Trump likes Blago’s wife, and . . .

Here’s a direct Trump quote: “His wife, I think, is fantastic and I’m thinking about commuting his sentence very strongly.”

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Patti Blagojevich. Trump thinks she’s fantastic

And here is the background:

Chicago Tribune:
Trump considers ending Blagojevich’s prison term, citing Comey, ‘sleazebags’
By Rick Pearson and Jason Meisner

President Donald Trump has once again dangled the idea of commuting the 14-year prison sentence for disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, telling reporters aboard Air Force One on Wednesday night he was “very strongly” considering springing Blagojevich from prison five years early.

The president’s comments — largely echoing remarks he made 14 months ago — gave new hope to Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, who released a statement Thursday saying the family was “very hopeful that our almost 11 year nightmare might soon be over.”

But Trump also showed he has done little homework on the case since he first raised the idea of using his powers of executive clemency for Blagojevich in May 2018.

Trump repeated the same misstatement he made last year that Blagojevich was sentenced to 18 years in prison and once again mentioned only one wiretapped phone call by Blagojevich, when much of the evidence presented at trial came from witnesses who said the governor was shaking them down for campaign cash in exchange for official acts.

The victims included the then-CEO of Children’s Memorial Hospital, now Lurie Children’s Hospital, who said he was pressured to contribute tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for state funding.

“He’s been in jail for seven years over a phone call where nothing happens. But over a phone — where nothing happens. But over a phone call which, you know, he shouldn’t have said what he said, but it was braggadocio you would say.”

Such mischaracterizations have been blasted before by those who investigated and prosecuted Blagojevich.

Robert Grant, the former head of the FBI in Chicago who helped lead the sprawling Operation Board Games investigation that ultimately led to Blagojevich’s downfall, told the Tribune in May 2018, “It’s clear (Trump) has never seen any of the evidence.

“He took his talking points from Patti Blagojevich. It’s pure fantasy. This was flat-out, old-fashioned corruption, pure and simple.”

Trump: “A lot of people thought it was unfair, like a lot of other things — and it was the same gang, the Comey gang and all these sleazebags that did it.”

Well, for once he didn’t blame Hillary or Obama.

Typically, Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about, and he hopes you are too stupid to notice or care. That may be true of his most ardent fans, but not true of moral human beings.

And you surely know how Trump hates “sleazebags” like:
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
HUD Secretary Ben Carson
Campaign manager Paul Manafort
Deputy campaign manager Rick Gates
National security adviser Michael Flynn
Personal lawyer Michael Cohen
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross
Rep. Chris Collins
Rep. Duncan Hunter
Mobster Salvatore Testa
Mobster Fat Tony Salerno
Roger Stone
Felix Sater
Jeffrey Epstein
Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta
Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser George Papadopoulos
Alex Van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
Ralph Shortey
Timothy Nolan
The people who ran the crooked Trump University
The person who ran the crooked Trump Foundation
Stormy Daniels and other porn stars
Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner
Donald Trump, Jr.
And whoever the politician was that stiffed creditors out of millions by going bankrupt at least four times while running gambling casinos (Bankrupting gambling casinos?? Is that even possible?) — and now is unable to get credit from any bank in America, so must beg Russia and the Saudis for money.

But hey, Trump thinks Blago’s wife is fantastic, so . . .

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5 thoughts on “Trump likes Blago’s wife, and . . .

  1. And who can forget Trump’s comments about some unknown woman: “I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. … I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. I did try and fuck her. She was married.”

    Is anything beneath this man?


    1. And global warming is a Chinese hoax:

      Chicago Tribune:July was hottest month on Earth since records began in 1880

      July was the hottest month measured on Earth since records began in 1880, the latest in a long line of peaks that scientists say backs up predictions for man-made climate change.

      The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that July was 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 20th century average for the month.

      Because July is generally the warmest month on the calendar, meteorologists say this means it also set a new all-time monthly record for the past 140 years.

      Last month narrowly topped the previous July record, set in 2016, by 0.05 F.
      — Associated Press


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