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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so you know what that makes me, for I am about to rush in to a discussion of (yikes!) religion.

I suspect that virtually all religions are based, at least partly, on morality, and morality usually is based on the Golden Rule. Despite what fundamentalists sometimes do, the fundamentals of religion are not how you dress, but how you act toward others – not how many prayers you recite, but how many people you help – not how often you attend a house of worship, but how often you put the welfare of others before your own.

In the previous post, How President Obama surrendered the principles of the Democratic Party, and lost the health care battle, I criticized the President for not emphasizing the morality of Obamacare, but rather being diverted into a discussion of cost. Yet, what is the real purpose of the program?

The real purpose is not to cut costs. We easily could do that by reducing coverages. Rather, the purpose is to care for people who otherwise would have difficulty caring for themselves. The purpose is to aid people who have pre-existing conditions, or sudden, unexpected health events. The purpose is to help our fellow Americans who need our help.

And that is why I am so disappointed in the religious right. If anyone should understand and empathize with the desire to help the poor and the sick, it should be the religious. And the most religious should understand and empathize the most. Yet, it is the religious right who object most strongly – most selfishly, I should add – to the program.

And they object for the thinnest of excuses: Because a few people don’t want to “be forced to” buy health care insurance, and would rather . . . I don’t know what. That’s the reason?

Charity is a foundation of most religions. And yes, I know; charity begins at home. But it doesn’t end at home. And I simply can’t get it through my mind that people who pride themselves on being God-loving and God-fearing, could be so callous toward their fellow human beings.

I can’t get it through my mind that a guy who is apoplectic about pornography, is unmoved about real human suffering. I can’t get it through my mind that people who are angry about the illegality of aliens care nothing about the immorality of preventable sickness. I can’t get it through my mind that people incensed about gay marriage, are not equally incensed about dying children.

Who is at fault? It begins with the clergy. They are our teachers, the moral leaders of our community. Yet, where are their voices? Where are the demands that our underclass be helped? Where are the marches for the poor? How can the clergy stand before their flocks, preach goodness and mercy in the abstract, yet not care that people are sick and dying needlessly?

Did the recession make us cold? I think not. When other forms of misery occur in America – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, fires – we rush out to help the misfortunate. Why not now? Is it politics? Is winning an election so important that it overrides compassion and human decency?

This is an appeal to America’s clergy. If you know a better way to help the sick and handicapped, fine. What is it? Speak up, now. One way or another, let the world hear your voices. Let the world see America as a kind, generous, religious nation, not just a pious one.

Clergy, please do your job. And if you don’t know what that is, ask your god.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

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