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#Occupy Wall Street and its sister groups around the world, seem to take inordinate pride in not having leaders. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s because #Occupy wishes to disassociate themselves from their “enemies,” i.e. governments and big business,” which do have leaders.

For whatever the reason, lacking a head, #Occupy runs aimlessly, chicken-like, and expends great energy for little gain. It wishes to deliver a message, but what message? Ask the person in the street what #Occupy stands for or wants, and you surely will get a mixture of anti- this and anti- that, and for very little.

They seem like a group of young people for whom protest is an exciting break — think Spring Break on Daytona Beach. And like all young people whose primary mission is to have fun and outdo each other in daring naughtiness, they break things, flout authority and incite trouble. “Innocently” camping in the park for weeks on end, is neither innocent nor meant to be. The sole purpose is to provoke authority, then whine about their First Amendment rights, when authority gets tough. Even the worst police show more discipline than the protesters.

Pity, because #Occupy’s message should be to close the gap between rich and poor, by lifting the poor. But the message is lost in the medium.

If #Occupy had a head, he/she would be smart enough not to come to Chicago for the NATO summit.

Questions: Why NATO and why the summit? NATO has only a distant relationship to #Occupy’s prime message, whatever it may be. Mostly, NATO is a combination war and anti-war organization (depending on how you look at it), specifically designed to protect Europe from the Soviet Union, and more recently as a military alternative to the unwieldy United Nations. Do you think of #Occupy as primarily being an anti-war group? I don’t. If it is, I must have missed the message.

And in any event, if you don’t like NATO, the last place you want to be is the summit, where every kook from around the world, is coming to march, yell, carry some sort of sign, and possibly cause a bit of bother. What is the key message the world will get from the upcoming summit protests? Just one: How well, or how poorly, the Chicago police “handled” the protesters.

As for which message, take your pick: Poverty? War? Global warming? Energy? Tyranny? Starvation? Disease? Ecology? Overfishing? Overlumbering? Pollution? Save the birds? The list goes on and on, and for each item a group of protesters will scream, march, carry nutty signs and attempt to provoke the police, while acting oh-so put upon if the police respond. (Think wild 12-year-olds trying to tickle the noses of the human statues guarding Buckingham Palace.)

Is this the message with which the headless, leaderless, messageless #Occupy wishes to associate itself? Is this is the memory #Occupy wishes the public to carry away?

If #Occupy wishes to make a statement, first it should have a statement to make — a sharp, clear, focused statement. And then it should make that statement, not in the maelstrom of a thousand screaming children, but on a calm, clear day, when their voices are the only ones to be heard.

In short, #Occupy, to get ahead you need to get a head, preferably one with enough good sense not to try painting a picture while standing under a waterfall. Sure, come to Chicago, but not at a time when you’ll be blamed for every misdeed, and accomplish nothing, except to have your message drowned out. Come when yours is the one voice, so the media can support your ideas.

#Occupy, please stay the hell away from Chicago during the NATO summit.

(Ah, but it’s too late, isn’t it?)

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

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Federal Deficits – Net Imports = Net Private Savings
Gross Domestic Product = Federal Spending + Private Investment and Consumption + Net exports