The dumbest political party in U.S. history–dumbed down by Trump.

This says it all:

Please let me know if you hear of anything more stupid, heartless, and cowardly than this.

Thank you #DumbTrumpers. How many children will you kill today?

7 thoughts on “The dumbest political party in U.S. history–dumbed down by Trump.

  1. Florida GOP resistance is from fear of Rump voter backlash, not science. To behave contrary to Rumpism may cost them votes and power. Only a few, thank God, have the integrity to stand up for what’s right, like Cheney. Nonvaxers who get Covid = poetic justice.


  2. The idiocy and hypocrisy is breathtaking. It’s mind boggling how the drumpfer’s swallow hook, line, and sinker into the lies and misinformation.


  3. I see this as a selfish ME thing vs. a big picture You and Me thing. Ostensibly, no-maskers want their kids to “look” good and be free to breathe all over the place while claiming individual choice as their guiding principle. I find it difficult to understand how parents who clearly love their kids can simultaneously fail to want to protect them at all costs. It just doesn’t add up. It has to be politics, it cannot be love or logic. There’s no politics in wearing a seat belt.


    1. #DumbTrumpers are devoid of logic or human compassion. Trump single-handedly has created a Hitleresque America. When it happened in Germany, we all wondered how an entire nation could go insane. Not we have our answer, as it is happening here.


  4. Actually, Trump was more efficient than Hitler. Trump apparently hit a nerve with a majority all on his own. Hitler had the help of The Treaty of Versailles authored by Americans Charles Dawes and Owen Young. Their two impossible repayment plans caused Germany to heatedly refuse to pay back, settling instead on going to war, while incorrectly blaming Jews for their financial woes.

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