“Good comes from bad,” Trump version

My family slogan is, “Good comes from bad.” We intone it to raise our spirits when bad things happen, and remarkably, good often does come from bad.

Image result for beautiful girl returns wallet
Excuse me sir, but I think you dropped this.

Things like, you didn’t get the house you bid on and wound up with a better house. (That happened to me.)

Or the failed job interview that resulted in a better job elsewhere.

Or, the missed train ride that led to your meeting your one, true love.

I’m sure you have personal stories like that.

Here is the Donald Trump version: Donald Trump arguably is the worst President in American history.

He incorporates into one human being, an astonishing number of really bad traits.  See: “The secret GOP checklist of Presidential requirements.”

Not only does he himself offer a litany of ignorance and immorality, but he has surrounded himself with the most unintelligent and/or immoral allies. Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos all have pleaded guilty to various crimes.

And let’s not forget the notorious Scott Pruitt, another Trump pal who was supposed to drain the swamp.

Trump has corrupted Congress, corrupted federal agencies, corrupted those around him, and attempted to corrupt the FBI, CIA, the courts, the Justice Department and many of the nations most important agencies.

One day, the nation will recover from Trump’s ignorance and perfidy regarding climate change (“a Chinese hoax”), and air pollution (“beautiful clean coal”), and immigrants (“These aren’t people. These are animals”) and trade wars (“Trade wars are good and easy to win.”) and the Affordable Care Act ( “We’re going to repeal and replace it.“) and women (“Grab her by the pussy“), and immigrants (“They’re rapists”), and the Wall (“Mexico will pay for it“) — the list is endless.

It’s no accident that Trump admires most, the likes of Putin, Kim, Duterte, and Erdogan. All but Kim rule over what once was an attempt at democracy that they destroyed.

So, you might wonder how something good could evolve from Trump’s evil Presidency. The answer is that he provides us with the perfect example of what could happen, even in America, when a shameless, lying, egomaniac gains power.

We now know. Trump’s name will become a description of democratically-elected leadership gone awry.

Many years ago, the name “Benedict Arnold” meant “traitor.” After World War II, the name “Quisling” similarly meant a special kind of traitor, a visible collaborator with the enemy.

Still today, if you use the phrase, “He’s another Hitler,” everyone understands what you mean.

And tomorrow, if anyone uses the phrase, “He’s another Donald Trump,” the world will recognize the reference to a stupid, lazy, boastful, bigoted, greedy, egomaniacal, womanizing, felonious, lying politician.

Trump has destroyed many of the previous norms that made America a great and admired nation. One day, after a long struggle, we will return to that time of admiration.

Meanwhile, the next time someone attempts to follow in his footsteps, you will have a reference — “He’s another Donald Trump” — to call attention to, and to draw a picture of, the danger.

Warning an American that a politician is another Hitler, or another Quisling, may not strike a chord, but “another Trump” will resonate. He’s one of ours. And that will be a blessing.

We were lucky this time. We mostly escaped the horrors that could have befallen us, though we will suffer for years.

Trump is a stupid man. If he were intelligent, like Hitler, Putin et al, he would not have made his obvious mistakes, and so been able to solidify his rule.

But he is so transparently unfit, he will lose power rather than gain it. Even the most obtuse among us, slowly are leaving him.

It could have happened here: Russia, Turkey, The Philippines, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Argentina, China, — all ruled by strongmen.

Thankfully, Trump’s stupidity will prevent that outcome. He fooled some of the people, but fewer every day.

(“Don’t vote for that guy; he’s another Trump.”)

Whew! That was a close one.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty
Twitter: @rodgermitchell; Search #monetarysovereignty
Facebook: Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


6 thoughts on ““Good comes from bad,” Trump version

  1. I can’t help but see Trump as comeuppance for the vast political and military malfeasance the US has indulged in. I think the great post WW2 reputation and approval of the USA has slipped starting with the assassinations in the 60’s and the Vietnam war. It’s been downhill inexorably since then. The US has figured in countless wars [217 I have seen] since 1950 and is still at it. The amazing thing is they have lost almost every one but the PTB don’t care . Just the trouble they cause is sufficient to keep the military industrial complex in business. Trump is what it has today, and he has plenty of supporters making him well on the way to being a two term POTUS. I did hope Trump wouldn’t roll over to appease the Mob, but as Obama before he also has rolled over. So I don’t expect any good will come out of Trump’s tenure. We’ll have to wait till next time., by which time we will have other problems.

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    1. Indeed, after decades of installing and/or supporting numerous corporate-sponsored dictators around the world, we now have our very own corporate-sponsored dictator made in the USA. From Russia, with love.


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