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●Everything in economics devolves to motive.


Recently, I joined 3,000 of my fellow countryman in a luncheon honoring the United States Holocaust Museum.

Speakers at the luncheon reminded us about the horrors of the Holocaust, those years in which nearly all of Europe went insane, and willingly – even eagerly – participated in the extermination of six million men, women and children.

We saw photos of wide eyed women, wondering what was about to happen to them, wondering why they were hated. We saw innocent children, many in their mothers’ arms, being shrt or carried to the poison gas and the ovens.

We saw entire economies destroyed in the name of hatred.

We were reminded, yet again, of how hatred is contagious, and how it can infect minds, overwhelming all logic, compassion and humanity. Six million people were destroyed by good friends and good neighbors, who adopted unreasoning hatred, not because of any wrong done to them, but simply because hatred is a communicable disease.

The theme of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and all Holocaust museums throughout the world is: “Never Again.” The purpose of the United States Holocaust Museum is to document the horrors of unreasoned hated and to demonstrate the mindless depths to which humans can sink, so to prevent a recurrence.

Seeing those photos, and hearing those stories, makes one wonder, why would the Holocaust deniers, or any hate-mongers, intentionally make statements that brand them as stupid? Why would such people want to tell the world, “I am a fool”?

And why would anyone choose to follow such people?

We were reminded of how fortunate we are, to live in the United States, the most powerful and most tolerant nation, in the history of the world. Thankfully, the disease of mass hatred never could happen here, not here in the United States of America, thank God.

And yet . . . The Republican Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, intentionally, thoughtlessly and cruelly branded many innocent people as Communists, destroying their lives as surely as if he had put them in ovens.

For ten years, until he died, McCarthy sowed mass hatred, to further is own political ambitions. And “good” people voted for him and followed his lead.

But surely, we have learned our lesson, and it cannot happen again, here in America.

And yet . . . Whether because of the President Richard Nixon’s supposed “Southern Strategy,” or because of Independent George Wallace, or because of the Dixiecrat Party, or because of the Ku Klux Klan, the entire South, which formerly had voted Democratic, switched to vote Republican – and the fundamental reason was racial hatred.

Though many rationales were put forth, the real reason is, they voted against “nigras.”

But that was then, and this is now, and thank God, it cannot happen again, here in America.

And yet . . . Today, we have the ironically named “religious” right, a group that fosters hatred of blacks, hatred of browns, hatred of gays and lesbians, hatred of immigrants and foreigners, hatred of the poor, hatred of atheists, hatred of Jews, hatred of Muslims and all other non-Christians, hatred of anyone accepting federal benefits – mass hatred laid on millions of men, women and children whom they don’t know and never have met.

These millions of the hated are branded with such epithets as “shiftless,” “lazy,” “stupid,” “criminal,” “dangerous,” “a threat to the American way of life,” “takers,” “dirty,” “unAmerican,” “immoral,” “commies,” “pinkos” – all to justify every cruelty visited upon them.

The haters sneer at the unemployed, those on welfare and those accepting food stamps, those trying to make a better life for themselves and their children by sneaking into America because becoming a citizen is punishingly difficult and costly, those whose English is lacking, the minorities – just like in crazed, xenophobic Europe before and during WWII — just like crazed Joseph McCarthy and the black-hating South.

We shake our heads in wonderment at Europe’s insanity, while here in America, half our nation is gone mad. Half our nation accepts the religious right’s lies about the innocent. Half our nation accepts the religious right’s bigotry. Half our nation accepts hatred of people whom they don’t know.

That is why the United States Holocaust is relevant – not just to protect Jews, but to protect all the less powerful from the most powerful.

We see mass hatred everywhere – in Iran, in Iraq, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We saw it in Ireland and see it in the west bank. And chillingly, we see it here in America, as millions of Americans follow bigots into to the mindlessness of hatred.

If you’ve not visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, or the many Holocaust museums and memorials around the world</u, you should.

You would understand, not just intellectually, but viscerally, the damage hatred causes.

Could it happen here? Is it already happening here? Could it happen to you? The good citizens of Europe, many of whom had lived there for generations, never dreamed it could happen to them – until their own friends and neighbors turned against them.

The next time you walk into a voting booth, before you pull that lever, ask yourself, “Am I voting this way because I have been manipulated into hatred of people I don’t know?”

Contrary to what the haters may tell you, a nation is not measured by the way it treats its strongest and most powerful, but rather by the way it treats its weakest and most needy.

And sadly, by that measure, America is being made weaker by people who call themselves “patriots.”

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

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