They aren’t competent enough to lock a door, so give ’em guns.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head at the desperate backward thinking of the gun-nuts.

Videos of the Uvalde school shooting showed scores of trained police milling in a hallway for over an hour while a gunner took his sweet time shooting children and teachers in a classroom.

The police not only were well-armed but had bullet-proof vests and shields, and the classroom door was unlocked.

They could have burst in at any time and taken the shooter down.

Were they afraid for their own lives? Did they fear they accidentally might shoot a child or a teacher? Did all their training go out the window when faced with the sudden reality of an armed killer?

Who knows?

But what is clear is that the shooter had a legal gun that never should have been legal, as that gun has no purpose other than to murder people. 

In every classroom?

Unlike a pistol, a high-powered, semi-automatic rifle is not a self-defense weapon. It’s an attack weapon. It’s a mass murder weapon no better than a bomb.

A gun seller cannot determine who is a “good guy” or a “bad guy.”

Once you decide that guns should be widely available to everyone who wants one, you can’t separate the good from the bad.

So because of SCOTUS’s intentional misreading of the now-sacred 2nd Amendment, America has more gun deaths per capita than any nation.

You parents who have lost loved ones to gun violence — I feel your pain, but if you voted for right-wing gun-nuts, you have only yourselves to blame.

By what logic are military-style gun manufacturers immune from liability for the proper use of their product, which is to kill people?

The Constitution’s words “well-regulated” intentionally are ignored by the right-wing self-proclaimed SCOTUS textualists. 

The Constitution’s unambiguous word “militia” intentionally is misrepresented by the right-wing, self-proclaimed SCOTUS originalists.

A dishonest right-wing Congress, despite massive evidence, cannot bring itself to criticize a corrupt Donald Trump and his gang of crazy miscreants.

Boy pointing gun at camera Stock Photo by ©ZouZou 1926141
Or better yet?

We also have a dishonest, right-wing SCOTUS that unconstitutionally applies the Pope’s abortion laws to the entire minority-Catholic nation. Meanwhile, they ignore the dishonesty of Clarence Thomas and his white-supremacist wife.

Because the entire right-wing — Congress, SCOTUS, FoxNews, and the Libertarians– has been corrupted, we are treated to upside-down articles like the following. It’s straight out of the book “1984” where illogic is the new logic, and lies are the new truth:

Uvalde Shooting Report Undermines Calls To Ban Guns and ‘Back the Blue’

Only you can be relied upon to protect you and your loved ones. Ignore anybody who claims otherwise. J.D. TUCCILLE | 7.18.2022 

If you really need further evidence of how foolish it is to surrender your right to protect yourself and defer to government employees who are supposed to assume that responsibility, the record of police non-response during the Uvalde mass murder should do the job.

Those who, in the future, continue to insist that we disarm ourselves and venerate government enforcers who are tasked to protect us should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

Get off your soapbox J.D. Tuccille. Don’t turn our children and their teachers into armed vigilantes.

No one “insists you disarm yourself.” But you want to arm 4th-grade children (!) and their teachers and not rely on “government employees” (i.e., the police and the courts) for protection. What could possibly go wrong?

We ask government employees, also known as “teachers,”  to educate our children. Is that O.K., J.D.?

And please, let’s ignore facts. For instance, Chicago’s West and South side neighborhoods are loaded with “self-protection” guns and guess what, J.D. That’s where most of the gun killing is. Explain that if you can.

Admittedly, Tuccille is one of those dopey Libertarians (a former managing editor of who hate everything government (until they need help). Then they bleat for the government to protect them while complaining there aren’t enough police in the neighborhood.

But his article is astonishingly crazy, even for him.

J.D., if you are reading this post, here’s some information:  Among those killed was 10-year-old Alexandra “Lexi” Rubio, the daughter of well-armed Uvalde County Sheriff Deputy FelixRubio.

He was on the scene but failed to protect his own daughter. So there goes the Libertarian logic about being armed to protect your family, or, J.D., are you claiming little Lexi herself should have been armed?

Or, J.D., what the hell are you saying? Should parents sit in every classroom with AR-15s at the ready?

“At Robb Elementary, law enforcement responders failed to adhere to their active shooter training, and they failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety,” finds a devastating report published July 17 by the Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee on the Robb Elementary Shooting.

J.D., they had active shooter training and failed to act, so what makes you think the Uvalde’s sweet teachers, Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Mireles, would have had the training and the courage to blast that shooter out of his shoes? 

Is that your plan for the future? Arm Mrs. Garcias and Mrs. Mireles so they can get in a firefight with the intruder?

I can see the headline now: “Dozens of Kids Killed As Terrified Teacher Wildly Sprays Bullets At Student She Didn’t Recognize. ‘I Thought He Might Have A Gun.'”

“The first wave of responders to arrive included the chief of the school district police and the commander of the Uvalde Police Department SWAT team.

Or, J.D., perhaps we should give all the teachers, young and old, male or female, SWAT training. Wouldn’t you rather teachers spend their time training with guns than learning and teaching silly stuff like reading, writing, and arithmetic?

But the massive police presence, 376 officers in all, did not help address the unfolding chaos.

That makes obvious the reason for officials’ earlier foot-dragging; police conduct at Uvalde contradicts the stories authoritarians peddle about our relationship with the government.

Mostly left-wing politicians tell us that regular people should be deprived of firearms and even of the right to self-defense while the government exercises it for us.

Primarily right-wing politicians insist we should “back the blue” and venerate government-employed law enforcers who will protect us from threats so that we don’t have to do it ourselves.

These politicians nominally oppose one another, but they offer the same basic argument: We should trust the government and not take responsibility for our own safety.

The usual Libertarian extremist B.S. from J.D. He says, don’t trust the police; do it yourself. That is the “Wild West” Libertarian plan.

His generalization is disgusting. The Uvalde police we incompetent, so don’t trust any police, right?

Few left-wing politicians say people should be deprived of their protective firearms, though perhaps AR-15s, machine guns, rocket launchers, and hand grenades should not be considered “firearms” used for protection.

And then, as J.D. provides his twisted side of the story, read this side:

Uvalde report finds teachers, staff had ‘culture of noncompliance,’ chose convenience over kids’ safety July 18, 2022 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
A scathing 77-page investigative report not only found the Uvalde police at fault during the Robb Elementary School mass shooting, but it also noted that school administrators “did not adequately prepare” for a potential shooter.”
The report was released on Sunday by the Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee. Investigators charged that school administrators adopted a “regrettable culture of noncompliance” with safety and security measures leading up to the shooting, placing partial blame at their feet.
This noncompliance “turned out to be fatal,” it asserted.
Administrators “tacitly condoned” unsafe practices, according to the report, because they knowingly violated or allowed others to violate rules that required doors to be closed and locked at the school.
“The west door to the west building was supposed to be continuously locked.
When the attacker approached on May 24, 2022, it was unlocked, and he was able to enter the building there,” the report stated.

Oops. Here are people who “tacitly condoned” unsafe practices, “knowingly violated or allowed others to violate rules,” and couldn’t even be bothered to lock a door, but J.D. Tuccille wants to give them all guns.

In their defense, they are teachers, not trained police officers, all of whom J.D. disses as mere “government employees.”

The top of their minds is teaching children, a job that is hard enough, especially these days with all the crazy politicians burning books and parents screaming about things they know not.

So to add armed protection to teachers’ already massive responsibilities would be just plain foolish. And keep in mind that teachers are government employees, whom J.D. despises.

Back to J.D.’s article:

Gun control? Back the blue? The people peddling those slogans have little to offer beyond empty promises and deserve nothing but contempt.

Only you can be relied upon to protect you and your loved ones, and you should ignore anybody who claims otherwise.

So folks, forget about gun control which doesn’t work because it doesn’t exist. Thank you, Republicans.

The next time you see a crime being committed, don’t bother to call the police. The Libertarians offer you one of their best ideas. Call a teacher.

Or better yet, call a 4th grader.

Or, go after the criminal yourself with your guns a-blazin’.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

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