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●To survive long term, a monetarily non-sovereign government must have a positive balance of payments.
●Those, who do not understand the differences between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty, do not understand economics.
●The penalty for ignorance is slavery.
●Everything in economics devolves to motive.


I enjoyed movies like “The Sting” and “Paper Moon,” because I like seeing a good con job being played out, even fictionally. But, I’m especially fascinated with the two real con jobs in America today.

Unlike an armed robbery, where the robber demands money at gunpoint, the essence of a con job is that the victim plays the leading roll. In a good con job, it is the victim who demands to give money or other valuable to the con artist. The con artist levers some basic human emotion – greed, fear, hate, etc. – to make the victim work against his/her own best interests.

In a really good con job, the victim becomes so emotionally involved, brainwashed even, he will fight with friends and relatives who try to tell him he is being conned.

I am reminded of a former employee of mine, whose sister was roped in by the classic Nigerian con. She refused to listen to people who told her she was being cheated – not just refused to listen, but angrily refused to listen to facts. (Angrily refusing to accept facts is a classic con victim symptom.)

Eventually, she stopped talking with friends and family, while she continued to send her last few dollars overseas, waiting for the big payoff that never came. Her family hasn’t healed. To this day, she maintains she was right, and if only the family had not interfered, the money would have arrived.

One of the two great cons in America is the “gun con.” The 2nd Amendment specifically mentions “a well regulated militia,” which the gun con has translated to: “Any fool who wants to own a gun of any kind.” This is a “militia”? This is “well regulated”?

The fact is that most gun owners do not belong to any kind of militia, and certainly not to a well regulated militia, unless you consider the “Insane Bloods” gang to be part of a militia and to be well regulated.

The 2nd Amendment requires the most convoluted interpretation to be the basis of today’s gun laws. Gun rights enthusiasts angrily denounce that simple fact.

Another part of the gun con is the mantra that widespread gun ownership is necessary to protect citizens from government tyranny. You and your friends and your semi-automatic rifles are going to defend yourselves against the planes, ships, bombs, aircraft carriers, drones and manpower of the United States Army.

Good luck with that.

Here are excerpts from article in today’s Chicago Tribune:

How to get those politicians to listen
By Charles M. Madigan, May 8, 2013

Palin addressed the National Rifle Association convention in Houston a few days ago and rolled out all her applause lines, “lamestream media” being the one that has always been most puzzling to me. Almost every time we hear her say it, it’s on “lamestream” media.

She accused Democrats of “exploiting tragedy” in the call for tighter gun laws. All of this part of a “politics of emotion,” she said. Of course they loved her and cheered and clapped.

Supported by a gun industry behind the scenes and some other groups that are even louder, the NRA, has managed to frighten enough U.S. senators to prevent background checks from becoming a part of federal gun law.

And there it is, the identification of the con artists (Every con begins with a con artist): The gun industry.

The NRA’s argument: If we just had more guns, many of these heartbreaking murders would not happen because someone would plug the perp before he or she had a chance to pull that trigger 15 or 16 or 30 times.

Here’s the problem with that thought. If you want to look at a place where there are plenty of firearms already, look at the most troubled neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides. This is proof that packing heat does nothing to cool down murderous crime.

Here’s another fact, the con victims angrily ignore: A gun in a home increases the chances of a murder or a suicide. And that doesn’t include the thousands of gun accidents.

Gun ownership making you safer is part of the con.

Look at the facts. Those of us who support background checks were defeated by not very many people and a bunch of frightened senators.

All you have to do is say no to an interest group that makes a lot more noise and tosses around a lot more money than its membership warrants. The NRA can be stopped. But not by people who care more about their own seats in Washington than the lives of the victims of gun violence.

The gun con is a big money con, devoted to making the suckers send their dollars to the big gun and ammo manufacturers – those close relatives of the infamous, military/industrial complex.

Gun owners, you have been conned. You have been frightened and brainwashed on behalf of the rich. You get angry if someone calls the facts to your attention. But isn’t that exactly how a con works?

And then, there’s the other big con in America: The debt/deficit con. The rich have spent billions to convince Americans that federal spending for middle- and lower classes is bad for – you guessed it – the middle- and lower classes.

If you show the facts (i.e., the government cannot run short of dollars, the rich benefit from recessions and unemployment) to typical members of the middle- and lower-classes, they get angry, and babble about the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe – two economic non-sequiturs (Neither has any economic relevance to America).

The middle- and lower classes have been brainwashed by misinformation (the government is “broke,” “your children will pay the debt”) to the point where facts and the truth are questioned and self-sacrifice is the answer.

So there you have it: The two great con-jobs of the 21st century: The gun con and the debt/deficit con. The rich profit from them; the victims angrily demand them.

You would be safer and richer if you simply sent dollars to Nigeria.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty


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