What happens to a nation when it has lost its morality and its pride?

You are America. What happens when you’ve lost your morality and your pride?

That question came to me when I read the following (excerpts):

Trump’s family takes new steps to blur ethical boundaries

Donald Trump’s adult sons run their father’s business, which he owns and profits from. The ethical implications of this arrangement are already a mess without precedent in American history.

The Washington Post reported:

Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric’s wife, Lara – have ramped up their engagement with the Republican Party’s national political operation, having met privately with GOP leaders to share their concerns and outlook.

Their appearance at the RNC irked at least two prominent Republicans, who wondered whether it was appropriate for the president’s sons, who run the Trump family real estate business, to be highly involved in discussing the party’s strategy and resources.

The president’s sons reportedly pressed Republican officials at the gathering to do more to “help reignite [Trump’s] political base.”

What was the purpose of Trump handing over his business operations to his sons, if his sons are as politically involved as he is? Does that bother you, America?

The ethical controversies with this family are so common, they effectively serve as background noise that the political world hardly notices anymore, but that’s a shame, because his dynamic is tough to defend.

It’s bad enough that the firewalls that are supposed to exist have already broken down.

Other Presidents have put their assets into blind trusts, to avoid any appearance of unethical self-dealing. Because you “religious” right-wing followers don’t seem to care about ethics, Trump won’t care either. He is a product of you, America.

Two months ago, after saying he doesn’t discuss business with his father, Eric Trump conceded he intends to go over quarterly reports from the Trump Organization with the president, exploring “profitability reports and stuff like that.”

Not only do you, Trump’s “religious” followers, not show any concern about ethics, your “law-and-order” Republican party doesn’t seem to care about ethics, either. For them, it is party above country.

You are America.  If your President and the party that dominates the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Supreme Court, and most U.S. state governments don’t care about ethics, where does that leave you, America?

I have come to the feeling that you have seen so much political crime, you have become immune.  You no longer are shocked by anything.

The Trump University scam. Who cares that your President is such a criminal he had to pay a $25 million fine? Not you, America.

The Trump Foundation scam.  Who cares that your President’s “charitable” foundation was fined for violated tax laws by giving $25 thousand to the campaign of Attorney General Pam Bondi, who in return for the bribe decided not to pursue the Trump University case? You don’t care.

Trump cheated employees. Who cares that your President cheated thousands of employees?  Certainly not FOXNews, Breitbart, and their audience. Trump has told them it’s smart to cheat people, especially to cheat people who don’t have the wherewithal to fight back. Apparently, you agree, America.

Trump cheated small business owners. Who cares that your President cheated hundreds, of small business people, destroying their livelihood? Trump is proud of his business acumen. That is what you believe “makes you great again.”

Trump cheated on his wives. Who cares that your President cheated on his wives?.  You, on the “religious” right — you pretend concern about infidelity.  You pray to God, but you support a boor who boasts about his unfaithfulness.

Trump is a pervert. Who cares that your President not only is being sued for sexual assault but has denied it, then admitted it, and laughed about it on tape? Not you “good” Americans who continue to support him.

Is it any surprise to you America, that Trump wants to take your benefits from the poor and give them to the rich? The man, who wears your face, is thoroughly amoral.

There was a time when you could walk tall anywhere in the world, proud to be America. Trump has taken the reason for pride from you.

You no longer are the world’s moral leader. You have traded your decency for bigotry.

You have followed your President down the path of hatred — hatred for Muslims, hatred of gays, hatred for Mexicans, hatred of the poor, hatred for the uneducated, hatred of immigrants, hatred for all foreigners and anyone different from you.

Instead, you admire murderous dictators like Putin, Duterte, Salman, and Kim.  You say they are “smart.” You wish to be like them.

You are America, but that is nothing to swell pride in your chest. You care nothing for integrity. You are the “me-first, me-only” generation. You are the, “Screw you, I’ve got mine” generation. You are the “Kick the underdog when he’s down” generation.

Go to any foreign nation, and you are Donald Trump. What they think about Trump, they think about you. He bears your image. He tweets your words.

Once you were a great nation, but no longer. You now are a mean-spirited, lying,  petty, unscrupulous people, who go to pray one day, then excuse your President’s evils the rest of the week.

You were a great people who saved the world from totalitarianism. But that was many years and several generations ago. You aren’t the same people, anymore.

Don’t teach your children the Pledge of Allegiance. You don’t believe the words, “liberty and justice for all.”

Don’t march in a Memorial Day parade honoring real heroes. You and Trump, the draft dodger, don’t belong among them.

Don’t bother to strut carrying the Stars & Stripes in one hand and the Ten Commandments in another, and the Bible balanced on your head. You aren’t fooling anyone. The world doesn’t admire you. You have lost your morality and your pride.

And if this makes you angry, don’t blame the messenger.

Blame yourself.

You are America. You are Donald Trump.


Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

13 thoughts on “What happens to a nation when it has lost its morality and its pride?

  1. I hate to say it but the idea Americans could with good reason feel proud is purely due to propaganda. Trump’s shenanigans just pulls down the veil. You don’t have to dig too deep to see all the troubles caused by government agencies would dismay the ordinary citizen as well as anyone who actually knows what’s happening. The one that strikes me the most today is the impoverishment of third world nations by financial malfeasance. I can if challenged, go into detail but it’s a bit long for a blog. Suffice it to say some of these government departments are criminal organisations. But they have been getting away with it back as far as 1945.


      1. Not so much individual Americans as divisions of government going back to Allen Dulles and the United Fruit Co, Iran in 1951, etc. Don’t tell me you don’t know this? You say “Same old” but I would hope not now more of you get to know about these criminals.


        1. We Americans are to blame or credit for our leaders. We elect them.

          When they are lying, hate-montering, misogynist, stealing pieces of crap — if we continue to back them and say nothing, we have only ourselves to blame.

          You either approve of Trump or you don’t. If you don’t voice your opinion about him, loud and clear, you take responsibility — and an individual.


          1. Trump is a sideshow when your headline is about America losing it’s pride and morality. Trump just shows what it’s like behind the propaganda wall of “exceptionalism” It’s a fraud.
            You said it!
            Trump is why we are discussing it today. It should have been discussed a generation ago or more. So let’s thank Trump for making it obvious., A stone in your shoe, you notice. I’ve no idea if the US will move into a better place afterwards. I hope so. It won’t be with the GOP or the Dems though I think the GOP will make the most changes, as they have done in the past [interspersed with idiocy]


  2. Dear Malcom Mitchell,

    This is ridiculous; you need to stop writing for six months.Your mistake is to make this issue party political when it is global. The point that we have compromised our ethics is of course true and it is also true of every value, standard and principle across the civilized spectrum.

    This is not serious: “You have followed your President down the path of hatred — hatred for Muslims, hatred of gays, hatred for Mexicans, hatred of the poor, hatred for the uneducated, hatred of immigrants, hatred for all foreigners and anyone different from you.”

    The problem was and is America should never have had moral authority in the world. How could it when same people who brought us our immoral monetary system 100 years ago also gave the world our immoral foreign policy?

    This article makes you sound like every other political hack and that surprised me. This is a ‘BIG’ issue and with this rant you have botched it. It is well beneath the value of your primary crusade.

    Yours sincerely, Nick Hay


    1. Got it, Nick.

      Your point is: It’s wrong to criticize Trump for being a lying, amoral, hate-mongering, science-denying, misogynist threat to the world, who wants to take from the poor and give to the rich, and who admires the world’s worst dictators, because hey, there are a lot of other bad people out there. Right?

      And anyway, we Americans always have been bad people; Trump is just more of the same. Right?

      So, instead of criticizing Trump, we just should say nothing, sit back, and enjoy life. Right?

      The post was written for you and those who believe the same as you do.


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  3. Doesn’t this make you proud, America? Europe, China, and Canada stand together while America diddles.

    China, EU and Canada Form Climate Pact as Trump Stands Alone

    China, Canada and the European Union are joining forces to advance the Paris Agreement while President Donald Trump is still deciding whether the U.S. should stick with the landmark deal on climate change.

    The collaboration between the three countries is another sign that Trump, and the U.S., will become isolated from the rest of the world. Almost 200 nations pledged to fight climate change when the Paris deal was signed in 2015 and since then only the U.S. has indicated it may step off that path.

    Trump has given mixed signals about the fate of the Paris deal under his administration. He’s called climate change a hoax and said during his campaign last year he would scrap the deal if elected.

    Since then, he’s said he would keep an open mind but has prioritized stimulating fossil fuels and especially coal, which conflicts with U.S. promises under the deal. Trump’s advisers are divided on the issue.

    See, in Trumpworld, giving your word means nothing. A deal is not a deal. Feel free to break your pledge any time. That is the way he always has operated his businesses. Nothing new for him, though less so for you, America. Your word means nothing. Proud?

    And if it means America stands alone against every other nation, uniquely not wanting to save the world (because the coal and oil people contribute more campaign cash than do the wind and solar people), that’s what America is in Trumpworld.

    Doesn’t this make you proud?

    European Commission head says Trump doesn’t understand how Paris Agreement works


  4. Everything written here, true except it was only half the story. And the Best lie is a half-truth where falsehood hides more easily.

    Because America has two political parties that rotate power almost automatically, because the people get so disgusted with the ruling party that they inevitably fly to the other Party for relief. And both parties are so distrusted that most Americans have withdrawn from them – 44% of the last election’s voters call themselves independent, estranged. And often over half stay home, unrepresented and unmotivated. We know who our government represents – we don’t need any more rich boy Ivy League studies. We fekkin know.

    The other , Democratic Party, corrupt to its core, hypocritical, sanctimonious, with a nominee who used her position to enrich her family foundation, as well. And seemingly scheming a soft, pink coup. Organized by permanent deep state interests and a billionaire Svengali in the shadows with his own too long resume of foreign color revolutions. The awful woman who emerges every few months or weeks or days to blame others for losing her crown, the one who loves Jesus but who laughed maniacally about murdering Africans.

    These holier than thou political syndicates who magically turn Two wars into eight wars, who turn Tuesday into hit list Day. Both, fracking the planet. One, boasting about it. The other, hiding the truth behind faux green. The Democrats – allowing criminal bankers to cripple the National and global economy… without punishment , with bonuses!This is what incremental economic justice looks like. Just as incremental ecology looks like pipelines crisscrossing your neighborhood, and a fracking well appearing in your yard under order of eminent (corporate) domain.

    Incremental political ethics where a nominee cheats her political opponent , and argues that this backroom Tammany Hall arrangement is merely business as usual. And the same less evil Party even is being sued by lowly loyalists for nonpayment, while higher ups “earned” 100% bonuses for losing the election. And that gang controls the corporate media, who conceal and pervert information and cry fake news upon revelation. An Organization so corrupt, that it is imagined as political mafia…conspiratorial…murderous.

    And this Red white and blue crap started before January 20, 2017. The problem is not the boorish Trump or Republicans. Both parties are noxious and deadly.

    It disgusted me that the writer was so politically parochial. To turn such an important matter into Party propaganda.

    The problem is not Donald Trump, shoving and and grabbing. That’s just the exceptionalism and individualism of the proudest, patriotic European colony that mastered genocide, slavery and terrorist war on terror.

    Trump is a grotesque caricature of the United States and Trump values are American values. Trump is the face of the greed is good 90s. When the Clintons wanted to out-Reagan Reagan. And succeeded. These are America’s values – wealth and status.

    With Celebrity endorsements and movie star fundraisers and two clannish, cult parties who won’t let other parties even compete on the debate stage. So much for the marketplace of ideas.

    #DumpDuopoly so we can have a real American #ValuesRevolution. Then, maybe we will be embarrassed – not just by Donald Trump – but by the wars and the melting ice and disappearing species and the 50% poverty in the world’s richest country.

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  5. No the choice is not bad vs worse. It is awful vs horrible. Your correspondent DeNeice Kenehan, is spot on with his diagnosis. It really is shot through with criminal deeds sullying the once good name of your nation. In the little time left lets hope enough citizens are awake to get change at least started. It just might be Trump’s legacy. Fingers crossed!


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