Boo hoo. Crocodile tears for Dallas police. A message to the people of Texas

A message to the people of Texas:

Five of your Dallas police officers were shot down. Boo hoo. Crocodile tears.

Who the hell cares? Certainly, not you.

The City of Dallas Is Coming Together to Mourn Last Night’s Tragedy

People began bringing flowers to the Dallas police department the same night of the attack, and on Friday some came out in support for the slain officers, placing bouquets on top of two squad cars that had been set up as a memorial.

Wah, wah. Are you among the grieving phonies who voted to allow every fool in Texas to carry a gun, and now you display your pretend sadness that one of those guns actually was used?

Are you among the shocked! — shocked! — people who parrot the gun lobby’s mouthpiece, the National Rifle Association, when it pronounces the idiocy that, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

But wait. Wasn’t Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter, a “good guy”?

He was a soldier who served his country in Afghanistan and worked with special needs children. He could have been your neighbor.

Johnson grew up in Mesquite, a middle-class suburb of Dallas, living with his mother Delphene in a four-bedroom, $220,000 detached house next to a large field.

It was an All-American neighborhood with pick-up trucks and basketball hoops in the drives. The white family next door would sell cookies for the Girl Scouts and Johnson would pop round to buy them.

Johnson’s stepmother appeared proud of his decision to join the Army, posting pictures of him in uniform on her Facebook page.

She and Johnson’s father were part of the local neighborhood watch group and well liked by neighbors.

As a child at John Horn High School in Mesquite, the gunman had been an enthusiastic member of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and loved basketball.

Friends described him as “fun-loving and goofy” and “a sweet-hearted joker”.

Johnson was just a regular guy, a “good guy.” He legally could have bought any gun he wanted in Texas.

And that’s the point, isn’t it.

When it comes to guns, every “good guy” suddenly can become a “bad guy.”

Like when he gets drunk.
Or you cut him off on the road.
Or if you give him a bad grade in school.
Or you ticket him for speeding.
Or you talk to his girlfriend.
Or you call “Ball!” when he thinks it’s a strike.
Like when he doesn’t like his wife’s smart mouth.
Like when he hates her nagging about drinking with the guys.

And now, you put flowers on police cars to show how oh-so-sad you are about your police officers, when you were the one who killed them.

Yes, you killed those police just a surely as if you had shot them yourself.

You put the gun into the killer’s hands. In fact, you’ve put a lot of guns into a lot of killers’ hands.

And still you whine, “Don’t take my gun. Not my gun. I want my gun. I need my gun. I’m John Wayne. “Wah, wah, wah.”

And more phony “wah, wah, wah” for the dead policemen, whom you killed with your vote against gun control.

Go ahead, pile on the flowers. It isn’t the first time. It won’t be the last time. Nothing will change because you won’t change.

You want every damn fool in Texas to carry a gun, and you believe all those damn fools are “good guys” and will remain “good guys” throughout their lives, and never will get angry.

Oh, you need your gun for protection? Will you shoot first and go to jail, or will you shoot second, and die? What about your wife?

Will your children carry guns to protect themselves at school or on the way?

Really? Are you really that stupid? No.

So is it that you just don’t give a damn as long as you can have your gun?

Is it that you don’t give a damn that you are putting yourself and your loved ones in danger by giving guns to all your neighbors and all the strangers around you.

You don’t really trust that all the people in all the stores where your spouse shops are forever “good guys,” do you?

You don’t really trust that all the people your kids pass, on the way to school, are “good guys,” do you?

You don’t really trust that the driver of the car behind you — the guy who just flipped you the bird — is a good guy, do you?

No, you really aren’t that stupid. It’s just that you don’t give a damn, so long as you can pack your heat.

So cry your crocodile tears. Demonstrate your phony grief. Vote to allow everyone to carry a death machine, then mourn when they use it.

And make sure you have a good supply of flowers and phony tears for the innocent people you will kill.

You’ll need them.

Or, maybe the “good guy” who kills your family can use them.


Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

18 thoughts on “Boo hoo. Crocodile tears for Dallas police. A message to the people of Texas

  1. Fan letters that demonstrate the point of the article:

    you are about as pathetic as the morons still pushing vaccines as safe & life-saving. maybe you’ve had too many vaccines yourself and lost brain function. that would explain your ignorant article clearly showing you are a paid shill. no one else is stupid enough to believe your bullshit.


    Liberal whining for more gun control right on Q.
    Stats PROVE that responsible, ARMED, citizens stop and prevent more crimes annually than the police.
    If you don’t like an armed citizenry, more to Europe, then you can be happy in gun control heavy countries, while mid eastern men grope or worse, your wife and children, as you’re looking for a rock.


    anyone supporting gun control is ANTI AMERICAN. go tell a veteran who fought for the right for us to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government your opinions. go tell a surivivor fo attempted rape, murder, or robbery who only survived because they had a gun to defend themselves against criminals who obey no laws and do not register their weapons. Supporting the government’s gun agenda makes you a fucking piece of shit traitor. I wish they would deport assholes like yourself. you can go live in a country with strict gun laws if you care so much. anti-american traitor you are, we have enough of those in this country. all you parasites are about to get what you deserve. enjoy the fema camps you built for us. enjoy our military wiping the floor with you.


    I think everyone should own a gun, especially three year old toddlers. In fact the toddlers seem to be the best shots when they get hold of a gun. They usually kill a parent or sibling, but don’t tell them they don’t know how to shoot. The toddlers are LETHAL.


    If you don’t have a gun What is protecting you Dumb ass.


    No one is forcing you to own a gun. Anything can be a death machine. But your too stupid to see that. Guns can be made by anyone. Take away guns and only criminals will have guns. Police don’t protect you from guns toting criminals. You can’t uninvent guns. Look on you tube and see all of the automatic guns that are made from scratch. You sir are the enemy.


    So many words. Truth is simple. All politics is local Cars don’t drive drunk, people do. Guns and cars are objects people use various objects to harm or not harm. Cell phones can detonate bombs . so can any transmitter. And they also can be used for good If you take guns away from a human and he wants to help or harm, He will escalate then you will have war in the streets with every kind of weapon you can imagine. Here is a short list
    1 fire 2 homage made bombs 3 acid 4 all types of poison 5 energy weapons 6 the list is endless
    Guns are harmless compared to what is possible. So shut up about objects and make your local healthy. And get to know your sheriff.


    No one is forcing you to own a gun. It is good to know that you have decided not to defend yourself and your family and to die for your beliefs. But that is your choice, not many people agree with you so let them have their Freedom to choose and keep your self destructive remarks to yourself.




    1. One of the above gun-nuts wrote, “ARMED, citizens stop and prevent more crimes annually than the police.”

      Interesting how all those brave “ARMED citizens” ran away from the Dallas shooter, and left the dangerous work to the police.”


  2. So texas is worst than your home town of chicago? I bet you had more shootings this weekend than texas by far, just in chicago.



    1. See, Danny, it’s like this. Five police officers in Dallas were shot. The nation is grieving. Texans are grieving. The article was about the Texans, who voted to give every idiot a gun.

      Should I write about Chicagoans who voted to give every idiot a gun? Would that make you feel better?


  3. Mr Mitchell I read your posts often and sometimes post them on facebook. You are very knowledgable about economics and have been instrumental in my education of that subject. On this subject of gun control I must say I disagree with your points. I live in Texas and just recently received my CHL, Concealed Handgun License and I’m glad I did. It is indeed a ” yuge ” responsibility to open carry or even conceal a deadly weapon in public. If your argument against citizens to carry guns is based on only reasonable people should have them, than how do you explain the nations’s police officers committing murder across our country? They are supposed to be reasonable and educated about the law and yet they commit murder. In my view, guns in the hands of the public is fine. What isn’t fine is an oligarchy that controls the minds of it’s citizens and limits it’s opportunity for education in every way and that has as a core component to it’s laws an incentive to incarcerate it’s citizens by privatizing jails. That is the problem, not the fact that people have guns.
    I used to agree with that person that said here a while back that the most dangerous person alive is a soldier because the soldier doesn’t think for himself he just obeys orders, as of late the soldier objects consciously to unlawful orders and can be trusted to do the right thing when given an order. In my view the most dangerous man on earth now is a police officer because he has been put in a position of authority and as the Stanford prison experiment years ago proved, giving people “authority” over other people can be intoxicating and dangerous.
    I have always objected to the propagandist’s pushing the narrative on tv radio and the internet’s belief that those in power, our elected representatives do outlandish dumb things. This is not the case in my view. What is happening is a very well thought out plan to indoctrinate the people of this nation into fascism. These people are not dumb, if anything they are as the corporations are, “psychopaths” bent on accomplishing a fiendish end. The oligarchs have read ” The Prince” they know human nature very very well. They know exactly what they are doing. I bought a gun because I need to be prepared to protect me and my family against the most dangerous men on earth, oligarchs and a corrupt culture of police officers in a position of authority.


        1. Come on, Danny. Don’t be shy. Say what you mean. “Thugs” is the bigot’s word for blacks.

          So now your gun will protect you from both the U.S. military and from all those Chicago blacks beating at your door and raping your women?



          1. You are a moron.

            Maybe if i told you im not white it would help you understand where im coming from.

            I dont live in a place like chicago, but if i did – i would get a gun and if i cannot i would move.

            But you change the topic because its harder to face the fact that “gun control” doesnt work and what more evidence do you need than chicago.

            Why dont you tell your readers how great gun control is working in your city. It should remind them of those wild wild west movies, except that ONLY the bad guys have the guns. The goods guy (whatever are left) are at the mercy of the thugs.

            Good try with the racist garbage you always spew.


          2. Danny,

            Chicago doesn’t have “gun control.” The right-wing Supreme Court has made “gun control” illegal. I’m surprised you don’t know that.

            Actually, I’m not surprised.

            I wonder if it ever will be possible to suggest gun control without the gun people calling me a name. Don’t you folks know how to discuss any issue without insulting the person with whom you’re having the discussion? Does the NRA teach “Name-Calling 101” or have you run short of facts?


      1. Of course I’m not winning that firefight, but at least I’m going down with a fight. Which in my view is “living” and not walking around like the oligarchs like to say about us as “useless eaters”. And I am going in with eyes wide open. Those eyes are opened in large part because of the education I have learned from you and many like you who are interested in educating the public about the unfairness that is abound in American politics. What I am doing is making the connection between a culture in the police force that is rooted (in my view at least) in corporate greed, that same greed that controls many aspects of American life. In my view I have identified that as “fascist”. Their economic policies are riddled with that evidence. No I’m not winning that firefight, BUT I WILL FIGHT BACK and owning a gun and carrying it in this society to me is common sense because those of us that carry recognize the truth about our nation, and that is we are not in fact a democracy but rather a plutocracy, an oligarchy if you will. And from oligarchy comes tyranny. I am a populist and believe strongly in the right and proper role of government in our society. That role that you and William Black and Stephanie Kelton and many others speak of. I’m not looking for trouble. I’m looking for freedom and will fight for that freedom for myself and my grandchildren. There are idiots in our society that carry guns and that is really unfortunate. I truly think that your steady and consistent writing and insights on economic concepts can steer these gun carrying citizens towards a thoughtful and patriotic understanding of the great responsibility they have carrying a gun in public. I know your not an advocate for gun carrying citizens, but you sure are an advocate of right and proper governance in society. I see a correlation.


  4. I’m not saying I’m going out to shoot a police officer’s even to defend myself What I am saying though is the first line of defense for themselves (the oligarchs) are the police officers. Because I don’t think they can trust the military anymore like they might have 50 years ago. The oligarchs are seeing how far they can go with what they have. Sounds crazy? Why else are the local police officers dressed in military garb? And who controls our society? With so much power and wealth doesn’t it seem reasonable to think they would study human nature in defense of their power and control over society? Money doesn’t only pay for yachts, jets, and hotels…… it pays for power! and power is intoxicating, ask a general in the military about how that feels viewing the battlefield below. Now imagine an oligarch viewing the riots in the streets and the human suffering in the economy. These oligarchs are drunk with power, and today’s policemen have become their first line of defense.


    1. Completely senseless. When a guy begins with, “Now I’m not a lawyer,” and then begins to expound on the law, puleeze!

      I’m not sure why you believe this boob more than you believe the well-respected head of the FBI.


  5. In case you wonder why people dare to march, watch this heartbreaking video:

    Woman streams aftermath of fatal officer-involved shooting

    Oh, you think it has nothing to do with widespread gun ownership? Wrong. It has everything to do with widespread gun ownership.

    Because any fool in America can own a gun, the police are stressed. They know the next traffic stop could mean their lives.

    So they shoot first, just in case. Just in case.

    If you like to carry a gun, and a policeman stops you, be afraid.

    You should be very afraid.


    1. I agree with you on this and shared your post. Wow you talk about negative feedback! I just cannot figure out what people expect. If they are willing to arm every Tom, Dick and Mary, all mentally disturbed (hate using that term), anyone with a grudge to settle, an abusive spouse, young children, etc., then you have expect police to be jumpy. They want to go home after their shift. I know of law officers having psychological problems on having to deal with the everyday stress they go through every day let alone the added stress if the person you are pulling over is armed. I cannot understand peoples thinking except like you are saying here.


  6. I think I would agree with you except those videos I see on you tube don’t look like stressed police officers. It’s hard to tell I guess. I mean is it stress when a police officer is overly aggressive or is it the fact that he is in a position of authority and will flex his authority as he pleases ? You can see this plainly sometimes at work when you see a co-worker get promoted to supervisor. In some cases it’s like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. I’m viewing this of course in the context of social engineering by the elite, you know those people that can afford and do in fact (in my view at least) study human nature very carefully not at all like us common folk. The stress the police are under is directly related to the economic stress the middle class is experiencing in our society. This is no mistake in my view. It’s not happenstance. It’s deliberate


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