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This post could have been titled, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The “religious” right has worked hard to undo Roe vs. Wade, bit by bit. If you are sympathetic to that movement, here are a few things you should know:

First, you’ll be hit hard in the pocketbook.

GOP Tries To Slow Anti-Abortion Push In Key States
By Thomas Beaumont, 08/02/13

Anti-abortion Republicans passed a wave of new restrictions that would sharply limit when a woman could terminate a pregnancy and where she could go to do so.

What the right has begun to realize is that almost every law has two sides, one side that seems beneficial and one side that has negative implications:

GOP leaders believe pressing further is a mistake for a party trying to soften its harder edges after election losses last year.

Sen. Dale Schultz in Wisconsin, who is trying to fend off more abortion legislation in the state’s GOP-controlled legislature, even though he says he personally supports it. “And we were pushing people too fast. All we’re going to do is panic people and this is going to blow up if we don’t begin to moderate on some of this stuff.”

GOP leaders say they are worried about alienating women and young people, who disproportionately favor abortion rights.

Anti-abortionists are right to fear alienating those huge demographics — women and young people — especially since the current, much-needed goal of the GOP is to be seen as a kinder, gentler, more compassionate party.

But there is even more to be concerned about: Money.

What will happen when many thousands (millions?) of unwanted children are born to mothers ill equipped, financially, emotionally or physically, to care for them?

On whom will the burden fall, to raise these children, some of whom may have serious physical problems (one reason for abortion)?

And what will too many of these children become, given the circumstances of their often poor upbringing?

Yes, a minority of such will succeed. But being realistic, unwanted children, children born into poverty or children with serious mental and physical problems, have a far greater than average chance of becoming wards of the state, in jail or in hospitals.

These children are more likely to need your government contributions for food, housing, schooling and medical care. Who will pay for all that? You, the state taxpayer in your anti-abortion state.

And since these unwanted, unaffordable children will have a far greater chance of becoming criminals, who will be the victims of their crimes? You, the resident of your anti-abortion state.

A glance at the finances of my own state (Illinois) shows a few of the things I help pay for:

Department of Children and Family Services 1,212,382
Department of Healthcare and Family Services 16,021,226
Department of Human Services 4,990,621
Department of Corrections 1,235,838
Total Illinois Spending: 55,194,602

This is a quick sampling of expenses. There are many more. I would guess that more than half of my Illinois tax payments go to supporting the poor, and that doesn’t include taxation by my town (Wilmette) and my county (Cook) — even a greater percentage of which also goes toward helping the poor.

Now I am very much for helping the poor, as readers of this blog know — but I am against forcing poor people to create more poor people for me to support.

While the wealthy always will be able to find and pay for abortions, the anti-abortion laws will force poor people to bring into this world, more unwanted, poor people.

Bottom line: The more restrictive your abortion laws, the more restricted will be your own quality of life. The unwanted, unaffordable children not only will be a burden on their parents, they will be a burden on you, for you will pay to raise them and pay to support their parents.

Now the extra money you’ll pay to raise these children and their parents may not matter to you. You may be wealthy, charitable and/or not care what you pay in state, county and city taxes.

Or, you may be morally committed to the need to protect a microscopic embryo or a fetus. You may feel your financial sacrifices are worthwhile. And I respect your morality.

But does your morality also extend to financial, emotional and physical misery your laws will visit on the parents of unwanted children and the children themselves? Or does your morality apply only to the unborn, and end at the moment of birth?

Finally, if the additional taxes, the additional poverty, the additional crime and the additional hardship do not give you pause, consider this:

While most Americans do not favor unlimited abortions, most voting Americans (especially those having teeth, indoor plumbing and a knowledge of evolution) do favor Roe vs. Wade, and strongly resent the chipping away at that ruling, piece by piece.

As the GOP has begun to fear, political parties that support strong, anti-abortion positions will dwindle into lesser and lesser minorities, having less and less influence. They will lose the power to accomplish their anti-abortion goals — or any other goals.

So be careful what you wish for.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty


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