Compassionate Republicans speak

Background: We all (except for American Indians) are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, who came to America seeking a better life.

A few of us were rich; most of us were poor, but back in the day, the Americans already living here were compassionate.

So we were accepted. And together, citizen and illegal immigrant, we built America and made it truly great.

Today, the right wing has forgotten our history, forgotten Nazi history, and forgotten compassion. We follow a leader who cares for nothing and for no one but himself, just as the Germans did during WWII.

And just as the Germans did, we follow a leader who excuses, even encourages, the torture of the unfortunate men, women, and children – those unfortunate people who only wish to do what our ancestors did: To find peace and to contribute to our nation’s greatness.

The problem is that legal immigration to America is stunningly difficult. It takes many years for all but the wealthiest, who legally are allowed to bribe their way in.

And while waiting, the men, women, and children suffer.

Our mean-spirited, exclusionary laws force these desperate people to cross illegally, and for that, some of us label them criminals (though once here, they are more honest, on average, than are our citizens).

Today, Breitbart, a right-wing source of information, published an article titled, “University of Florida Encourages Students to ‘Come Out’ as Illegal Aliens

Here are word-for-word responses to the Breitbart article, from compassionate Republicans, demonstrating how the right wing would “make America great again.

vwjack DiogenesDespairs • 7 hours ago
It’s time for American citizens to force their government to deal with the following question: What law do I get to break with no repercussions? By not enforcing the immigration laws the federal government has created a special class of people who are not subject to the law…………..why are American citizens not afforded the same consideration? Perhaps tens of millions of Americans not filing a tax return would get their attention.

Tumbleweed7 vwjack • 4 hours ago
What responsible parent would send their son or daughter
(and pay tuition) to attend a “college” that encourages illegal aliens to use it as a sanctuary.

bobj • 9 hours ago
Don’t want illegal aliens in our country. Go home and apply for legal immigration.
To trespass and illegally enter, they are nothing more than third world criminals.
Why bother having laws if no one to respect or obey?
Without laws we have anarchy and chaos. That’s not the United States.
Either follow the law or get the hell out! You offer nothing of value.

Mike Smith bobj • 4 hours ago
Build the Wall! Deport them All!!

ElGee • 8 hours ago
Ashley said it perfectly! I’d like to also add that these illegals are STEALING from the legal citizens whenever they receive any type of handout.

R A Reed • 8 hours ago
As a taxpayer I want this University sued for mis-appropriation of tax dollars. Sued for falsifying federal documents. Sued for harboring criminals. Sued for diverting federal money from educational studies for political animus. Also, for discrimination against legal American citizens.
I want them Incarcerated in a Federal Penitentiary after their Felony Convictions under CRM 1907 Title 8 U.S.C. 1324 (a)(1)(a)(i,ii,iii,iv,v) thats 10 years and a $250K fine per count!

mcss207 • 8 hours ago
Ashley appears to be the only voice of reason. She’s right. Illegal aliens have no business receiving financial assistance of any kind for any reason.

SWAMP DRAINER • 8 hours ago
They’re just becoming more and more blatant about it because the laws aren’t being enforced

L C Smith • 5 hours ago
Illegals deserve nothing but contempt. They have no respect for the country they allegedly want to live in, no respect for immigrants doing the job the right way, and certainly they have none for the people of America from whom they demand endless freebies and special coddling.

Tumbleweed7 • 4 hours ago
Great idea. Talk the gullible ones into “coming out”, march around carrying signs and banners. It’ll make it much easier for ICE or other law enforcement officers to spot them. While they’re at it, I hope ICE will arrest any one of that college’s administration or staff who have knowingly aided and abetted these fugitives and used taxpayer’s dollars to pay for their education.

Roger White • 7 hours ago
I think that if a American citizen tells an ICE agent that they are an illegal then ICE should say fine we believe you and put them on the first flight to central America.

Ultracon • 3 hours ago
As soon as they come out, round them up and deport them

Jeff Kingston • 5 hours ago
Has anyone noticed that the “sanctuary for all” crowd seems to be composed of those who pay no taxes. Likely no jobs either. Should I mention no brains.

Divegoddess • 5 hours ago
Please do. It will make it easy rounding them up. Get them OUT!

Progs Are Mentally Incompetent • 8 hours ago
I almost wish I was back in college again. I wouldn’t be papering the campus with posters or crap like that…. I’d be quietly calling ICE after going a good ways off campus to turn in these criminals.

2Bills • 8 hours ago
How many of these illegal alien students received tax payer funded grants? Even better question is how many of them are racking up student loans that they want the tax payers to pay off?

Frosty Fish Farmer • 8 hours ago
Yes – please do! And let ICE know so they can arrange a safe ride home for your illegal alien a$$.

ttmm7 • 8 hours ago
What is the point of having a country or laws if borders and entry laws are not enforced? The University people see foreigners as a revenue stream. That’s why they are open borders. The more foreigners, the more student tuition money. They have zero appreciation for the nationhood of the U.S.

Les Landers • 4 hours ago
Look at that sad picture this is the garbage we have raised in America and to think they think they are the future leaders. GOD HELP AMERICA

Jd • 4 hours ago
Then round ‘em up and deport them

Loogie7 • 5 hours ago • edited
With the big ICE raids going on today and lasting through the weekend, the university is probably just trying to get an accurate head count to figure out how many classes it will have to cancel. In my opinion, every illegal alien on an American campus right now is a potential future Barack Obama, and that is a cost a future America cannot bear…

Nami Bazine • 5 hours ago
Yes yes by all means come out!

And then you students whose parents broke their butts to pay for your school and out of state tuition here’s some information for you to turn in these interlopers.

pete • 6 hours ago • edited
Desantis needs to remove everyone of them…so sick of the “they are here through no fault of their own”excuse as if no one is at fault. Or they cant go back to a country they know nothing about…funny how it didnt stop them from coming to a country they knew nothing about

Zatoichi • 5 hours ago
Please come out as illegal aliens… It makes it so much easier to deport you…

Jackilyn Brown • an hour ago
This Is How Our Military Sleeps, So I REALLY DONT CARE About Illegals Being Overcrowded In Detention Centers!!! 

Ironically, many of the writers undoubtedly are Christians, some even deeply religious Christians.

And one wonders what Jesus Christ would say to those “religious Christians” about these responses.

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