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A man I know — an intelligent man — made what I consider to be an unintelligent comment about a candidate.

He said, “I like Donald Trump because he says what he thinks and he tells the facts.

I was so taken aback by this, I barely could mumble, “Adolph Hitler said what he thinks, and Trump’s ‘facts’ are bullshit.”

With each passing day, Trump will be shown to be a lying bigot, whose appeal will shrink as thinking Americans begin thinking, and the bigots slink back into the shadows.

At least I pray so.

That said, I began to think about Trump’s (and Hitler’s) appeal.

I suspect that what my friend really meant is, “I like Donald Trump because he says what I think and he tells the facts I want to believe.

I don’t think my friend is a bigot. I think he is hoping for solutions to what he has been told repeatedly by the Tea/Republicans, namely: Undocumented immigrants are a serious problem; they are criminals, who are taking jobs and costing taxpayers money.

All non-factual, but emotions beat facts every time.

The facts are:
1. Undocumented immigrants are less likely to be criminals than are American citizens in the same economic position.
2. Immigrants create jobs by being consumers
3. They don’t cost federal taxpayers one dime. Though short term they may cost local taxpayers money, longer term, they themselves will be taxpayers, who will support the community.)

In short, the Tea/Republican Party, in its rapacious craving for political power, has created a monster scapegoat: “Evil” Mexican immigrants.

And now that Trump has tossed that tar baby into the political ring, the Tea/Republicans are furiously backpedaling, trying to wipe the tar off.

Watch as first Rick Perry, the strongly anti-immigrant governor, suddenly realizes he is about to get stuck with tar:

Donald Trump feuds with Rick Perry, calls him dumb

Donald Trump has jumped back into the ring — this time for an all-out brawl with fellow Republican presidential contender Rick Perry.

Trump started the feud with multiple comments in recent weeks bashing Perry’s work securing the border while serving as governor of Texas.

After several measured defenses of his border policies, on Thursday Perry finally fired back with a more aggressive statement, saying, “What Mr. Trump is offering is not conservatism, it is Trump-ism — a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense.”

“Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his fundamental misunderstanding of border security,” said Perry.

Trump tweeted back: “.@GovernorPerry just gave a pollster quote on me. He doesn’t understand what the word demagoguery means.”

Governor Perry, you and your fellow Tea/Republicans created the lies that made the Donald Trump monster possible, and now you’re receiving your just reward.

Now perhaps you know how the immigrants feel when they are viewed as stupid criminals and a detriment to America.

The Republican-on-Republican smackdown was Trump’s second of the day.

On Thursday morning, the New Yorker published an interview with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who said that Trump had “fired up the crazies” in the Republican party.

Trump responded by tweeting that McCain “should be defeated in the primaries.”

“Graduated last in his class at Annapolis — dummy!” Trump added.

Suddenly, for the Tea/Republicans, it’s not as much fun tossing stones of stupidity at helpless immigrants. The stones of stupidity are coming back, and one of your own is tossing them.

Mr. Trump’s comments about Mexicans are creating anxiety among many in his party, who fear his remarks will set back the GOP even further with the fast-growing Latino population just as presidential candidates such as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are reaching out to them.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus urged Mr. Trump in a phone call Wednesday to “tone it down.”

“Tone it down.” What is that supposed to mean?

Does “tone it down” mean: “It’s O.K. to lie and vilify good and innocent men, women and children, who desperately want to build a better life — but just don’t jeopardize our election”?

Does “tone it down” mean: “We hate them as much as you do, and after the votes are counted, we’ll deport them all, but for now, please just pretend to like them”?

Hitler gained power by tapping into the fears and bigotry of the German (and Austrian and French) people. Trump is gaining the the polls by tapping into the fears and bigotry of conservatives.

Hitler led his nation to a well deserved disaster. Trump is leading his party to a well-deserved disaster.

Hitler tarred his scapegoats with the black lies the populace already believed. Trump is tarring immigrants with the black lies Tea/Republicans already believe.

But now that the tar, created by the right wing, has begun to splash on them, they wish to disassociate from their self-created disaster.

Trump says exactly what conservatives have been saying and implying; he just says it louder and more bluntly.

Cartoonists create caricatures to demonstrate reality. Trump is the caricature that demonstrates the reality of the Tea/Republican Party.

Now the conservatives look in the mirror, and see the tar all over them — and the picture is frightening.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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