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Bernie Sanders has a litmus test for his Supreme Court nominations:

By Eric Bradner, CNN, Updated 10:58 AM ET, Sun May 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders says he’d have a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees if he’s elected president: They’d all support overturning the Citizens United decision.

The Vermont senator who’s seeking the Democratic presidential nomination said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he wants to “overturn this disastrous decision” that allowed unfettered spending on politics by unions and corporations, rolling back campaign finance contribution limits.

He said Sunday that mega-donors like the conservative brothers Charles and David Koch will play an outsized role in determining the party nominees in 2016.

“There is in my view massive dissatisfaction in this country today with corporate establishment and the greed of corporate America,” Sanders said.

The court decided Citizens United in 2010, but in the decision encouraged Congress to pass more robust campaign spending disclosure laws. Congress, however, has failed to do so.

In principle, I find such litmus tests abhorrent. The notion of a judge, saying in advance, how he or she will vote on any case, before even hearing the case, is a mockery of justice.

Oh, let’s get real. Every nominee for the Supreme Court has stated, either overtly or via his opinions, where he stands on a myriad of issues. I cannot imagine a President submitting a nominee, without have a very good fix on how that nominee will vote.

Oh, let’s get even more real. Supreme Court justices love to demonstrate their independence, and in doing so, a strange thing happens: They often become more progressive.

Perhaps the reason is that they begin to understand the massive human implications of their decisions. It is one thing to judge an individual case in a lower court, a case that has meaning primarily for a single claimant and a single defendant.

It is quite another thing to judge a case that has implications for every man, woman and child in America — a case that if judged wrongly, can shatter thousands, if not millions, of lives.

Thus, a judge may enter the Supreme Court viewing himself as a strict constructionist or even an originalist. Later, he may come to care more about history’s view of him, and realize those rigid legal, but inhumane, decisions will not long be admired.

Justice Scalia, for instance, despite his acknowledged brilliance, never seemed to understand. My belief is history will not remember him kindly — his passionate concurrences in such cases as Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and his statements that money is free speech.

I also believe Justice Roberts may have been trying to lift his own place in history, with his defense of the Affordable Care Act in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius and again in King v. Burwell.

We never will know his motives, but while denying health care coverage to millions of poor citizens may not have troubled Republican consciences, Roberts may have taken the longer and more compassionate view.

Bottom line: The Supreme Court is a political organization, with decisions being made on the basis of personal ideology and only later justified via often twisted legal interpretations.

Scalia knew full well that money is not speech, but if he voted “wrong,” who would pay for his posh hunting vacations?

Compassion is not the conservatives’ long suit. Their religion is harsh and without love. Theirs is a mean and selfish God.

In the battle between the poor and powerless vs. the rich and powerful, I find myself leaning leftward. I believe our greatest SC justices have been compassionate.

I hope Bernie becomes President, and if he doesn’t, I hope Hillary Clinton does, and that she exhibits his compassion for the those in America and the world, who need it most.

I know for certain, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz won’t.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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