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**Everything in economics devolves to motive, and the motive is the Gap between the rich and the rest..


As I write this, the Greek people prepare to go to the polls. They will vote “yes” or “no” — on what? They have no idea.

Nor do I.

Ostensibly, it could be a vote on whether to remain a euro nation. Or maybe not. No one is quite sure.

Most writers belief Greece should remain. For example:

Greece Should Vote Yes and Europe Should Be Ashamed
Bloomberg By Clive Crook

The vote doesn’t change the calculations that the respective sides will have to make about long-term consequences. It will still be in both sides’ interests to come to an agreement.

Some European officials are ready to see Greece default and exit the euro system. If Greeks vote no, that view may gain ground and the chance of Grexit certainly goes up.

If the voters say yes, there’s a better chance that the EU and the ECB will offer help to stave off both default and Grexit. At least in the short-term, yes is the better path to less economic pain.

By submitting to the EU, Greece might incline the creditors to be generous in victory. Europe might finally concede what Tsipras has long been demanding and what has always made sense from the creditors’ own point of view — to bundle debt relief and a milder profile of fiscal consolidation into a third bailout program.

“Less economic pain”? “Creditors generous in victory”? Puleeze!

Visualize that you are deeply in debt to a criminal syndicate. You already have given them every cent you have, but it’s not enough to pay your debt. So they come to you with a new deal.

They will lend you the money to pay your past debt, but only if you give them your house and car and all your future earnings. This will require that you and your family starve in a cardboard box on the street.

It also will insure that they can continue bleeding you forever. You never will emerge from debt.

That is the deal the troika has offered, and always will offer, to the Greeks.

But you have an alternative. You can tap into a source of money that will allow you to pay off all the debt. No longer will your family be bled dry. No longer will they be forced to live in a cardboard box on the street.

Which do you prefer? The syndicate “bleed forever” deal or the pay-off-all-debt deal?

The source of money for Greece is called Monetary Sovereignty. Greece can revert to the drachma, a currency they would have the unlimited ability to create.

They should announce that they will pay all debts in drachmas and collect all taxes in drachmas.

Some believe Greece’s return to Monetary Sovereignty will be a financial calamity for Greece and the world.


The European Unit of Account (EUA), a basket of currencies, was introduced in 1975. The European Currency Unit (ECU), also a basket of currencies, replaced the EUA, 1 for 1, on March 1979.

Then, on January 1, 1999, the euro replaced the ECU, 1 for 1.

In the past 40 years alone, there has been a great deal of currency shuffling by the European nations, and none of these changeovers caused financial calamity.

Seventeen nations have surrendered their own sovereign currencies, to adopt the euro. No financial calamity in that changeover.

Some European nations did not adopt the euro, but still remain part of the European union. No financial calamity in that lack of changeover.

Greece itself, did not adopt the euro until the euro was two years old. No financial calamity in that changeover.

But now, we are expected to believe Greece’s “unadopting” of the euro would cause a financial calamity.

Here is what would be a calamity: Greece’s continuing to bleed its citizens forever, to pay the rapacious lenders of the troika.

Those lenders don’t want to lose their cash cow, so they spread the financial calamity nonsense.

What was done, can be undone, and the sooner the better for the Greek people.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

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Monetary Sovereignty

Monetary Sovereignty

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