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O.K., I admit it. I hope we discover some form of life on Mars, or barring that, evidence that life once existed no Mars — or on one of Jupiter’s or Saturn’s moons, or on an asteroid, or somewhere.

O.K., I admit it. Years ago, I hooked up to SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intellegence) and sat fascinated as the graph spun across my computer, irrationally hoping, like a lottery ticket holder, I (or really, my computer) would be the one to discover a signal.

And I admit to being disappointed that we have found nothing, nothing and more nothing. But I was encouraged by a recent article titled, “Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds.

Yes, I find this reassuring, and perhaps you do too. But I don’t know why, because finding intelligent life elsewhere would be the worst thing that ever could happen to planet earth. Finding lower life forms would be fun and exciting, but intelligent life would be a disaster.

Think of all the nations on earth. Have any of them not been involved in a war? Is there one that has not attacked or been attacked? I doubt there ever has been a time in human history, when there has been no war or something very similar to war.

Our sports involve winning and losing — quasi war. Our children play with electronic war games. Back when I was young, we played cowboys vs. Indians. Today, kids play me vs. aliens. And there were our wars with Britain and Mexico. Heck, we even invaded Guatemala and Panama, for heavens sake, not to mention (please don’t) Vietnam and Korea. And remember Desert Storm?

And just think; we’re the good guys!!

Not only do we kill humans in wars and drive-by shootings and assorted other crimes, but we kill the less intelligent animals. We do it just for the pleasure of killing. It’s called “hunting.” And we kill for research. And for food.

The “lower” animals kill each other for food and they butt heads for sex. Bacteria kill. Viruses, which are at the lowest end of the life scale kill. It is in the nature of life as we know it, to kill.

And now we wish to find not just life, but intelligent life (“intelligent” meaning almost as smart as, or smarter than, us). Are we nuts?

If alien, intelligent life in any way resembles terrestrial life, the first thing that will happen is, it will want to kill us. For sport. For research. For food. Or simply to take over our planet’s resources. There simply is no question about this. We did it to native Americans. The British did it everywhere. Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Alexander, Japan. We kill.

If we’re lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, they won’t kill us; they’ll enslave us — then kill us and eat us. We’ve done the enslaving thing, too.

The universe has existed for a bit under 14 billion years. The earth has not existed for even half that time, at less than 5 billion years. Homo sapiens have walked the earth for only 200,000 years and evidence for what we call “civilization,” i.e. permanent settlements, is merely about 10,000 years old — less than one millionth of the age of the universe.

Then consider the massive advances in our war capabilities in less than the past 100 years. The America of today could destroy the World War II America in an hour. Keep that in mind as you consider the likelihood we would discover intelligent life only 100 years more advanced than us. They would rule us at the twitch of their little fingers (assuming they have little fingers). They’d enslave us, or eat us or experiment on us or use us for hunting or other amusements.

Or what if they were 100 years less advanced than us. We’d do the same to them. It’s in our nature; it’s in the nature of life as we know it, “red in tooth and claw” (Tennyson).

So while finding some form of life might be exciting, finding intelligent life could destroy us, and our only hope is that the universe is so large, they couldn’t get to us. Yet even knowing this, there is in the back of my mind, that nagging hope we find them, somewhere. And I don’t know why.

Do you feel the same?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

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