Your advance look at tomorrow’s headlines

Here is your advance look at tomorrow’s headlines.


(Not possible? That’s what Germany, Italy, and Cuba thought. Who will stop him?)

Trump trade adviser says White House is ‘moving forward under the assumption there will be a 2nd Trump term’, by Kathryn Krawczyk, The Week, November 13, 2020

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro sees no reality in the very real election of President-elect Joe Biden.

In a Friday interview with Fox Business, Navarro once again relayed President Trump and his supporters’ refusal to accept the results of last week’s election.

“We’re moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said.

He then outlined how the Trump campaign and the White House “seek verifiable ballots” and “an investigation into what are growing numbers of allegations of fraud” in the election, and declared anyone who believes Biden won to be operating under “an immaculate deception.”

The preparations for a coup, continue. The GOP remains silent.

3 thoughts on “Your advance look at tomorrow’s headlines

  1. Money to support Trump court fight could flow to president
    (Associated Press)

    President Donald Trump’s campaign has been blasting out emails and text messages to supporters, raising money for an “election defense fund” to contest the outcome of last week’s election.
    WASHINGTON (AP) — As President Donald Trump’s chances of reelection dwindled last week, his campaign began blasting out a nonstop stream of emails and text messages that led to a website raising money for an “election defense fund” to contest the outcome.

    Like many hallmarks of the Trump presidency, the messages contained all-caps lettering and blatant mistruths about voter fraud during the Nov. 3 election. They also mislead supporters about where the money would go.

    Trump has promised to contest President-elect Joe Biden’s win in court. But the fine print indicates much of the money donated to support that effort since Election Day has instead paid down campaign debt, replenished the Republican National Committee and, more recently, helped get Save America, a new political action committee Trump founded, off the ground.

    The unusual way the Trump campaign is divvying up the contributions has drawn scrutiny from election watchdogs, who say Trump and his family are poised to financially benefit from the arrangement.

    “This is a slush fund. That’s the bottom line,” said Paul S. Ryan, a longtime campaign finance attorney with the good government group Common Cause. “Trump may just continue to string out this meritless litigation in order to fleece his own supporters of their money and use it in the coming years to pad his own lifestyle while teasing a 2024 candidacy.”

    Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates said Trump’s fundraising effort was not surprising. “Given the rate at which these lawsuits are being thrown out of court one after another, it’s fitting to learn that they were never engineered to succeed in the first place and are instead the dismal basis for a dog-and-pony show,” Bates said.

    Leadership PACs are intended to be used for raising money that can later be donated to other candidates, they can legally be used to pay for lavish — and questionable — expenses.


  2. SO if all the 70+ million true believers who voted for Rump gave just $1, he will have $70+ million dollars to play with. Should be interesting to see the final tally as an indication of how much hate still dwells among us. I suspect lots…and growing.


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