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The political party that brought us Iraq and thousands of dead and maimed young Americans — all for a lie — now wishes to bring us Iran, and even more dead and maimed Americans — all for another lie.

You see, after all those Iraqui lies and unnecessary deaths and injuries — and after dragging America’s reputation through the mud by denying torture is torture — the Republicans instituted a new plan. It’s the plan they have exercised for the past seven years: Vote again and again and again against anything Obama.

It’s the “Vote ‘No,’ but present no alternative” system as the ongoing modus operandi.

Seemingly, “Just say, ‘No'” is all the Republican base wants (in addition to guns, of course). It’s the “Obamacare” lack of plan. It’s the debt-limit lack of plan. And soon, it will be the “Iran-deal” lack of plan. If nothing else, these folks are consistent.

It appears that every one of the current sixteen GOP presidential candidates will campaign against the agreement.

What’s more, at least three GOP candidates—Florida’s Marco Rubio, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Texas’s Ted Cruz—say they will rescind the deal if they become president. No doubt others will soon echo that threat.

The Republican Senators (at least, 47 of them) came perilously close to treason (some say, crossed that line) by undercutting the President of the United States during foreign negotiations. They sent a letter to the “enemy,” announcing that if they achieved the Presidency, they would cancel any deal Obama agreed to.

Actually, Republicans do offer two alternatives to the Iran deal:
1) Yet another horrific war
2) or tougher sanctions.

May we please eliminate war as an option — Please! — and get right to the tougher sanctions option, which is supposed to accomplish . . . what? Bring Iran to its knees, so the mullahs will beg us to inspect every inch of their land, in perpetuity? Is that what we think will happen?

Get real.

Having gone through those wrenching bargaining sessions, Iran simply isn’t going to go back to square one because Ted Cruz, Rand Paul et al don’t like it.

Iran’s only viable option would be to push headlong toward nuclear weapons as a future bargaining chip for sanctions removal and, more significantly, to fortify it against the nearly certain war that has been promoted so assiduously by the current Israeli government and by so many likeminded U.S. politicians.

And there wouldn’t be anything short of war to stop the Iranians from pursuing that course.

So, we are back to the war option, for which the talk-tough non-combatants in Congress seem to be salivating.

And it gets worse. News flash: We are not the only nation in the world:

It isn’t just America and Iran on this parchment. Other signatories are China, Russia, Britain, France, and Germany, and there is no reason to believe any of these countries will back away from the agreement.

So how is the United States going to separate itself from this so-called P5+1 contingent and unilaterally pressure Iran to renegotiate the deal, particularly as these other nations are working within the United Nations to lift UN sanctions against Iran.

The result will be a degree of U.S. isolation never experienced since before World War II.

The Republicans could sanction to their heart’s content, but if the rest of the world doesn’t have the same blood-lust as brave, draft dodger Donald Trump, our sanctions will mean nothing. Everyone else will buy Iranian oil and trade with Iran, and we will be the forgotten superpower, standing on the outside, looking in with our nose pressed against the glass.

“But,” the Republican war-mongers argue, “if Iran gets the bomb, those religious nuts will think nothing of pushing the button, even knowing that will destroy the entire Middle-East, if not the world.”

Ah, the irony of being worried about Iran’s religious nuts, when the Republicans have a serious “religious-nuts” problem of their own (Hello, Huckabee. Hello, Santorum. Hello, Cruz).

But exactly what has Iran done to give the impression its leaders are less rational than ours?

Mitt Romney wrote just recently, “Iran is led by suicidal, apocalypse-seeking, America-hating, Israel-denying theocratic fanatics, entirely bereft of restraint, decency and respect for human life.”

A survey of recent Iranian history suggests that its leaders conduct foreign policy based on a logical understanding of their national interests and an often brilliant pursuit of them within the context of geopolitical reality.

They certainly never sent an army halfway around the world to overthrow the leader of a sovereign state with the intent of establishing a beachhead for the transformation of an entire regional culture.

One easily can make the point that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Chris Christi, Mike Huckabee et al better fit the description, “apocalypse-seeking, theocratic fanatics, entirely bereft of restraint, decency and respect for human life.”

(They may blame Obama for all our ills, but at least he voted against killing and maiming Americans to invade Iraq.)

So where are we?

Yes, the deal is not perfect, but that is what negotiation means. It’s give and take. A good negotiation is one in which both sides are satisfied or both sides are unsatisfied.

There is no way Iraq was going to prostrate itself, just because those courageous warriors, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, are having hissy-fits in the safety of their homes.

At least with the treaty, we’ll do way more inspections than we have, short of war. And we’ll learn more about what Iran is doing, than we now know.

And maybe, just maybe, if we stop trying to destroy Iran’s economy and its government, they will be more ready, willing and able to work with us to control ISIS, and to tamp down the religious craziness all around them — a craziness they like even less than we do.

In short, the agreement puts us in a far, far better position than we were before, and despite the Republicans’ fervent desires, no American children are being killed.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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Monetary Sovereignty

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