortion, gay issues, and so on. Liberals want to turn back the clock to the years when we had social programs, a middle class, less inequality, and no austerity.

      >> “They see taxes as a sure fire way to squeeze over-worked and religiously indoctrinated laborers.”

      Yes, taxes can be used to widen or narrow the gap between the rich and the rest. A new tax that will be used to widen the gap is the “Vehicle Miles Traveled” (VMT) tax.

      In addition to the federal gasoline tax (which the US government does not need or use) the government wants to charge you based on the miles you drive. This will be done via a GPS black box installed in all vehicles. Since it will add to the cost of food transport, it will increase prices for consumers. And you will be specially penalized if you must drive a long way to your minimum-waged job every day.

      The scam has the added benefit of letting the government know wherever you go, whenever you go. The federal government says this new theft is necessary because the Federal Highway Trust Fund is “broke,” even though no aspect of the federal government can ever be “broke.” (See Wikipedia entry for VMT tax.) Until the VMT scam is fully implemented, Congressmen want to increase the gasoline tax by at least 12 cents per gallon (e.g. Conn.Sen. Chris Murphy and Tenn. Sen. Bob Corker), because the Highway Trust Fund is “broke.”

      A 12-cent increase will remove an additional $164 billion dollars each year from the US economy. And the new gasoline tax will keep rising forever, in order to “index inflation.”

      It’s all about widening the gap between the rich and the rest. The rich are not affected by such taxes, since they don’t get their money from regular industry. They get it from capital gains, and from speculating in the markets, and from issuing debt (e.g. student loans).


      1. From the Wall Street Journal:

        >>”The Obama administration has warned that the highway trust fund will be insolvent by August, forcing states to put projects on hold, and potentially throwing 700,000 workers off the payrolls.”

        LIES. In the private world, a “trust fund” is a pool of money that someone holds “in trust.” In the federal government world, a “trust fund” is a total misnomer. It is simply a channel that the federal government uses to create money by crediting bank accounts. No federal trust fund can ever become “insolvent,” since no federal trust fund ever has any money to begin with. The federal government itself has no money, although it can create money without limit.

        >>”The highway trust fund is running a shortfall because gasoline-tax revenue isn’t enough to keep up with spending.”

        LIES. Tax revenue has no effect on the federal government’s ability to create money. Note how they want to punish us for driving fewer miles in more fuel-efficient vehicles. And as we gradually shift to electric vehicles, we will be hit with a “Vehicle Miles Tax” (described above). Anything to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

        >>” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx came to Capitol Hill last week to press lawmakers to avoid spending cuts, and made the case for a four-year spending plan so that states and localities would be able to undertake bigger, years-long projects that cannot be squeezed into short-term spending programs. The hitch is coming up with a funding source. Mr. Wyden didn’t say how he would pay for the program.”

        How about simply creating the money out of thin air, like the US government already does? The government creates limitless money when it wants to start a new war, or issue another bailout of Wall Street. Why can’t the feds do the same for domestic projects? Politicians respond that we can’t, because all of government’s money is “borrowed from China.”

        And besides, without ever-increasing austerity, we will have “hyper-inflation.”


        All of the “financially sophisticated” blogs maintain the Big Lie. All of them want more austerity, and more taxes imposed on the lower classes. Bloomberg and Business Week want new gasoline taxes to cover the “insolvent” highway trust fund.

        House Speaker John Boehner wants to increase the prices for postal stamps, or cut back on mail delivery, so that the “savings” can be out into the “highway trust fund.”

        Senator Harry Reid wants to increase gasoline taxes, saying that, “The construction and maintenance of highways and bridges should be paid for by the people who use them.” Nonsense. We ALL use the national highway system! How about the food in your local supermarket, or the made-in-China goods at your local Wal Mart? Do you think they are delivered via flying saucers?

        The creeps who want to widen the gap between the rich and the rest say, “What are you crying about? Federal gas taxes have not been increased since 1993.” Yet they defend that fact that the federal minimum wage hasn’t been increased in years either.

        Environmentalists want higher fuel taxes, saying it would reduce pollution. They say we should tax income less, and fuel more. They don’t understand that taxes depress economies, thereby reducing income. I say let’s create more money for R&D in fuel efficiency and alternative energy sources. But the environmentalists don’t want that. They depend on the Big Lie for their “cause.” If the US government actually created money for environmental protection, then the environmentalists would be out of a job.

        Everybody on all sides depends on the Big Lie. Everyone has a vested interest in praising the emperor’s new clothes. That’s why the gap keeps widening between the rich and the rest.

        Gas taxes bring up the topic of climate change. Many ideas have been proposed in Washington to address this problem, EVERY ONE OF WHICH is based on the Big Lie that federal money creation is a zero-sum game, so that in order for the US government to spend more money on ‘A,’ it must take more money from ‘B.’

        Since no one wants his money taken away, and since everyone defends the Big Lie, climate change will continue to worsen. More droughts here, more floods there, more diseases over there, and more wars everywhere.

        Rep. Xavier Becerra is a Democrat who represents downtown Los Angeles. He says that all these tax gimmicks are “Another case of Republicans saying it’s a zero-sum game. In order for one American to win, another American has to lose.”

        Gasp!!!! Is it possible that Becerra understands the truth? Maybe. His parents are from Mexico.

        Personally I don’t think that federally backed transportation projects across the USA will shut down. Instead, the feds will continue to fund the projects via those mysterious “extraordinary measures” that are not extraordinary at all.

        That is, they will continue to create money out of thin air like they always do, as they mull over new ways to increase taxes and widen the gap.


    2. Donald is a faceless moron. The man is where he is thanks to liberal policies. Trump is a thieves, not a conservative.



    Why does the USA keep shifting ever-farther to the right in fiscal and financial matters?

    Here is one reason…

    As austerity impoverishes the masses, young peasants (e.g. Paul Ryan) increasingly seek to get ahead by murdering their neighbors. These killers come from poverty, and they avoid death by marching others to the guillotine. They champion austerity and an ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest, and they are adored by the corporate media, which calls them “young rising stars.”

    When these sociopathic “young guns” enter politics, they say that no matter how right-wing their opponent is, the “young guns” are even more right wing. It’s like being in a country impoverished by drug wars. To get ahead, you must be more ruthless than all the other drug lords.

    Now comes Rep. Christopher McDaniel, 42, a flaming right-wing, Bible-thumping, Mississippi Republican who is a darling of the Tea Party, the Libertarians, the “Christian” fundamentalists, and the atheist Randroids (Ayn Rand cultists).

    For several years McDaniel hosted an ultra-right-wing radio show that was nationally syndicated. Now he is a candidate for Senator from Mississippi, with the obligatory “trophy wife” on his arm (a former Miss Mississippi).

    Young Mr. McDaniel is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by six-term Thad Cochran. The two Republicans are so identical, and so close in the polls, that a run-off election is scheduled for this coming Tuesday (24 June 2014).

    McDaniel’s campaign platform is centered on a single issue . . . the so-called “national debt,” which McDaniel says is “immoral” and “un-Godly.” He says that “big spender” Thad Cochran has contributed to the “crisis.” McDaniel vows to push for a balanced budget amendment to the US constitution.

    (In reality, his opponent Cochran is a fanatical right-wing Republican who is devoted to austerity, but is called a “moderate” because some Republican Senators are even MORE right wing, such as James Inhofe and Thomas Coburn, both from Oklahoma.)

    In other words, all Republicans are lying sociopaths, but the younger ones want to unseat the older and more established ones. Sometimes this is a matter of age. (McDaniel is 35 years younger than Cochran). Sometimes it is a matter of simply being a newcomer (Dave Brat is only a year younger than Eric Cantor). But it is always a matter of, “I am more of a right-wing fanatic than the current fanatic.”

    Young Mr. McDaniel is a true conservative — i.e. full of lies and self-contradictions. He says he will “reign in government spending” more than Cochran has, while he increases government spending on Mississippi’s military installations and defense contractors. He wants to cut the $800 million federal dollars that Mississippi gets every year for education, but he says that Mississippi doesn’t necessarily have to go without the $800 million that he cuts. He refuses to say whether he supports or opposes increases in federal subsidies paid to rich farmers.

    In short, he is a lying moron that is adored for being a “young gun.”

    Cochran, 76, only discusses the “national debt crisis” when asked. McDaniel says this proves that Cochran is a “big spender.”

    McDaniel vows to never vote for raising the “debt ceiling” unless an increase is accompanied by deep and immediate cuts in spending (i.e. cuts in social programs that help average people).

    I am betting that McDaniel will win, and Cochran will go the way of Eric Cantor, simply because McDaniel shouts louder and more obsessively about the “national debt crisis.” In the Republican universe, whoever gets the high ground on “out-of-control’ government spending” wins.

    Why do average voters support these creeps? Because extreme right wing fanaticism is like alcohol. The more you drink, the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the more you drink in a mad attempt to ease your pain. As Tea Party pin-heads plunge themselves and everyone else into poverty, their solution is to drink even more — that is, to vote for an even louder right-wing idiot. The only reason we are still in pain is that we have not drunk enough. Maybe the next drink will ease all our pain. Or the next drink. Or the next drink. Or the next…

    Thus the gap grows wider each day.


  7. +++ Capitalism at Its Finest +++

    Service Corporation International has a 15-story-tall headquarters building in Houston TX.

    The company started in 1962, and operates more than 1500 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in 43 states, plus eight Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico. It’s stock is traded on the NYSE as “SCI.”

    How did it get so big? By breaking countless laws with impunity.


    The sheriff’s departments in various Texas counties pay $450 to SCI for every migrant body that SCI dumps into mass graves.

    When a migrant dies trying to cross the Texas border, sheriff’s deputies bring the dead victim to one of the funeral homes owned by SCI. The funeral home them dumps the victim in ordinary Texas cemeteries that have sections owned by the local county. The $450 is forwarded to SCI in Houston.

    Several bodies get stuffed into each bag, and all the bags are tossed into a ditch, and covered up. Hundreds of bodies; perhaps thousands. In Brooks County TX, sheriffs say that more than 300 migrants died crossing the county from 2011 to 2013. And that’s just one small county.

    SCI has been cashing in this way for at least 22 years. It’s quite illegal, since Texas has strict laws against mass burials, against co-mingling remains, and so on — but we are not talking about human beings. We are talking about mere migrants and John Does.

    Besides, what are laws compared to bribes and kickbacks? SCI is owned by the Waltrop family, which has very close ties to W. Bush, and who are big contributors to Republican causes and campaigns. Whenever the Waltrops are caught breaking Texas law (which is almost daily), they call some Texas Republican who makes it go away.

    For example, when Eliza May, a director with the Texas Funeral Service Commission, investigated countless crimes by SCI, the Waltrop family had then-governor W. Bush fire Ms. May from the state commission. Ms. May’s lawyers later subpoenaed President W. Bush to testify at a trial, but Texas Judge John K. Dietz threw out the subpoena. These are “good ol’ boys.”

    Wikipedia lists crime-after-crime committed by SCI across the United States.


    SCI’s latest scandal concerns the illegal mass dumping of migrant bodies. Professors and students from the University of Indianapolis, plus Baylor University (Waco TX) are working on a multi-year project to identify the bodies of migrants who were anonymously dumped by SCI-owned funeral parlors. In 2013 the investigators disinterred 110 migrant corpses with little fanfare.

    Two weeks ago they started digging again, so far producing at least 52 corpses. Since many bodies were found together and the bags were not opened on-site, the final tally of bodies found may be much higher. The investigators are now in the county-owned section of Sacred Heart Burial Grounds at 550 Cemetery Rd in Falfurrias TX. The funeral home that dumped the bodies is across town at 1208 South St Mary’s, Falfurrias TX.

    The funeral home is Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams, which SCI bought in 1999.

    In one hole, bones of three bodies were inside one bag. In another hole, at least five people in bags were piled on top of each other. Skulls also were found in bags placed between coffins. All of this violates Texas state law.

    The Texas Health and Safety Code requires that records of dates, locations and names be kept for any burial. However Texas law does not apply to SCI of Houston TX.

    Democratic state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa has called for the district’s attorney general to open a criminal investigation by the Texas Rangers.

    However the Waltrop family (owners of SCI) have become too rich and too well-connected. They are untouchable.

    Indeed, although this scandal is now all over the Internet, hardly anyone mentions SCI or the Waltrop family who are behind it.

    For example, the scandal was first exposed by a newspaper in Corpus Christi TX. (Link below.) It makes no mention of SCI.

    This is understandable, since in Texas, you don’t dare expose the good ol’ boys.



  8. Rodger,
    here’s another eye-opener;
    Tax analysts are worried about the “fiscal state” of the USA?

    They say the currency issuer is issuing more currency than it takes back as taxes. ….

    Uh, … isn’t that a simple prerequisite for a growing population with growing transaction rates?

    The only question is how fast the absolute magnitude of our currency supply has to grow, to allow our growing populace to explore it’s growing options?

    How do “tax professionals” end up so out of context?

    Our bigger problem is our school system? That’s what’s producing professionals in multiple disciplines who don’t know the context in which their discipline operates. That’s important, since, per Walter Shewhart, “without context, data is meaningless.”


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