Each day, the Trump administration breaches a new low in morality and honesty. Lying, cheating, bullying, hate mongering . . . the bottom was violated many months ago.

Now, as you wallow ever deeper in the sewers of a deranged mind, Trump and his serfs have decided to torture the children, to protect you:

Trump administration to house undocumented children on military bases

The Trump administration is moving ahead with plans to separate migrant children from their parents in cases where the family has crossed the border illegally, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing an email notification to Pentagon staffers.

The controversial plan is part of a new “zero tolerance” policy announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this month. “If you don’t want your child separated, then don’t bring them across the border illegally,” Sessions said at the time.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for the underage migrants, is preparing to house children on military bases, probably in Texas and Arkansas, until an adult relative can take responsibility for them.

One can assume that Trump’s followers in cruelty — you who believe there truly are no limits to barbary done in service of “national defense” — you will find this latest repugnance perfectly acceptable.

You have not objected, before. Nothing can shock you. You will not object, now.

Hitler would be proud.

The immigrants did not come here to hurt you. They, like your ancestors, perhaps even like you yourself, came here to build a better life for their children and themselves.

They, not the self-serving beast who now rules you, are the people who have built the America of which you are so proud.

If torturing terrified children and their terrified parents — and yes, separation from loving parents is torture — if this doesn’t protect you sufficiently, perhaps you should waterboard them all — the youngers first, of course.

Then the craven Jeff Sessions can announce,  “If you don’t want your child waterboarded, then don’t bring them across the border illegally,” much to the cheers of the very religious right.

Is this mistreatment of children an example of America becoming great, again?  If cringing cowardice before foreign children, what makes you American? Can you justify everything by fraudulent “national security”? Have you no limits?

Apparently, the deportation of innocent families hasn’t been sufficiently cruel. If torturing children proves not to adequately brutal (which undoubtedly will be the case, because nothing ever can achieve total purity), what next?

Starve them? Line them up and shoot them? What finally will wall you off safely enough?

How far down will your America sink in its quest for absolute whiteness?  The world gasps in astonishment as its self-proclaimed moral leader bathes in evil.

Say goodbye to pride and admiration. Say goodbye to decency. If you allow this, you deserve what surely will follow.

There is a pounding at your door . . .


Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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