Who is the “crazed, crying, lowlife dog”?

The President of the United States just called this woman “a crazed, crying, lowlife, dog.”

Image result for omarosa

Fox News and the rest of Trump’s excuse-making followers say, “Oh, well, that’s just Trump being Trump.”

Whether you like her or not, this is not something that should be fobbed off as “Oh, well.” This is way over the line for any American leader. This is hate-filled insanity.

True Americans are thoroughly disgusted by having this terrible excuse for a human being as President.

Enough, already.




3 thoughts on “Who is the “crazed, crying, lowlife dog”?

  1. Truly impeach. I, too, am revolted by the school yard bully immaturity of #45. (I loath to call him by the title and demean it.)


    1. John, and I’ll bet you are amazed at the people who make excuses for, or ignore, everything obnoxious he says and everything revolting he does, as though they are hypnotized cult members. I have well-educated friends whose answer for every corrupt thing is “Hillary” or “Obama.”

      The world has gone nuts.


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