The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.

Employing illegal aliens to build his casinos, then cheating them out of their wages didn’t do it.

Groping women didn’t do it. Consorting with whores didn’t do it. Cheating on three wives didn’t do it.

Blackmailing Ukraine didn’t do it. Secret meetings to support Putin and to gain Putin’s support didn’t do it. Love letters to Kim didn’t do it.

More than 35,000 lies didn’t do it. Repeatedly taking the 5th Amendment after saying that taking the 5th was for criminals didn’t do it.

Insulting gold-star parents didn’t do it. Saying soldiers who died for their country were “suckers” didn’t do it.

Equating fascist and anti-semites with people who oppose fascists and anti-semites didn’t do it

Spreading lies and bigotry about Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, gays, and pregnant women didn’t do it.

First denying COVID, the delaying response so that hundreds of thousand of Americans unnecessarily died


Cheating on his income taxes didn’t do it.

Running a fraudulent “university” to cheat thousand of students didn’t do it.

Running a fraudulent foundation didn’t do it.

Paying $25 million in fines for his criminality didn’t do it.

Fifty failed lawsuits to overturn the election didn’t do it. Threatening and pleading with state government officials to take illegal actions to steal the election didn’t do it. Saying that Vice President Pence deserved to be hung didn’t do it.

Consorting with, and hiring, dozens of criminals, didn’t do it.

Planning and encouraging a coup against the American government didn’t do it. Refusal to halt the insurrection didn’t do it. Telling the Proud Boys and other traitors, “We love you” didn’t do it.

Continuing to this day, spreading lies about the stolen election didn’t do it.

Encouraging the ouster of good Republicans simply because they told the truth didn’t do it.

Being ousted from social media for lying didn’t do it.

Trying to take healthcare insurance from the poor didn’t do it. Giving tax breaks to the rich didn’t do it.

Being an ineffective President who spent most of his time playing golf and tweeting insults didn’t do it.

None of those things turned a cowardly, immoral, compliant GOP against Trump.

But this picture finally will put him in jail, though the GOP only will turn against him, not for ethical or occupational reasons, but for a political reason: He will lose elections and go to jail.

And this picture of illegally held classified documents, found at Mar-a-Lago will put him there:

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4 thoughts on “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.

  1. A few highly intelligent, insightful comments from Trumpers. Gotta love ’em, misspellings and all:

    Trump 4 King has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”: Another person with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get a life you leach!

    Nomorelies has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”: This article has so many hole it it. And the moron who wrote is is a fuckimg dumb ass POS. Don’t believe any of this crap! Just more bullshit leftest lies! Bulshit!!!!! And you support a clild rapest!!!! Peto Pete!

    Anonymous has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”:
    This photo is a f*cking JOKE! “ANYBODY” who has ever worked for the US government KNOWS that literally ALL confidential, secret, and top secret documents (which appear to be all that’s IN these photos) are OVER-CLASSIFIED, way-too-long-in-years “classified”, and no longer of even minimal value.
    They are literally OBSOLETE, and “should never have been classified to begin with”. The only factor which matters are the NAMES of the FEDERAL CRIMINALS, AT LEAST BACK TO JFK. THOSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DECLASSIFIED YEARS AGO — ALL OF THEIR “CLASSIFIED” SH*T” is literally TRASH, EXCEPT FOR “THE NAMES OF THE FEDERAL PERPETRATORS” (THE FEDS THEMSELVES). THAT IS WHAT THEY’RE HIDING, NOTHING ELSE. ALL these MINOR classifications they’ve pictured amount to a waste of time, a waste of “classification”, and ZERO hill of beans!
    Slimey has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”:
    What about that beloved Negro sodomite of yours? The Muslim that usurped American and failed. What about Josef Bitem? The NOTORIOUS pedophile that does not even bother to hide it anymore? Or his son with NOTORIOUS business dealing with our mortal enemy China? Not to mention of strong evidence both of them could be blackmailing US?
    I could write a column FOOL of their NOTORIOUS crimes but I shant. Because it’s already out there if you ever bother to read it and looks like you don’t because your HATRED of white country that gave you SO MUCH takes precedence you uckfing MORON. 😑
    Strongsword has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”:
    more great satire. thank you for the laugh hahaha πŸ˜†
    USMCREESE has commented on your story “The photo that finally will put Trump in jail.”:
    The Fuckery is everywhere


  2. Where else was this posted? Those comments sound like a reddit thread, or the twitter.

    I do have a quibble. Although Trump provided much public evidence of his admiration for Putin, take a look at what policies were actually implemented against Russia while he was president. Actions vs. words. He implemented sanctions and took other measures against Russia. I’ll admit I haven’t done extensive research on this, but I have read some interesting posts on Trump’s actions in regards to Russia. I’m just saying it’s more nuanced than “Trump loves Putin”.

    I also have to join the skeptics that think even keeping classified material will not be enough to send Trump to jail, although he very much deserves it. I think the DOJ is scared of the consequences of indicting Trump.

    First, they can’t bring a case that isn’t watertight, no, airtight. Trump is too slippery with his claims that “I didn’t know him/her” or “I don’t remember” and, of course, the fifth amendment. He’s very good at plausible deniability.

    Second, I think the DOJ is scared of the public response in the form of riots and other violence. I’m not convinced they should be after seeing some of the perpetrators of the Capitol riots morph from tough guys into submissive beggars for mercy when they’re looking at jail time. The tough guys like Proud Boys (with their own FBI informant), or Patriot Front, etc. may not turn out to be so tough.

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  3. “…the DOJ is scared of the public response in the form of riots…”

    Scared, yes, but unable to respond to a threat, NO. After all, the DOJ suits won’t be doing the fighting, the frontline, police-soldiers will. Failing to respond sets a precedent for other jerks to do same. Americans love a good war, especially if we think we’re right from the get-go. Trump’s best hope is if he can stall past the deadline. Otherwise, Batten down the hatches.


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