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Donald Trump has made his livelihood conning the gullible.

Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump’s Casinos, Trump Shuttle, Trump Mortgage, Trump Vodka were based on smoke and mirrors, and often, gullible investors lost money.

“Make America Great, Again” is a similar con job for the gullible voter. Trump wishes to convince the suckers that America once was “great,” no longer is “great,” but he can make it “great” again.

His plans to “Make America Great, Again” include: Building a gigantic wall between the U.S, and Mexico, deporting innocent men, women and children, taking citizenship away from children born in America, torturing captives, bigotry against Muslims, making healthcare unaffordable for millions, allowing people to own any sort of gun, and “out-dealing” China and Russia.

To those without sense, America’s lack of a giant wall, insufficient bigotry, failing to torture captives and not enough high powered weaponry has caused our fall from greatness, while adding these things will raise us back to greatness.

Which brings us to three questions:

–What exactly is it that makes a nation “great”?
–What made America formerly great that now no longer exists to make us “great”?
–What is being proposed that would return America to greatness?


We often think of “great” nations as large and militarily powerful. By that measure, Russia and China would be considered great. Do you agree?

Also, by that measure, the U.S. has been “great” since at least 1940, so there is no reason to “make America great, AGAIN.”

While population size, and military and economic power are important factors, I suggest that the following are the real measures of historical greatness:

Measure #1. A nation is measured great by how its government and its citizens treat the poorest, least powerful of its people.

In America, the Gap between the rich and the rest has grown dramatically.
The higher the GINI ratio, the more unequal is income.

We suffer from a large and growing income and a wealth Gap. But more importantly, it is a power Gap, aided and abetted by the Supreme Court’s “money is speech” decisions, culminating with the Citizens United opinion.

The Supreme Court neither understands nor cares that extreme wealth in politics . . . corrupts the very foundation of one person, one voice, one vote.

The Court always understands abstract concepts that empower corporations and wealthy politicians, but rarely understands abstract concepts that empower individuals and protect democracy.

An argument can be made that America reached the zenith of its greatness during four periods of our history: The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II and the Lyndon Johnson administration.

The three wars were “noble wars” in which we pledged “our lives, our fortune and our sacred honor” to fight against evils — the evil of royal dictatorship, the evil of slavery and the evil of Naziism.

The Lyndon Johnson administration’s record was less pure. In general, he fought against the evils of poverty and bigotry.

Poll taxes (the South’s perennial campaign to disenfranchise the poor, now being repeated with the demand for official picture IDs for voting) were abolished

Johnson signed: The Civil Rights Act, the Economic Opportunity Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Medicare, and Medicaid. He appointed a black man, Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court (despite long delays and vicious questioning by Southern Senators)

While the Vietnam war deservedly sullied Johnson’s reputation, there never was a period in American history when a President fought so hard and so successfully on behalf of the poor. Johnson’s Vietnam merely demonstrated the imperfections in even the best of us.

Measure #2. A nation is measured as “great” by its moral leadership.

In the short term, there always can be “rational” defenses for realpolitik.

There are “good” excuses to build a wall on our Mexican border, “good” excuses to deport undocumented immigrants, “good” excuses to demand picture IDs for voting, “good” excuses to intern Japanese during WWII, “good” excuses to torture prisoners, “good” excuses to prosecute whistle-blowers, “good” excuses to shoot unarmed black men, and “good” excuses for bigotry against Muslims, other non-Christians, blacks, browns, and gays.

There were “good” excuses for slavery, attacks on abortion providers, universal gun carry and “stand your ground,” refusal to consider a Supreme Court nomination, and cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

It almost is axiomatic that “good” excuses can be found for every evil.

But a great nation is a moral leader, and morality does not allow “good” excuses to support immoral acts.

Measure #3. A great nation is measured by its scientific leadership.

The human species separates itself from other species by its use of science which is systematic procedures for observation, experimentation, prediction, proof, and disproof. True science should not be determined by political power, influence, prestige, or authority.

In science, the opinions of the king, the Pope, the Bible, and the President are secondary to proven fact. Providing such proof requires education; a great nation is measured by the free, uncompromised education its people receive.

America provides free K-12 education of varying quality. Some of it is tainted by poor school systems, poor teaching skills, and religious or political indoctrination.

The United States spends more per student on education than any other country. In 2014, the Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit rated US education as 14th best in the world, just behind Russia.

Other surveys place us at 27th out of 34 countries in math performance and 20th in science performance.

Many factors account for the student results, including: Poverty, student home life, curricula, unions, politics and teacher quality.

According to a report published by the U.S. News & World Report, of the top ten colleges and universities in the world, eight are American. Sadly, finances prevent many students from attending college.

In summary, those are my three suggested measures: How a nation treats its poor, moral leadership and scientific leadership.

If you have other measures of national greatness, please submit them in your comments.

Then go to the web sites of the five people still running for President, and see which of them offers specific proposals (not patriotic generalities) that would bring this time in America, historical greatness.

The issues are discussed at:

Donald Trump

Ted Cruz

John Kasich

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Based on their specific recommendations, which of the above would be most likely to have a “great” administration?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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