Guns in schools. The only way to beat ’em is to join ’em.

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When Wayne LaPierre, chief executive for the National Rifle Association (NRA), said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the sane segment of America was shocked and disgusted.

His recommendation that armed guards be placed in every school was so outrageously wrong and dangerous, one wonders what kind of twisted mentality could subscribe to that “Shootout at O.K. Coral” concept of America.

I think we have our answer:

After Newtown shootings, Pennsylvania county hires armed school guards

BUTLER, Pa. — Four hundred miles from Sandy Hook Elementary, a superintendent named Mike Strutt . . .had specialized in school safety, filling three binders with security plans and lockdown drills — all of which felt suddenly inadequate.

He imagined a gunman approaching one of Butler County’s 14 schools, allowing the attack to unfold in his mind. In came the gunman, past the unarmed guards Strutt had hired after Columbine; past the metal detectors he had installed after Virginia Tech; past the intercom and surveillance system he had updated after Aurora.

Strutt stood from his desk and called the president of the Butler County School Board, Don -Pringle. “This could happen here,” Strutt said. “Armed guards are the one thing that give us a fighting chance. Don’t we want that one thing?”

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 98K public schools in America (67K elementary, 24K secondary and 7K other schools), plus more than 33K private schools and about 18K colleges of all kinds.

That’s about 150,000 schools of all sizes.

Assume that the very tiniest of schools would require at least two armed guards (to cover their own bathroom breaks, lunch breaks and those after-school hours. A big school or university might require at least 50 guards, maybe many more. So let’s speculate, that an “average” sized school conservatively might require a complement of 10 guards.

So to cover schools alone, would require a trained and supervised armed army of at least 1,500,000 “good guys.” Plus, you’d need a staff for the supervising, training, hiring, firing and background checks.

And that is just to protect schools.

A dozen states have proposed legislation to put armed guards in schools; five others have drafted plans to officially disallow them.

Groups in Utah are training teachers (!) to carry guns, Tennessee is hiring armed “security specialists” for $11.50 an hour and the National Rifle Association is working on a plan to arm school volunteers (!) even as teachers gather in protest outside the group’s headquarters.

Here in Butler . . . the district had a $7 million deficit, but some priorities demanded spending. The school board worked out details with a solicitor, who submitted a proposal to a judge, who came into work on a Sunday to sign an emergency order. Before the first funeral began in Newtown, Butler’s head of school security began calling retired state troopers to ask two questions with major implications for the future of public education:

Did they own a personal firearm? Would they be willing to carry it into an elementary school?

This is what passes for a background check in the hysteria the NRA has spread throughout our land: Two questions and the assumption that all retired state troopers are competent “good guys.” That’s it.

Frank Cichra owned a gun that he was willing to carry, so he arrived early last week at a shooting range in the mountains outside Butler, hoping to qualify as an armed school policeman. He slipped on gloves and cut the black fabric away from his right index finger.

“Won’t hit the target unless I can feel the trigger,” he said.

He loaded the magazine of his .40-caliber Beretta as half a dozen other men arrived at the range. Like Cichra, they all were retired Pennsylvania state troopers who had been recruited as guards.

The key criterion seems to be an ability to hit a target. Sanity and common sense do not seem to be on the list of needed criteria for a person carrying a loaded gun around children, teachers and parents.

Butler County had cut 75 teaching and administrative positions in the past five years because of a shrinking budget, but now the district of 7,500 students couldn’t hire armed guards fast enough. It had added a new insurance policy and $230,000 to the annual security budget in order to arm and employ at least 22 former state troopers — enough to station at least one guard at each school and every after-school event.

No money for teachers, but plenty of money for armed guards – what amounts to $10 thousand per guard. What? Only $10K for a full-time armed guard, working all day, every day and evenings (for after school events), putting up with teenagers and risking their own lives? Will the county really be able to recruit a group of high-quality “good guys” to work that hard, for $10 thousand each?

We pray that one guard never has to pee, never takes a vacation, never goes home early in the evening, never gets sick and never eats breakfast, lunch or dinner – so he always can be on the alert, armed and ready, for anyone who looks like a “bad guy.” And all for $10 thousand a year (including insurance, supervisors, training, etc.

That is the educational system envisioned by the NRA and the gun nuts.

The district’s hiring requirements for guards were at once simple and absolute: only retired state troopers with 20 years of experience who owned a gun and could pass a 60-round shooting test.

Wisdom, patience with children, understanding and kindness not needed. We want trained killers, who accurately can fire off 60 kill shots, to be with our kids.

The first group of shooters rotated out, and Cichra holstered his Beretta and took his position on the range. The instructor explained that the test was meant to simulate a firefight — “a worst-case scenario,” he said. Cichra would be asked to shoot with one hand and then with two; while kneeling and while standing; while walking backward and while moving toward the target. “Listen to me and focus on the threat,” the instructor said. “Imagine you are closing in on the shooter.”

Cichra took aim at a silhouette target from 25 yards. “Fire!” the instructor yelled, as gunshots echoed off the mountains. Fifteen yards. “Hit his chest,” the instructor shouted. Seven yards. “Kill shot.” Two yards. “He’s wearing a vest. Aim for the head!”

Cichra fired his last round and holstered his weapon. Sixty shots fired. Fifty-nine to the chest and one to the head. “A real marksman,” the instructor said. He had scored a perfect 300.

Was anything mentioned about trying to talk a kid down, or just to reason with him or to express sympathy, so you wouldn’t have to kill him? Anything about being careful not to hit the children who might near? Any psychiatric exams? Any investigation into a guard’s history? Any anger management issues? Any bigotry issues?

No, that’s for sissies. The one criterion was simple. The ability to kill, kill, kill. Shoot first; ask questions later.

But wait. Why stop with schools? There are thousands of other places where large numbers of people gather – places ripe for mass murders – places that need full-time armed guards.

What about sports venues. Football stadiums, basketball arenas, baseball parks, swimming pools, track and field events, amusement parks, beaches, ski slopes, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts. How about putting thousands of “good guy” armed guards there? Don’t we need protection there?

And what about train and bus stations as well as the trains and busses themselves? Why not guards with guns for them?

And what about shopping malls and department stores? More armed guards. Millions and millions of armed guards – all “good guys” of course. NRA guarantees it.

And then there is the question of adequate arming. These mass murderers tend to use military-style weapons, with big magazines. What chance does a pistol have against an assault rifle? Not much.

So really, shouldn’t the guards have the same weaponry? As we all know, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a machine gun is a good guy with a machine gun.

Visualize millions of armed guards, roaming virtually everywhere you go, all carrying military weapons. Who would supervise and direct this huge army? The federal government? No, that could be challenged on constitutional grounds, though there is a more important reason: The NRA tells its members to arm so they can defend themselves against the federal government.

You see, gun nuts stockpile guns and ammo, because they are afraid the U.S. government will take away their freedom. (Not sure of the freedom to do what – perhaps freedom to kill people?) Anyway, federal control is out. The NRA would hate it, ergo Congress would hate it.

So what about state control of these millions of militarily armed guards? Not sure why that would be better. State governments can be as ruthless and bigoted as the federal government – perhaps more so. Ask any African American or immigrant.

How about private, for-profit mercenaries? That would make for interesting competitions, where the football stadium guards could fight turf battles with the basketball arena guards. We have something similar in Chicago. They’re called gangs.

We even could put the mercenaries in uniforms. Brown shirts and jack boots would be nice.

In summary, the NRA has come up with a truly terrifying idea to “protect” our children and us, i.e. enslave us to gun nuts. And it has taken a dozen states only a week to try to adopt it.

Welcome to military gun insanity in America, where all the AK47s are in the hands of “good guys,” and someone with road rage (because you accidentally passed him, or looked at him, or didn’t look at him, or did nothing at all), could take your life. All the accidents and insults in life could be dealt with on the spot.

Guns in schools and everywhere else. Guns to the left of us. Guns to the right of us. Here guns, there guns, everywhere guns, guns. Millions upon millions of NRA people brandishing military style weapons. Fortunately, they all are “good guys.”

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty


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17 thoughts on “Guns in schools. The only way to beat ’em is to join ’em.

  1. Rodger I posted twice on the blog but no hyperlinks or pictures. Your blog is coming up with a different address:


    aka My Wag


    1. Fran, lots of addresses go to my blog.

      The big, long, official address is Yikes!

      But you can get there with or — whatever you choose to remember. Something like all roads lead to Rome.


  2. Amen, Rodger. Truely inspiring. The thing that is incredibly obvious is there are way too many really scared people in this country. Amerika the brave, I don’t believe it. More like Amerika the timid.


  3. Is there an explanation for why we have armed guards in banks but so violently object to armed guards in schools? Could it be that we value the money more then the kids?


  4. This isn’t even a new idea. Archie Bunker had it over 30 years ago. See his on-air editorial here:
    As Archie points out, you need to arm EVERYONE to even the odds. I feel safer already, don’t you?
    Of course, Archie Bunker was fictional, and Wayne LaPierre is all too real.

    Oh, and you can add “snow day” to the list of things that might interfere with having enough “good guys” available to take down the “bad guys” in the schools:


  5. I can’t imagine how this gun killing issue will be met in a country so polarized and so awash in a cultire of violence. I do imagine this: a crowded sports venue; feeling running high, tempers short; some critical proportion of attendees carrying concealed weapons; one pulls and fires; dozens pull as result; now, many guns in hand, no one knows bad guy from good;a second shot,then hundreds…


  6. So you think that a person who is of the mindset to kill as many people as possible will suddenly change his attitude because there are no guns to be had? Sick people are sick people and wether it is a gun or a knife or a maltoff cocktail the deed will be attempted. Why is there no discussion about what medications these mass shooters were possibly using and what effect does the medication that is doled out like candy by medical “professionals” have on the minds of it’s recipients? I for one have carried a gun on my side for over 36 years and somehow have managed not to kill anyone or been involved in an OK Corral shootout. On the other hand I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to stop others who did not purchase a weapon legally and made an attempt to forever sever the rights of other Americans. One of my sons was present at a church that was visited by a mentally deranged person and was consequently shot in the back while several of his friends were killed. If there had been someone there that had been armed to protect against this type of violence, lives would have been saved. I reserve the right to defend my life and my families, gun confiscation does not work, like so many other things, education is the key.


  7. Joe,

    It truly is amazing at how the gun lobby has managed to brainwash the public into believing that any rule regarding guns is the same as “gun confiscation.”

    So the NRA publishes ridiculous ads about Obama’s kids being protected by guns. Why? Because he dares to say that background checks should be made and magazines should contain no more than 10 rounds. Oh. how terrible!

    Do you object to background check that might weed out those “sick people” you mention? Do you feel the need for a magazine carrying more than 10 rounds?

    Step back and take a deep breath and realize you are being hypnotized by the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers, who want you to believe that more and more, unregulated guns are a solution, and that really, guns aren’t any more dangerous than knives.

    The game is all about money, and you are just a pawn in the game. The gun manufacturers and the NRA have you mouthing their slogans about knives and Molotov cocktails, so they can get rich over your son’s blood.

    How did the guy who shot your son get a gun? The gun lobby put it in his hand.

    Wake up and think.


  8. Sir,
    It’s not a slogan, it’s the truth and the fact that you believe that the government has your best interest at heart and they are so concerned about you and me tells me that you are the one that is brain-washed. You need to wake up and think for yourself. The gun is not the problem and yes it is historically true that when governments begin regulation, confiscation follows. If you check your facts, the pharmaceutical companies make far, far more profits from Americans than any gun manufacturer, and it is the government that promotes war and bombings all across the globe without justification and then tells Americans we are too violent. The President has the right to protect his children, I have no problem with that. I have a problem with hypocrites trying to tell me how to live and protect my life and my families life. The Constitution, first, last and always.


  9. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your website? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from some
    of the information you present here. Please let me know
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