–Words from 2005

An alternative to popular faith

Sometimes the things you say and the things you predict come back to haunt you. And sometimes they don’t.

Here is what I told a group of economists and economics students on June 5, 2005, at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Five years is a long time. You be the judge and let me know what you think:

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell SPEECH

No nation can tax itself into prosperity


One thought on “–Words from 2005

  1. “1) Why does the federal government borrow money?
    And 2) – Why do we pay federal taxes?”


    All this talk about too much debt, what program to cut, the need to raise taxes, the need to grow our way out of the problem, Republican v. Democrat, etc., etc. All this gobbledygook is noise designed to make sure you don’t ask those two questions. Follow the money. Someone is getting rich off this distraction.


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