Why Trump and his followers don’t mind him killing their children

If the above headline seems overwrought, read the following, and then you decide:

Following Trump pledge, EPA rolls back coal rules
Chicago Tribune, 6/19/19
By Ellen Knickmeyer, Associated Press

The Trump administration on Wednesday completed one of its biggest rollbacks of environmental rules, replacing a landmark Obama-era effort that sought to wean the nation’s electrical grid off coal-fired power plants and their climate-damaging pollution.

Image result for air pollution
Coal is the dirtiest energy source

Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler said coal-fired power plants remained essential to the power grid, something that opponents deny. “Americans want reliable energy that they can afford.”

President Donald Trump campaigned partly on a pledge to bring back the coal industry, which has been hit hard by competition from cheaper natural gas and renewable energy. Environmental groups pledge court challenges.

“The Trump administration’s outrageous Dirty Power Scam is a stunning giveaway to big polluters, giving dirty special interests the greenlight to choke our skies, poison our waters and worsen the climate crisis,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement.

Joseph Goffman, an EPA official under President Barack Obama, said he feared that the Trump administration was trying to set a legal precedent that the Clean Air Act gives the federal government “next to no authority to do anything” about climate-changing emissions from the country’s power grid.

The Obama rule, adopted in 2015, sought to reshape the country’s power system by encouraging utilities to rely less on dirtier-burning coal-fired power plants and more on electricity from natural gas, solar, wind and other lower or no-carbon sources.

The new Trump rule eliminates the Obama EPA’s targets that would have required states to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course, Trump’s climate change deniers will tell you that:

  • CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, or
  • CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but not enough to cause climate change, or
  • CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but it helps plants grow, which remove CO2, or
  • CO2 increases and decreases naturally, or
  • Climate change is a good thing, because everyone likes warm weather or
  • Climate change is a Chinese hoax, or
  • Whatever other nonsense Trump can dream up to get the vote of coal miners (who now represent only .0012 of the total U.S. labor force) and the contributions of coal mining companies.

Here is what National Geographic tells you:

Effects of global warming
The signs of global warming are everywhere, and are more complex than just climbing temperatures.

Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.

All of these changes are emerging as humans continue to add heat-trapping greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere:

  • Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles.
  • Much of this melting ice contributes to sea-level rise. Global sea levels are rising 0.13 inches a year, and is occurring at a faster rate in recent years.
  • Rising temperatures are affecting wildlife and their habitats.
  • Rain and snowfall have increased across the globe. Yet some regions are experiencing more severe drought, increasing the risk of wildfires, lost crops, and drinking water shortages.
  • Some species—including mosquitoes, ticks, jellyfish, and crop pests—are thriving. Booming populations of bark beetles that feed on spruce and pine trees, for example, have devastated millions of forested acres in the U.S.

Other effects could take place later this century if warming continues. These include:

  • Hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger and more frequent.
  • Large parts of the U.S., for example, face a higher risk of decades-long “megadroughts” by 2100.
  • Less freshwater will be available since glaciers store about 3/4 of the world’s fresh water.
  • Some diseases will spread, such as mosquito-borne malaria and the 2016 resurgence of the Zika virus.
  • Ecosystems will continue to change: Some species will move farther north or won’t be able to adapt and could become extinct.

This is the world Trump and the GOP are creating for your children. He and his followers don’t seem to care about your children– or presumably even theirs.

But it gets even worse:

Union of Concerned Scientists

Coal and Air Pollution
Air pollution from coal-fired power plants is linked with asthma, cancer, heart and lung ailments, neurological problems, acid rain, global warming, and other severe environmental and public health impacts

Some of the ways Trump is killing your kids (but he, his followers and the GOP don’t care):

Science Direct 

Human health and environmental impacts of coal combustion and post-combustion wastes

The burning of coal leads to the emission of poisonous gases with underlying health impacts and environmental problems.

Image result for air pollution children
“Daddy, why am I sick?”

In coal combustion, the carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen react with oxygen and produce their respective oxides: carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO), respectively.

The emission of these gases has been correlated with many health problems directly and indirectly, including skin, cardiovascular, brain, blood and lung diseases, and different cancers.

For example, CO enters into the bloodstream and reacts with hemoglobin and reduces the formation of oxy-hemoglobin complex by decreasing its ability for O2 transformation

Hence, the CO can alter biological functions at the cellular level and cause many abnormalities including slow reflexes, and coagulation confusion or disorders.

The CO2 emission from coal combustion, during power generation, also leads to the interaction of CO2 with particulate matter (PM 2.5), which thereby changes the air quality and leads to increased asthma attacks and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases with underlying poor life expectancy rates.

Inhaling particulate matters may cause some dangerous diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.

The sulfur, in coal, oxidizes upon combustion and pollutes the air, water, and land by releasing SOx (SO2, SO3, SO32- and H2SO4).

The formation of the poisonous SO2 gas, a major pollutant in air, may accelerate the rate of diseases and decrease life expectancy.

In addition to SO2, other SOx like sulfate (SO32-) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4), damages the environment in the form of acid rain.

High exposure to SO2 causes suffocation, wheezing, coughing, and reductions in lung function by affecting mucous and cellular mucins.

SO2 gas also damages nearby flora and crops, leading to leaf injury, affecting plant growth and reducing the diversity of plant species

Moreover, acid rain (H2SO4), a hydrated product of SO3, potentially damages skin cells, destroys building material, and pervasively affects vegetation and food chain by contaminating the flora and fauna through the leaching of heavy metals.

Nitric oxide (NO2), another major pollutant with highly corrosive properties and a strong oxidizing ability, is formed as a result of coal combustion in power plants and contaminates the air.

NO2 forms the most important part of acid rain, as nitrous acid HNO2 and nitric acid HNO3, which causes a large number of skin diseases.

The entrance of SOx and NOx air pollutants into the bloodstream and cells destabilizes normal heartbeats (rhythms) and culminates in heart attacks and other heart related problems.

In addition, high levels of NO2 in the air causes a reduction in the pulmonary function in humans, asthma attacks and genetic mutations.

The ozone gas formed as a result of NO2 reaction with the volatile organic compounds in the air causes ozone-related asthma exacerbations in infants.

Image result for sick child cancer
–I wasn’t born like this.

Particulate matter increases the concentration of free radical based reactive oxygen species (ROS) and contributes to DNA mutation, and damage of protein and lipids which may constitutively activate membrane proteins which leads to the development of some serious diseases, including lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and reproductive disorders. T

The interaction of PM with DNA leads to the formation of DNA adducts impairing neurodevelopment, intelligence quotient (IQ) levels and intelligence in children.

So there it is folks.  Trump and the GOP are killing America’s children (and you), just so he can gather a few votes and stay in power. It’s that simple.

Do you care? Are you happy to put their lives into the hands of Donald Trump and the GOP?

Make your choice and let your voice be heard.

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A day of your life under Trump

This is August 2, 2018, a typical day under Trump:

Trump: “I Would ‘Personally Prefer’ a Government Shutdown Before the Midterms”

President Donald Trump said he would “personally prefer” to shut down the government before the midterm elections in November if Congress does not pass funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

(Trump said,) “You know who thinks It’s better to do it before? Rush Limbaugh thinks it should be before, before the election. You know who else? Sean Hannity. A lot of them, great people.”

Yes, government shutdowns are great. Who needs roads, bridges, dams, parks, firefighters, Social Security, the military, the VA, FEMA, NASA, Medicare, Medicaid, the FBI, CIA, TSA, the Secret Service, and all the many thousands of things the federal government does?

Image result for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and trump.
“Shut down the government, now.”

We should shut it all down because Trump didn’t receive his Wall money?

But wait! Do you recall how Trump repeatedly, endlessly promised that Mexico would pay for the Wall?

Again and again, he asked his followers, “Who’s going to pay?” and like programmed robots, they chanted, “Mexico!”

The suckers believed yet another of the thousand Trump’s lies.

And notice from where Trump gets his presidential advice: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Why confer with experts when you have Limbaugh and Hannity?

THE WEEK, 8/3/18: White House battle with media escalates

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Thursday confronted White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over her claim that President Trump is “rightfully frustrated” when he calls the press “the enemy of the people.”Image result for hitler said about the media

Sanders refused to reject Trump’s allegation, instead criticizing the press for lowering “the level of conversation in this country” and saying the media incited anger against Trump.

Acosta pressed Sanders, but she said she and Trump had made their position clear. Acosta later walked out of the briefing over Sanders’ co criticimments.

At a Pennsylvania rally Thursday night, Trump resumed his attacks on what he called “fake, fake, disgusting news.”

Hitler called it ‘lügenpresse’ The phrase means ‘lying press’ in German, and was used to attack media outlets that were deemed to be unsupportive of the Nazi party and its aims.

The word has also been previously used by Donald Trump supporters, and in a rally in October, two people were caught saying the Nazi term to journalists.

Infographic: Trump's Favorite Twitter Insults | Statista
Sanders: “Media are lowering the level of conversation.”

Trump resents the 1st Amendment to the Constitution — freedom of the press — as all dictators do.

Bashing the free press is one of the first acts of a despot.

His mouthpiece, Sanders, has the gall to criticize the media for “lowering the level of conversation.”

Her boss barely goes a day without tweeting or saying an insult.

Trump administration says ACLU – not government – should find deported parents 

The Trump administration believes that the responsibility for finding parents who were deported after they were separated from their children should rest with immigration advocacy groups, not with the federal government.

Not only was it the government’s unconstitutional separation practice that led to this crisis, but the United States Government has far more resources than any group of NGOs” ACLU wrote.

The ACLU lawyers also complained that the government is not even sharing information it already has on parents who have been deported, mostly to the Central American nations of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Related image
Trump: Let the ACLU do it. We can’t.

The administration established contact information with some deported parents but didn’t pass that information along to the ACLU.

Even when information is being shared, it’s only coming in pieces.

Some addresses for parents list only a street, some merely a city.

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of senators grilled administration officials over the family separation crisis.

During the hearing, a senior Department of Health and Human Services official said he repeatedly warned the Trump administration that the separation policy would not be in “the best interest of the child.”

On Wednesday, a group of 14 bipartisan senators sent a letter to the heads of the departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services, demanding information on the status of separated families, including those where the parents have been deported.

“Unfortunately, the flow of information to the public and to congressional offices with important oversight responsibilities has been both incomplete and below acceptable standards,” the senators wrote.

Even for an administration, a President, and a political party, now known for immorality, the torture of children and parents is exceptional.

The lie that the government no longer can find the parents, and that the ACLU should do it, is beyond the pale — except apparently for Trump.

A bipartisan group of senators offered Thursday a bill that would impose tougher sanctions on Russia if it continues to interfere in U.S. elections.

The bill would create new criminal penalties for anyone who targets election systems and slap sanctions on political figures, oligarchs, and others who engage in “illicit and corrupt activities” on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The legislation also pushes back against President Donald Trump’s attacks on NATO, requiring a two-thirds vote of the Senate for the U.S. to leave the military alliance, which includes Canada and most of Europe.

Image result for trump putin
Trump: Putin says he didn’t do it.

Trump has questioned whether Russia really meddled in the 2016 presidential election and whether NATO is still useful to the U.S.

However, Dan Coats, Trump’s director of national intelligence, has said that “the warning lights are blinking red again” for Russian interference in this year’s elections.

Congress voted last summer to impose sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 election, but the bill’s six sponsors of the bill say the penalties weren’t tough enough and won’t deter Putin from meddling in this year’s elections.

The bill’s strong bipartisan support means it has a good chance of passing in the Senate.

It’s not clear whether it will be introduced in the House or whether Trump would sign it if Congress approves the legislation.

Trump will sign it if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Putin to tell him to.

Following the White House’s release of a proposal to cripple Obama-era fuel regulations, 19 states have stated they plan to sue to stop the rollback.

Image result for auto air pollution
What air pollution?

The administration’s new plan calls for holding 2020 fuel efficiency standards steady through 2026, undoing the plan for Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards to get stricter every year until 2025.

The Trump administration argues that a rollback of regulations would prevent fatalities by reducing car prices, leading people to buy automobiles that are newer and safer.

States fighting the plan allege that it will result in increased air pollution.

Trump makes the outrageous claim that cutting fuel efficiency will prevent fatalities. Nevermind that it will increase human breathing fatalities, and also use more oil.

The Guardian: 8/2/18: A suspected Russian spy has been working undetected in the heart of the American embassy in Moscow.

Two investigators from the US Department of State’s Regional Security Office (RSO) sounded the alarm in January 2017, but the Secret Service did not launch a full-scale inquiry of its own.

Instead, it decided to let her go quietly months later, possibly to contain any potential embarrassment.

“The Secret Service is trying to hide the breach by firing [her],” a source said. “The damage was already done but the senior management of the Secret Service did not conduct any internal investigation to assess the damage.

The Secret Service attempted to downplay the significance of her role. The state department said it would not comment.

The discovery of a suspected FSB mole on its staff within the US embassy in Moscow could have severe consequences for the safety of other Secret Service staff and those it is mandated to protect.

The Guardian has been told the name of the suspected spy and her job title within the agency.

With a role that gave her an insight into ongoing Secret Service investigations, the woman had access to the Secret Service intranet, its internal email and its counterfeit-money tracking system.

The state department alerted the Secret Service in January 2017and at least nine high-ranking Secret Service officials became aware of the findings.

The potential breach was not reported to any of the congressional intelligence or oversight committees.

“The US Congress is focusing on Russian hackers when it is possible that all of the information they needed to get into the system came from the internal breach in the Secret Service,” a source said.

This is what happens when there is no sane leadership, and experienced staff repeatedly quits, or is fired and replaced by new, inexperienced staff (or sometimes not replaced at all).

There, we have one day of your life under Trump.

Based on Trump’s erratic and mercurial history, we only can be sure of one thing: Tomorrow will be worse.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
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