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Do we need some form of gun control? Today’s headline in the Washington Times was, Colorado voters deal blow to gun control with stunning recall of 2 Democrats, By Valerie Richardson-The Washington Times.

Read some of the comments by those who have read the article. Then, ask yourself, “Are these the people we should trust carrying loaded, semi-automatic guns with large clips?”

• Bloomberg is crying tonight.
He should stick to his idiotic holy war against large sodas and table salt because Americans still love their constitutional rights.

• Yeah, the COURTS decided they did not care for his NAZI tactics, all Radical Dems are nothing but Commies, and potential terrorists,count on them to always TAKE away your rights, always.
Just look at what we have for an excuse for a POTUS.A freaking Socialist Radical.

• Though he is a socialist radical, and that can’t be denied — it’s becoming apparent that he’s even more ominous. According to the now betrayed Egyptian faction of the Muslim Brotherhood – Obama is a member of the Islamic Brotherhood. When you consider his policies it gives credence to that.

In Egypt he ousts our ally and invites in the Brotherhood. When the people of Egypt threw out Morsi, Obama didn’t applaud. He brooded quietly to see if he could help the deposed faction return to power. He took out the neutered, reformed, terrified-into-behaving-well Kadaffi and let the Muslim Brotherhood have Libya.

All these middle eastern leaders are tyrants, Assad no less so — but here again he wants to help the Brotherhood and its coalition of terrorist groups. The tyrants are the only option in nations infested with Islamic extremism. He knows that. He knows that removing dictators brings a new member to the coalition that will form the Caliphate. We are dealing with evil of monumental proportions. Have you heard one single syllable of regret or alarm that Christians are being killed. No, you haven’t. Obama posed as a Christian for political advantage. He’s a cold-blooded liar, which is why his lies are not visible to most. He killed Osama, he likes to say. That proves nothing. When one Mafia don kills another it isn’t proof that he’s not a mafiosa — it’s proof that he is.

When O was first elected the O’Reillys of the world said they “weren’t buyin’ it,” that he was a socialist. Now communist is a more appropriate term and Islamic radical is gaining plausibility.

• Obama had two moslem Fathers. What were they Sheite or Sunni. What group is the Brotherhood… just asking.

• Its what propagandists and Democrats do, they twist words and deny, they go by their god Alinsky the Communist.

• Thanks to Bloomberg and Democrats like these two freshly recalled, I buy one box of my favorite ammo less every month and donate the amount to the NRA instead so they can keep up the good fight.

There were four million of us prior to 2012 elections. There are five million of us now. There are 95 million as yet unaffiliated gun-owners and altogether we legally own 300 million guns (and growing).

You guys are doing a bang-up job motivating us to safeguard our rights.

• It was the will of the people against big out of state government and going against the Constitution of the United States. Unless the Democrats roll back Senator Feinstein’s and Janet Reno’s Gun Free Zone that has drawn kid killers out of the woodwork there will be more elections like this. Get rid of “Gun Free Zone’s” before there is another massacre of innocents, what does the Democrats want, more bodies? Democrats are still making schools targets for the deranged.

• YOU got it, WHERE have all the heinous attacks happened?,in GUN FREE ZONES.
What cities and states have the higjest murder rates,the one’s with the toughest gun control laws.

• If you think the 2nd Amendment is evil, you probably don’t have much respect for the 1st Amendment either, and in your case, it shows!

• I have never said the Second Amendment is evil. I think the second amendment is a valuable one, however, I think some gun-toting nuts are too extreme with their guns. We have guns in our home – both handguns and rifles -but, I don’t feel I need a 50 bullet clip to shoot. If I did, I would need to go back to the shooting range.

• If you don’t want those fine. I do. So mind your own freakin business!

Bottom line, gun control laws are bad because:

1. Bloomberg is against salt and soft drinks

2. Bloomberg uses NAZI tactics. People who want gun control are Radical Dems, commies and potential terrorists and Obama is a Socialist, Islamic Radical

3. Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a communist and a socialist – and he had two moslem Fathers.

4. Propagandists and Democrats go by their god, Alinsky the Communist

5. GUN FREE zones draw kid killers out of the woodwork

6. The cities and states with the highest murder rates have the toughest gun laws.

Who could deny such impeccable logic?

Visualize these folks carrying guns. Visualize getting into an argument with them, perhaps in a bar or while driving. Visualize them being really, really angry at you.

Pray the Supreme Court would step in to protect you.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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