–Times are bad, so let’s toss out the aliens. Protectionism always has worked for us in the past.

Mitchell’s laws: The more budgets are cut and taxes increased, the weaker an economy becomes. Until the 99% understand the need for deficits, the 1% will rule. To survive long term, a monetarily non-sovereign government must have a positive balance of payments. Austerity = poverty and leads to civil disorder. Those, who do not understand the differences between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty, do not understand economics.

Here are a few excerpts from an article that is sure to precede months of controversy.

Washington Post
Young illegal immigrants’ amnesty could tighten competition for jobs, college
By Pamela Constable, Published: June 15

President Obama has just opened a floodgate of opportunity for young illegal immigrants in the United States, but could it squeeze the aspirations of legal Americans in the process?

A “floodgate” of opportunity? You mean like millions of aliens will be flooding into the United States? Let’s get real:

1. The population of the United States is about 315 million.

2. According to the article, “An estimated 1.4 million children and young adults live in the United States illegally.” So we will be giving temporary, legal status to what amounts to four tenths of 1% of our population. Some “flood.”

3. The “young illegal immigrants” already live here. They won’t be “flooding” anything. All this will do is allow them to do legally, what they have been doing illegally.

Across the nation Friday, immigrant advocates and Hispanic youth groups hailed Obama’s decision to offer legal status to some undocumented immigrants under 30 as a watershed in U.S. immigration history and a long-sought victory for ambitious youths denied a chance to realize the American dream.

“I thank God for this day. It has changed my whole life,” Jorge Acuna, 19, a college student in Silver Spring who came to the United States with his family as a child. . . Now, under the amnesty, he will be able to pursue his degree in engineering.

Will the U.S. benefit or suffer from young Mr. Acuna’s degree in engineering?

But opponents of illegal immigration warned that the policy could create significant new competition for jobs and university slots at a time of nationwide recession and numerous states’ efforts to curb public spending.

“I see a tidal wave coming,” said Brad Botwin, president of Help Save Maryland, a group that opposes legalization for undocumented immigrants. “Half of our college graduates today can’t find jobs, and the unemployment rate for high-school-aged Americans is extremely high. This is unfair to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who are out there struggling to get ahead.”

From a “flood,” we now have moved to a “tidal wave.” What next, a tsunami? He says, “Half of our college graduates today can’t find jobs.” Really? I’d love to see the statistics on that one. And why can’t people find jobs? Because that four tenths of one precent is taking all of them? Gimme a break.

This is typical of the xenophobic, protectionist, scare tactics we always see during difficult times. Yes, the economy is recovering too slowly, and yes, unemployment is too high, but is that really because of undocumented aliens?

Every time this nation suffers, the panic mongers turn us into fortress America. During the Great Depression, we tried to “keep jobs from going overseas,” by increasing import duties. You know how well that worked.

Under the new policy, as many as 1.4 million undocumented immigrants under age 30 will be able to apply for the amnesty, allowing them to work and attend college legally. To be eligible, they must have been in the United States for five years, have no criminal record, and attend high school or college or be a military veteran.

The panic mongers would like to toss out young people who attend high school or college or served our nation in the armed forces, and who have no criminal record. Are these the people who are a danger to America?

The policy does not provide permanent legal residency, but it protects those who qualify from being deported and gives them a chance to renew their new status every two years. It also does not grant any public benefits, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Federal law already grants all undocumented immigrants the right to a public-school education and emergency hospital care.

Why no Medicare or Medicaid? There are two other choices: Sick children could go to those expensive hospital emergency rooms. Alternatively, we could let those children get sick and die. As an American, I opt for giving them Medicare or Medicaid. The federal government could pay, and there need be no additional taxes. So, why not?

“Texas and California will definitely benefit from this,” said Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center in Los Angeles, adding that the two states have large populations of Hispanic immigrants who will now be able to open businesses, hire people and earn more.

You won’t hear that from any of the panic mongers. All they will tell you is negative myths about lost jobs.

California, Texas and eight other states have laws giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants. Maryland passed such a law, but it has been stalled by legal challenges. The new federal policy does not address this issue, however. At the other end of the spectrum, Arizona and Alabama have passed tough laws barring illegal immigrants from a range of activities and allowed police to check their legal status.

Which states are acting more like real Americans — California, Texas and the eight other states, or Arizona and Alabama, which seem to have forgotten what it means to be American?

The new federal policy is a strange compromise between compassionate, logical Americans vs the panic mongers. The whole process of becoming a citizen is so crazy, it needs to be fixed. Why does it take 5-10 years? What’s the problem? Do we really have too many consumers in America? Do we really have too many people being educated, too many people starting small businesses, too many people hiring other people, too many people who are not criminals?

Immigration advocates as well as critics said the new policy is far from an adequate substitute for an overhaul of the entire federal immigration system. “Due to congressional inaction, we have seen a lot of laws passed at the state level that in many cases only add chaos,” said Clarissa Martinez, an official of the National Council of La Raza in Washington. “Where the administration is justified and able, they should intervene, as they have done in this case. But it only intensifies the need for Congress to act.”

Congress will do the right thing, when every possible wrong thing has been tried and failed. There is no reason why becoming a citizen should take longer than a year. Someone applies, his/her background is checked, and if he’s O.K., he gets his papers. That’s all it should be. America is a long, long way from having too many people.

The most significant and contentious aspect of the new policy is that it automatically grants hundreds of thousands of people in their teens and 20s — most of them from Mexico and Central America — the right to work in the United States. Many may have already been working, but as undocumented laborers they often had to accept low wages and poor conditions.

So those people won’t be taking someone’s job; they merely will receive better pay and working conditions. And this is a bad thing??

When times are difficult, the protectionists always come crawling out of the woodwork, looking to scare you with scapegoats. In 1930’s Germany, it was the Jews, who were taking over the world. After WWII, it was the Japanese, who were producing low, cost stuff, and using their profits to buy Hawaii. More recently yet, it has been the Chinese, who are “stealing our jobs.” (Never mind that their low cost goods help prevent inflation, here.)

Today, the panic-mongers tell us to fear the undocumented Mexican immigrants. (Strangely, no concern is expressed about undocumented Canadian, British, French, or Australian immigrants. It’s the Mexican border states that are all atwitter.)

The bottom line: Rather than stealing jobs, the undocumented aliens are consumers, who through their consuming, create jobs. When they go to college, the increase in America’s brain power helps this nation grow and compete.

Bottom line: Do we really want evict all those young people, who have lived here five years, never have committed a crime and either are going to school or serving in our military? They’re here, so what do we want to do about them?

Young people, whether their skin is black, tan, yellow or white, are America’s future. We need more, not fewer, young people, to give us the energy and drive that has made America great. We should not allow the panic mongers to make xenophobes of us all.

It’s cruel and it’s bad economics.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

No nation can tax itself into prosperity, nor grow without money growth. Monetary Sovereignty: Cutting federal deficits to grow the economy is like applying leeches to cure anemia. Two key equations in economics:
Federal Deficits – Net Imports = Net Private Savings
Gross Domestic Product = Federal Spending + Private Investment and Consumption + Net exports


12 thoughts on “–Times are bad, so let’s toss out the aliens. Protectionism always has worked for us in the past.

  1. Once again you have provided a great explanation. Sane, reasonable, humane people will read, understand and accept. There just so many of the other kind.


  2. “The population of the United States is about 315 million”

    Take into account that less than half of those (who are not already unemployed, retired, underage, etc.) are actually working. Also, these new workers will be competing for jobs in a specific sector of the market in which unemployment already abounds (low-skilled and youth jobs) and will be concentrated in certain parts of the country. Good luck to the African American youth looking for a job in Southern California (if they didn’t need it already)!


  3. mmwilliams,

    ” . . . these new workers will be competing for jobs in a specific sector of the market in which unemployment already abounds . . . “

    You’re missing the whole point. They already are here. The only question is, will their young people have the opportunity to go to school and help America grow, or will these kids, who have been here at least 5 years, be hassled, and expelled?

    Good luck to America, if we let the panic mongers make us into mean, selfish xenophobes, who also don’t understand the economics of immigration. This nation was built on immigrants.

    When did your parents get here?

    I ask, because my folks arrived around the time of the Great Depression. I’m glad America was welcoming in those days.


    1. They are here but not competing in full in the low-wage labor market (they can’t get a job at McDonalds or as an office temp, for example). Also, this won’t be applied to a negligible amount (or even 1.4 million) of young people. There will be many more encouraged to come and many will simply claim to have such a status with the INS left to rubber stamp their work permits with no reliable basis to check.

      Also, America is plenty welcoming these days. We naturalize well over a million legal immigrants each year and I believe are better off for it. It’s easy (and lazy) to be sanctimonious in regards to this issue but a well thought out, completely legal and orderly immigration process would in reality be the most compassionate position in regards to the poor and low-wage workers of this country.


      1. a recent study was done about minimum wage: people working 40 hrs a week could not afford a 2 bedroom apartment.(in all 50 states) i dont believe mcdonalds pays much over minimum, never mind health insurance. roger, why would someone from canada, britain, australia, or france want to come here, atleast they have health care. our politicians should be ashamed of themselves


  4. mmwilliams,

    You said, “We naturalize well over a million legal immigrants each year”

    Perfect. You just made my point about panic-mongering. Your “well over one million” actually is about 695 thousand, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Hey, you only overstated by at least 44%, though with “well over a million” it could be a worse overstatement.

    In fact, the average number of people naturalized in the past 10 years is about 660,000, So, if my math is correct, we have naturalized about 2% of our population, in the past ten years, total. Wow, what a “flood”! What a “tidal wave”!

    And as for being sanctimonious for caring about young people (under the age of 30), who have been here at least 5 years, are in school and the military, and have had no criminal past, I plead guilty.

    And by the way, you may visualize undocumented immigrants as all picking lettuce or mowing lawns, but the President’s decision had to do with people in, or graduated from, school, or in the military. So, please stop pretending your only wish to protect the poor blacks from Southern California.

    Rationalize all you wish. One always can find a “logical” reason for cruelty and bigotry, especially when it makes no sense, economically.

    Finally, I agree that as you said, “a well thought out, completely legal and orderly immigration process would in reality be the most compassionate position.” However, the Republicans aren’t going to let that happen.

    So President Obama, after thinking, created the legal and orderly process that politics allowed him.

    Now, if only you could get the Republicans to approve something legal and orderly, you too could be accused of being sanctimonious. (And lazy.)


  5. I find that most of the tear-jerking and heart-string-pulling immigration stories involve people who, as children, immigrated with their parents. Now, through no fault of their own, they are being deported to countries where they often do not know the language or customs. A country where they have no friends, no family, no home, and no job. Furthermore, the vast majority of these people have been as good and productive as legal citizens.


  6. The panic mongers have also fallen for the lie that reducing the population will improve the economy, at least for themselves.

    The problem with our economy is not the population, but how our economic structures funnel wealth from those who create it and give it to those who own land, natural resources, and special privileges granted by the government. Whenever a society’s structures concentrate the community’s wealth and power into the hands of a few people, that society suffers large scale unemployment and widespread poverty, while a few people pull all the strings and live in luxury.

    So we if eliminated 90% of our county’s residents, but retained our existing economic structures, in a short time we’d see the same distribution of unemployment, poverty, and wealth, that we currently have.


  7. Roger writes, “This is typical of the xenophobic, protectionist, scare tactics we always see during difficult times.”

    Yes, attacks on minorities always increase during depressions. During the 1930s depression, President Hoover ordered half a million Latinos (mostly U.S. citizens), forcibly rounded up, put on trains, shipped to southern Mexico, and kicked off with no money nor means to survive. This so-called “Mexican Repatriation” has been scrubbed from history textbooks, but wikipedia has an article about it. Afterward when millions of Americans were overseas for WW II, most of those Latinos were brought back to work in U.S. fields and factories (the “Bracero Program”). 15,000 were shipped off to fight the Japanese. When the war ended, racism resumed against Latinos, especially in places like Los Angeles. By the 1980s the pendulum swung too far toward the other extreme, creating political correctness. Today, because of the depression, racism is once more in fashion.

    Whenever the bankers cause a depression, the masses do not blame the bankers. They blame minorities (plus Muslims, “liberals,” homosexuals, or whatever). This happens in every nation.

    The bankers love this. It keeps the masses distracted and bickering.

    The worst rioting in the history of New York City was during the U.S. civil war, when the U.S. government decreed that anyone could buy his way out of the military draft by paying 300 dollars (which was a lot of money in those days). This enraged the white New York masses, but who did they riot against? Who did they physically attack? Politicians who issued the decree? The rich, who easily avoided the draft? No, they attacked neighborhoods of poor minorities, especially Blacks. The rioting only ended when Lincoln sent in the army, whereon all the racists marched off to die.

    Mass stupidity, selfishness, and self-righteousness. The 1% loves it.


  8. If you’re a nationalist, as in the jingoist ‘my country is better than yours’ type, you should be doing everything you can to promote immigration. Up to and including making things cushier for immigrants than ‘native born’ people.

    Demographics is destiny. The U.K., barring some crazy demographic event like a NUCLEAR WAR, is damned to second-rate European power because its population is stalled out. Even though Russia is a basket case right now, they could seriously become big man on campus again by getting their act together despite generations of putzing around. Because they have hundreds of millions of people in their country. Hundreds of millions of potential consumers and voters and recruits. Stalin managed to change Russia from backwater to global superpower in one generation; imagine what a capitalist government dedicated to the enrichment of human rights could achieve rather than whatever weirdness Putin is up to.

    If I was dictator of the United States (or Brazil, or Canada, or Japan, or any monetarily sovereign nation) and solely concerned with increasing the power of my country, the first thing I would do is offer every country in the world a bounty for deporting prisoners and undesirables and poor people to my borders. All expenses paid. And when they got here, giving them some land and a job and/or rebate. I’d especially target the European and North African nations, because they’re being extra-stupid about immigration.

    I mean, seriously, WTF France? You have the chance to snatch most powerful nation status from Germany in about 40 years and you have idiots like Sarkozy going ‘we have too many immigrants’.

    Back to America, Obama and Romney, whoever wins, will probably be THE reason why/if America went into permanent decline. Not because of the bad economy, because that can be fixed, but because of their idiocy towards immigration.


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