We’ll get anyone who says we did it. And, we won’t do it again.

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●Austerity is the government’s method for widening the gap between rich and poor,
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●Until the 99% understand the need for federal deficits, the upper 1% will rule.
To survive long term, a monetarily non-sovereign government must have a positive balance of payments.
●Those, who do not understand the differences between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty, do not understand economics.
●The penalty for ignorance is slavery.
●Everything in economics devolves to motive.


This whole affair should have the title, “Trust me. I’m the President.”

On the Jay Leno show, Obama said, “We don’t have a domestic spying program.”

Yahoo News
The NSA regularly collected e-mails and telephone metadata on Americans without first obtaining legal authorization.

The agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008.

Obama said the administration is “keeping the Congress appropriately informed of compliance issues as they arise.”

Obama said, “You’ve got a federal court with independent federal judges overseeing the entire program, and you’ve got Congress overseeing the program—not just the intelligence committee and not just the judiciary committee.”

Even the Democrats in Congress don’t believe that one.

“I remain concerned that we are still not getting straightforward answers from the NSA,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D) of Vermont said.

Nothing gets the political rulers angrier than having the truth reported about them. Not only have NSA’s activities been kept secret from Americans, but the law upon which these activities were based, also is secret — and the secret agency broke its own secret laws, and even Congress doesn’t know what’s happening.

Washington Post
Court: Ability to police U.S. spying program limited
By Carol D. Leonnig, Published: August 15

The leader of the secret court that is supposed to provide critical oversight of the government’s vast spying programs said that its ability to do so is limited and that it must trust the government to report when it improperly spies on Americans.

The chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said the court lacks the tools to independently verify how often the government’s surveillance breaks the court’s rules that aim to protect Americans’ privacy. Without taking drastic steps, it also cannot check the veracity of the government’s assertions that the violations its staff members report are unintentional mistakes.

National Security Agency staff members in Washington overstepped their authority on spy programs thousands of times per year. The records also show that the number of violations has been on the rise.

Well, is that a problem? Who doesn’t trust Barack Obama?

Obama: “No, I don’t think Mr. Snowden is a patriot. The fact is, Mr. Snowden has been charged with three felonies.”

Let’s see: Snowden told the truth; Obama lies, repeatedly.

Snowden’s crime was to reveal illegal spying. Obama’s crime was to aid and abet and deny illegal spying.

Snowden is paying for revealing the truth. He is hounded by the U.S. government and essentially has lost his citizenship. Obama is being paid by his wealthy handlers, to hide the truth, and after office he will be rewarded with lucrative speaking jobs and a great big Obama Library.

So, who is the patriot and who is the traitor?

And now our partners have taken the harrassment a step further:

Yahoo News
Partner of reporter at center of NSA leak detained

David Miranda, the partner of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who received leaks from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was detained for nearly nine hours — the maximum time authorities are allowed to detain individuals –under anti-terror legislation at Heathrow Airport, triggering claims that authorities are trying to interfere with reporting on the issue.

Greenwald said, “It’s bad enough to prosecute and imprison sources. It’s worse still to imprison journalists who report the truth. But to start detaining the family members and loved ones of journalists is simply despotic.”

More than 97 percent of those questioned under Schedule 7 are detained for less than an hour. Less than a tenth of 1 percent are held for more than six hours.

Apparently, Greenwald’s love partner must really be dangerous, to warrant such attention.

If you want to deprive people of their liberty, first make secret laws (check) and second, harass the newpapers for revealing them (check).

Third, deny you did anything wrong (check) and fourth, tell the people you were just about to fix what you didn’t do wrong. (check).

Obama to tweak process on NSA
Scott Wilson and Zachary A. Goldfarb, Washington Post

President Obama said Friday that he would pursue reforms to open the legal proceedings surrounding government surveillance programs to greater scrutiny.

And fifth, tell the people it’s all for their own good, to protect their security (double check).

Obama: “You can’t have 100 percent security and also 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience. We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.”

More people worldwide are killed or enslaved by their own governments than by foreign governments.

Worried, yet?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

Nine Steps to Prosperity:
1. Eliminate FICA (Click here)
2. Medicare — parts A, B & D plus long term nursing care — for everyone (Click here)
3. Send every American citizen an annual check for $5,000 or give every state $5,000 per capita (Click here)
4. Free education (including post-grad) for everyone. Click here
5. Salary for attending school (Click here)
6. Eliminate corporate taxes (Click here)
7. Increase the standard income tax deduction annually
8. Increase federal spending on the myriad initiatives that benefit America’s 99% (Click here)
9. Federal ownership of all banks (Click here)

10 Steps to Economic Misery: (Click here:)
1. Maintain or increase the FICA tax..
2. Spread the myth Social Security, Medicare and the U.S. government are insolvent.
3. Cut federal employment in the military, post office, other federal agencies.
4. Broaden the income tax base so more lower income people will pay.
5. Cut financial assistance to the states.
6. Spread the myth federal taxes pay for federal spending.
7. Allow banks to trade for their own accounts; save them when their investments go sour.
8. Never prosecute any banker for criminal activity.
9. Nominate arch conservatives to the Supreme Court.
10. Reduce the federal deficit and debt

No nation can tax itself into prosperity, nor grow without money growth. Monetary Sovereignty: Cutting federal deficits to grow the economy is like applying leeches to cure anemia.
Two key equations in economics:
1. Federal Deficits – Net Imports = Net Private Savings
2. Gross Domestic Product = Federal Spending + Private Investment and Consumption – Net Imports

Monetary Sovereignty Monetary Sovereignty

As the lines drop, we approach recession, which will be cured only when the lines rise.


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