A hilarious and sad letter

It’s serious business, the question of who will be President of the United States, arguably the most powerful human on this planet. But sometimes, one only can laugh at what a desperate candidate will say or do.

And perhaps, today is the day for laughter. Here, belatedly, is a copy of a letter released by Donald Trump’s doctor.

It is a laught riot — and sad:

As you can see, the letter from the learned doctor begins, to whom my concern, a fittingly humorous beginning.

Here are some further comments by the New York Times:

Donald Trump Releases Medical Report Calling His Health ‘Extraordinary’”

The letter, gushing in tone and signed by Dr. Harold N. Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, was four paragraphs long and provided few specific laboratory test results.

The letter made a sweeping declaration in a tone oddly similar to how Mr. Trump talks about himself.

Mr. Trump vowed on Twitter to release a “full medical report” about his physical health and fitness to serve as president, which he said would “show perfection.”

His pledge came after a Politico report pointed out his penchant for fatty foods, his lack of routine workouts and, until now, his refusal to release a medical report.

I don’t know about you, but when my doctor provides me with a report, it is three pages long, and filled with all sorts of measurements and chemical shorthands, and it indicates what’s normal and what differs from normal.

He doesn’t send me a strange little note telling me I’m the greatest of all time — but then, I’m not the Donald Trump.

Though Trump promised “a full medical report,” apparently that promise is as good as the one about producing his tax returns.

The email from Mr. Trump that contained the note said it was from his doctor, Jacob. According to an obituary, Jacob Bornstein died in 2010; the note lists Jacob Bornstein as Mr. Trump’s previous physician.

Seemingly, Mr. Trump was in such a hurry to provide proof of his magnificence, he forgot who his doctor was.

Dr. Harold Bornstein said in his letter that he had taken over his father’s practice and had cared for Mr. Trump since 1980. “Over the past 39 years, I am pleased to report that Mr. Trump had no significant medical problems,” giving a duration that suggested he had been caring for him since 1976.

Apparently, this does not cover the period when a bone spur in Mr. Trump’s heel was so serious as to make him unfit for the military — before the spur suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

A “recent complete medical examination” of Mr. Trump “showed only positive results,” the letter said.

Real doctors do not use the term “only positive results,” simply because many positive results would indicate disease. Would you really want to test positive for syphilis or cancer?

Could it be that Trump dictated the letter? Naw, he wouldn’t be so devious — and obvious —  would he?

It gave few specifics about that examination but contained a number of flamboyant descriptions. For example, Dr. Bornstein said Mr. Trump’s blood pressure, 110/65, and laboratory test results were “astonishingly excellent.”

Presumably, the normal blood pressure reading was without benefit of any medication to lower a higher blood pressure.

“Astonishingly excellent”? Really? That’s doctor talk? My blood pressure is “within normal parameters.” Trump’s is astonishingly excellent.

Mr. Trump has lost “at least 15 pounds” in the past 12 months. But his exact weight before and after the loss was not stated. Reporters who have covered Mr. Trump’s campaign said their impression was that he had gained weight over recent months.

Hmmm . . . If his health is “astonishing excellent,” why did he lose 15 pounds in the past year? That’s astonishingly excellent?

And why does he look so bloated now?

Mr. Trump takes a low-dose aspirin (81 milligrams, or baby aspirin) daily as well as a statin to lower his high cholesterol, the report said.

His test results were “astonishing excellent” and his exam “showed only positive results,” uh, er, except for his high cholesterol and his excess weight — two of the most common cardiac concerns.

Reporters have asked Mr. Trump about his military draft status. He said he had received medical deferments from the Vietnam War because of a bone spur in his foot. When asked about it over the summer, Mr. Trump said he could not recall which foot was afflicted.

He couldn’t remember which foot was so painful it kept him out of the army?? Was this a memory problem or an honesty problem? You choose.

Mr. Trump said: “I am fortunate to have been blessed with great genes — both of my parents had very long and productive lives.” He did not say his father, Fred developed Alzheimer’s disease beginning in his late 80s.

O.K., so maybe it was a memory problem.

The note from Dr. Bornstein praised Mr. Trump’s “physical strength and stamina.” Those are the specific words that Mr. Trump has used to tar Hillary Clinton.

Yet more evidence that Trump forged the doctor’s note.

And then there is this:



Trump acolytes have not dropped their lying campaign about Clinton’s health, and their argument that people with epilepsy are unfit for political office. They are demanding she produce all of her medical records.

On July 28, 2015, the Clinton campaign released a typical medical letter from an internist, whom she has seen since 2001—Lisa Bardack, director of internal medicine, Mount Sinai Health System at CareMount Medical.

The letter is a typical medical history, and begins with the usual summary of a full physical, calling her a “healthy 67-year-old female.” It lists medical issues and the findings of testing. The tests, it says, were negative, meaning they showed no problems.

(Trump submitted what) purports to be a medical letter, but it is one of the most ridiculous documents ever to emerge in any political campaign.

First, the letterhead is in the same font as the letter, which appears to have been created using Microsoft Word.

The signature from the doctor is several inches past the signature line—the result you might get if the document had been signed as a blank and filled in later.

The letterhead includes a Gmail address—something doctors tell me is extremely unusual, since doctors do not want patients contacting them directly by email as a substitute for scheduling an appointment.

And don’t try going to the website listed (haroldbornsteinmd.com). It’s a fake.  Suprised?

Then, there is the doctor who allegedly signed this document. His name is Harold N. Bornstein, and he is a gastroenterologist.

This kind of physician is a specialist who treats the digestive tract. This is not an internist, who is trained specifically in providing full histories and physicals of patients.

It says results were “extraordinarily excellent.” (Not a medical term.)

It says, “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.” (Again, not a medical term.)

Then, in the most hilarious, Trump-esque line of all, it says, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.”

In other words, this letter purports to show that a doctor has assessed the health of 43 people he has never examined, including the four who are still alive.

Hmmm . . . He’s not the healthiest person who ever has existed, or ever will exist, on the planet??

There is a genetic component to (Altzheimers, the disease that killed Trump’s father.) Risk increases when a person has a particular type of apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene on the 19th chromosome. The type of APOE gene a person has is testable.

Has Dr. Bornstein, the gastroenterologist, tested for it? If not, why not? Is that why Trump has avoided seeing an internist, since they would conduct such a test?

Such a test might reveal that Trump is unfit for office since dementia, unlike epilepsy, could damage a president’s ability to think coherently.

Type “Trump and Alzheimer’s” into Google and lots of articles and online comments pop up pointing out behaviors of Trump’s that are consistent with Alzheimer’s: meandering speech, poor self-control, not properly responding to questions that are asked, erratic behavior.

See? I can generate conspiracy theories, too. Please understand, I’m not saying Trump has Alzheimer’s. I’m just showing how easy it is to take a few facts and line them up to play the “I’m only asking questions” game.

In summary, Trump’s repeated attempts to con the public are hilarious, except . . .
His faking of his heel spur to get out of the military is hilarious, except . . .
His forged “doctor’s letter” is hilarious, except . . .
His coverup of his own health issues while questioning Clinton’s health is hilarious, except . . .

. . . Except there are millions of misguided Americans, who believe whatever Trump tells them.

You know these people. They are the easy marks who send money to Nigerian princes, buy penny stocks on the phone, let the guy at the door tar their driveway, and desperately want to believe someone they know has perpetrated repeated scams.

These are life’s punching bags, the suckers of the world, the dupes, the clowns, the fools, the eager prey of the con artists.

As Trump himself said, “I could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and it would not cost me any votes.”

That is Trump’s one true statement.

And it is hilarious, but sad, that these naive folk are the ones who will suffer most if Trump ever were to be elected.

=Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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3 thoughts on “A hilarious and sad letter

  1. I am a physician and many of your critiques of the Trump physician letter are spot on. However, you are wrong that a gastroenterologist is not an internist. All gastroenterologists must train in internal medicine for three years before doing a fellowship in gastroenterology. Most of the gastroenterologists I know do not do any internal medicine, but I do know several that have active general internal medicine practices.


  2. Well, it just got even more hilarious — and sadder.

    Trump’s doctor speaks Wrote letter in 5 minutes. Tried to use Trump language.

    Would you want this guy to be your doctor?


    OMG, it just got even crazier. When you look at this, keep in mind that Trump, the guy who lost 15 lbs recently, is questioning Clinton’s health:

    Trump’s doctor draws fresh scrutiny (for all the wrong reasons)

    Just when you think there is no possible way Donald Trump could add to the vast evidence he is a total phony, along comes this.



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