Which traitors monitor your every move? Hey, everybody’s doing it.

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In the post Police state: Which vital secret did Edward Snowden reveal? PART II Monday, Jun 17 2013, we asked, “Exactly which vital secret did he (Edward Snowden) reveal.”

We showed that the Taliban, President Obama and Congress all knew about the NSA’s monitoring of phone calls. So exactly what secret did this “traitor” (according to John Boehner and Dick Cheney) reveal?

“He faces 30 years for charges including unauthorized communication of national defense information and theft of government property.” Yikes! Thirty years? Isn’t that a bit excessive for “unauthorized communication and theft of property.”

Really, exactly what secrets did he reveal? To quote an old hamburger commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, “I’ve always thought this was a treasonous act. I hope Hong Kong’s government will take him into custody and extradite him to the U.S.”

Wow! More cries of “treason,” and calls for extradition. And oh yes, they nullified his passport. All this for “unauthorized communication and theft”? But guys, exactly what secret did he reveal?

O.K., you know the answer. He revealed the secret, not from our enemies, but from us Americans, that our government was spying on us. And, government secrets from Americans are the most important secrets of all.

But wait! It’s not just the American government that spies on its citizens and keeps it secret from us (though not from our enemies):

The Guardian
GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications
Ewen MacAskill, Julian Borger, Nick Hopkins, Nick Davies and James Ball, Friday 21 June 2013

Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency (NSA)

One key innovation has been GCHQ’s ability to tap into and store huge volumes of data drawn from fibre-optic cables for up to 30 days. That operation, codenamed Tempora, has been running for some 18 months.

GCHQ and the NSA are consequently able to access and process vast quantities of communications between entirely innocent people, as well as targeted suspects.

Hmmm . . . Until now, NSA has tried to hide behind the fiction that its spying first was cleared through U.S. judges. But do U.S. judges clear GCHO spying?

The existence of the programme has been disclosed in documents shown to the Guardian by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as part of his attempt to expose what he has called “the largest programme of suspicionless surveillance in human history”.

Now, poor Snowden, whose main crime seems to have been to tell the people that their government is filled with, and authorized by, criminals — now this poor guy will have the Brits after him.

But wait, again!

By 2010, [the UK spy system, Tempora] was able to boast it had the “biggest internet access” of any member of the Five Eyes electronic eavesdropping alliance, comprising the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Yikes. Now it’s the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who are spying on their own people. We always knew about massive spying on their own citizens, by Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea. I mean, those are dictatorships. We expect that kind of thing from thugs.

But could such a thing happen in the “free” world?

Yes, because power corrupts. Our government increases its power over us by spying on us, which corrupts our government even more, which leads to even more spying — in an ever widening helix of corruption and government power.

The excuse for this spying is to protect us from our “enemies,” but in fact, more people have been enslaved by their own governments than by foreign powers.

What hero will step forward to save us from our enemies in Washington? Until someone tells me exactly what secret he has revealed, my “hero” vote goes to Edward Snowden.

A traitor is “one who betrays another’s trust” (Merriam-Webster). So, who has betrayed our trust: Snowden or Congress and the President?

Who has lied to us, again and again, and stretched our Constitutional protections beyond all recognition?

Who illegally has used census information, that is supposed to be confidential, and engaged in warrantless searches?

Who tortured prisoners, then denied it until a whistleblower revealed it — all in the name of security?

Who lies that “America is broke” so as to starve the poor and reward the rich?

Who murdered an American without trial, with the excuse that he may have been Taliban?

Who killed and maimed thousands of innocent young Amerians, in wars based on lies?

Who takes bribes not to prosecute criminal bankers — they who have cost America trillions — while mounting the full weight of the federal government against a man who revealed the truth?

Who are the real American traitors?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty


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4. Broaden the income tax base so more lower income people will pay.
5. Cut financial assistance to the states.
6. Spread the myth federal taxes pay for federal spending.
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8. Never prosecute any banker for criminal activity.
9. Nominate arch conservatives to the Supreme Court.
10. Reduce the federal deficit and debt

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7 thoughts on “Which traitors monitor your every move? Hey, everybody’s doing it.

  1. You’re right in all of your points but I fear Snowden is going to be the stooge or dupe in this whole drama. The more information revealed the more there will be calls of “treason”.


  2. On 19 June, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. personally telephoned Hong Kong Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen, and demanded that Snowden be arrested and sent to the USA.

    Instead, Hong Kong let Snowden go to Moscow without a passport. Snowden landed in Moscow today around 9:15 a.m. EST

    Snowden has applied for asylum in Ecuador. He wants to depart from Moscow tomorrow (Monday 24 June) and go to Ecuador via Havana. His airliner will have to avoid U.S. Canadian, and Norwegian airspace. If it crosses those territories, it will be ordered to land or be destroyed.

    The Obama regime and its allies are absolutely LIVID. Sen. Chuck Schumer called Vladimir Putin “infuriating.” Eric Holder says the decision to let Holder go to Moscow was “political” (as if the demand for Snowden’s arrest was not political).

    Very few politicians in Washington are worthy to shine my shoes, let alone be in government. So, it delights me to see the little maggots huff and puff and squirm helplessly.


  3. The following letter was reprinted in the 6/24/13 Chicago Tribune:

    The war on terrorism cannot be won. There always will be people who hate the U.S. So every day, the government will “have to” create some new restriction on our freedoms, justified by the never-ending war.

    Today, the government tracks your Emails.
    Tomorrow, the government reads your Emails.
    The next day, the government reads your snail mail.
    The next day, the government censors your snail mail.
    The next day, the government plants listening devices in your office.
    The next day, the government plants listening devices in your home.
    The next day, the government bans criticism.
    The next day, the government bans trials for accused critics.

    Where does it end?

    It doesn’t.

    Each step is justified by “national sercurity.” Each day, the populace approves it because, “I have nothing to hide.”

    And that is how all dictatorships are built — step by step, with the acceptance of the populace.

    –Rodger Malcolm Mitchell, Wilmette


    1. “…. step by step, with the acceptance of the populace….”

      and we have yet another example of the boiled frog.


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