–When did the priests make the Constitution obsolete?

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The article, France’s Tragic Irony, By Michael Galli, was written in response to the recent terrorist actions.

The article makes reference to France’s contributions to our Constitution.

The great American experiment owes much to our brothers and sisters in France. Long before the emergence of the U.S. Empire, the works of Descartes (gift of reason), Voltaire (separation of church and state), and Rousseau (power derives from the people), helped underpin the framing of our Declaration of Independence and subsequent Constitution.

In fact, another French philosopher, Montesquieu (separation of powers), was cited more often by America’s Founding Fathers than any other historical figure save for St. Paul of the bible.

Yet when the government of France applied the reasoning of these same enlightened philosophers to oppose America’s 2003 preemptive war in Iraq, many in our nation heaped scorn upon the French.

The American press called them “wimps and weasels,” state rep Stephan Bararr sponsored a bill to ban the sale of French wine in Pennsylvania, and Congressmen Walter Jones and Bob Ney were responsible for changing the name of “french fries” to “freedom fries” in three D.C. congressional restaurants.

It is hard to escape the tragic irony visited upon France considering that the rise of ISIS is a direct result of the 2003 invasion of Iraq that her government opposed.

Yes, it is an irony that France now suffers the effects of President Bush’s misguided invasion of Iraq. But this irony has nothing to do with our Constitution, for our Constitution was obsolete before the ink dried.

Although the Constitution masquerades as a set of laws, by which the nation must abide, it is nothing of the sort.

The Constitution is a statement of desires, — an “I-hope-the-country-will-be-like this” list — written by powerful men who lived more than two centuries ago, well before antibiotics, computers, atomic bombs, airplanes, automobiles and the Internet.

The Constitution doesn’t speak of abortion or gay marriage, though the Supreme Court pretends it does. The Constitution was written and interpreted to allow for slavery, but not for women voting.

The Constitution, like the bible, says whatever the priests want it to say. In the case of the Constitution, the “priests” are the Supreme Court.

Thus suddenly, after more than 200 years, the priests tell us the Constitution now “says” everyone has the right to carry a gun down the street, and rich people can spend as much as they wish, to swing elections, and money is free speech and corporations, being people, are capable of having sincere religious beliefs.

References to the Constitution, as a means to prove a point, usually demonstrate intellectual dishonesty. One might as well reference the bible, to justify stoning a woman to death for not being a virgin — or for being gay.

Yes, the Constitution is obsolete. All that matters are the Supreme Court and the desires of the rich. They bend the Constitution as they see fit.

To quote one of the commenters on the above-mentioned post, Dale Ruff:

The Constitution did not embody the core democratic values of the Declaration of Independence (equality and consent of the governed); the Constitution was written by a totally different group of men 95% slaveowners, who feared democracy and created a strong central government controlled by rich white males (literally the 1% who were allowed to vote and run for office) in the earliest elections.

It’s time to abandon the myth/lie that the Declaration and the Constitution share the same democratic values. They do not. The Constitution was a counter-revolution, and until we understand that fact and deal with it, we will continue to be a plutocracy ruled by the 1%, pretending to be a democracy.

Until we come to terms with the anti-democratic character of our Constitution, we will fail to understand our own history and continue to make false comparisons with other nations, including France.

And therein lies the greatest danger of the widening Gap between the rich and the rest — not just the impoverishment of the middle classes and the poor, but the excessive, corrupted power of the rich.

The Constitution neither is democratic nor anti-democratic, as Mr. Ruff claims. Rather it is a general wish list, to be interpreted by whomever is in power.

It was obsolete from the very beginning, being nothing more than an all-purpose crutch to support any conceivable argument.

Because power corrupts, the only solution is to reduce the comparative power, i.e to reduce the Gap, and this would require some measure of economic understanding by the populace.

The rich don’t riot or commit personal acts of terror. They send the poor, and justify it all with corrupted interpretations of an obsolete Constitution or bible.

Muslim leaders stoke anger at non-Muslims and Christian leaders stoke anger at non-Christians. So they lash out at one another. But the anger is misdirected.

It should be aimed at the leaders who interpret our sacred documents: Our Constitution, our bible, our koran.

They shouldn’t be angry at the documents or the followers of the documents.

They should be angry at the priests.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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